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Swollen Eye

My 15 month old son woke up this morning with his left eye swollen almost completely shut. He doesn't have a cold or sinus infection and his eyes are not at all goopy. My first thought was that he whacked his head in his crib last night. However, there's no bruise, and it's not red or tender. Plus, if he had hit it that hard, wouldn't he have cried a little? We didn't get much of a chance to play outside this weekend, so I don't think it was a bug bite. I'm just not sure if I should get him to a doctor, or wait a while today to see if it gets any better. Any thoughts?

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My son used to get an eye infection every spring even though he didn't really have a problem with allergies. It was also never pink eye (conjunctivitis-sp?) The dr. would prescribe some medicated eye drops. So you might want to take him on in. Is it possible he got a little dirt or something in his eye?

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best to call the doctor...in case it's pink eye


I would get him to the doc or atleast call the office and let the nurse tell you if they want to see him sooner rather than later.

When I was little I use to have really bad allergies and to ease my puffy eyes my mom would place warm tea bags on my eyes. I don't think this actually help but it was nice to have something warm on my eyes. Just something to try until you see the doc. D.

if you do not know exacally what caused it...you should take him to the doctor

This may sound scary, but a spider may have bitten him during the night.

I would atleast call the doctor

If its swollen shut, it has to be a bother to him. My advice would be to take him to the pediatrician b/c it COULD be something that needs to be treated. Plus, it never hurts to be safe, and with his eyes being in close proximity to his brain, and infection in that area is always important to treat ASAP. Not to worry you, but w/ my experience as a nurse in pediatrics, I have seen some cases of eye infections that get pretty ugly left untreated, plus his age, he is probably going to have his hands in it, which is a preceptor for spreading it to the other eye, if it were to be an infection. It could be something more simplistic though, such as allergies or such, I'm not a MD and I haven't seen it. I would go with your instinct, b/c mommy normally does know "best." I'm a firm believer! ;) Good luck and I hope he recovers well. Have a good week.

Maybe he just had an eyelash in there and slept all night with it. That has happened to me before.

My daughter did the same only hers was red and yellow goup was coming out and it turned out to be pink eye. I would watch his eye for a few days. Put a warm wash cloth on it to get the swelling down. Just watch it for any goup coming out. If goup of any color comes out take him to the doc for possible pink eye.

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