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Switching to Similac Alimentum to Help with Eczema

My 7 month old son has really bad eczema. I've tried every lotion, body wash, detergent-you name it, I tried it. He was on Good Start formula, then I switched him to Good Start Soy. There is still no change in his skin condition. I am thinking about trying Similac Alimentum but wanted to find out if anyone has tried this formula for eczema. Also, where can I find coupons for Similac formula because it is $25 for a little can. Thanks.

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Never heard of switching formula to help eczema. But I have used a product called RENEW from a company name Melaleuca, the Wellness Company.Go to www.melaleuca.com/ps and check out the product. It's 7x more effective then Eucerin. The company has over 400 safe and natural products. Need more information and/or you would like to try the product(s) Call me @ ###-###-#### or email ____@____.com


I would give the alimentum a good 2 or 3 weeks & at the same time I would cut ALL milk & soy proteins out of his diet- if you don't see a difference after that you should try neocate, still avoiding milk and soy in solid foods that he's eating- it's milk PROTEIN not LACTOSE that you're looking for- milk protein can 'hide' in many things so be on the lookout for 'hidden' dairy as ingredients & also 'hidden' soy (google 'hidden dairy' to find a complete list; it's ingredients like whey & casein and rennett and there are much more! soy also has many names!)
if after 2 or 3 weeks on alimentum there IS improvement, then you can start adding the dairy back in as 'hidden' ingredients in solid foods (but I rather doubt he's eating anything 'more' than hidden dairy at this age anyway!!)for example: gerber brand baby vereals have milk and soy- beechnut does not (check ingredients)

I happen to be an expert on this, lol! are you in miami?

Yes, I used Alimentum for my son when we were told he had eczema. It worked great. So much so that even after some time when the doctor told us we could go back to other formula we were afraid. He did well so no worries. Surprisingly we found it on sale very often at CVS. Even if they are out of it during a sale they'll give you a raincheck. I would go to all the CVS' in my area and get the rainchecks or the formula and just stock up. Hope this helps.

Hi I just wanted to mention that there have been a lot of very serious health concerns with soy formula.You can google it&ask your childs doctor as well.Soy has been linked to a number of health concerns from serious hormonal changes to actual brain changes in babies& as well as allergies,eczema,etc.I also believe from what I have read the FDA is trying to take soy out of formulas all together.When I read the recnt studies on soy,we stopped using it altogether,there is a lot of negative information out there.So I would be most concerned about that.
As far as feeling isolated there are many things to do with a 7 month old that can help you feel less isolated.These things include mommy &me classes,play groups,going to the local park,taking you child to local childrens activity centers such as a children's museum,etc. Best of luck

You should give him only hidrolized milk like nutramigen, pregestimil, nutriben... and about food. start only whith one cereal at a time. NO WHEAT befor a year. start with rice cereal (dairy free). after a month, if he is better, introduce oat(avena). Never dayry in any form. even dairy cookies. About vegetables, No citrics nor acid fruits like grapes, nor acid aple. start whit carrot only. then in one week introduce squash.... potato and other roots can be alergenics. you shoul try them carefully. write everything he eats and the condition of his skin at that moment, this will help you identify the alergens. to help the skin use spetial hidratant cream for excema. If you treat the skin, anulating the excema for example with cortizone, and you don´t take the alergens out of his diet, soon he will develope astma or breath problems, he will be always week to fight viruses or bacteries and will have always nose and chest congestion. if you are militar estrict in that, at the age of 1 or 1 and a half year old he wil be able to eat everything, and will have a strong health. Buy books about alergies and learn the more you can. My two girls had excema when they where babies. my son has excema today and I control his food like a general

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