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Switching from Breastfeeding to Whole Cow's Milk

My question is how to do the switch. I have been breastfeeding for the past year, and would like to stop pumping at work. I thought that at a year, I could just switch to whole milk, but my daughter won't have any of it (she's only had formula a handful of times and normally doesn't like that much either). This weekend, I tried to give her 100% cow's milk (she refused) and then cut my breast milk 50/50 and then 75/25 with breast/cow's milk, but she still refused. i didn't nurse her then, but later in the day (around 5 when I normally come home) I did nurse her AND she was up a lot nursing, too (though she's always up a lot nursing). my nanny is coming tomorrow and I am probably going to have the nanny add a splash of whole cow's milk to my breast milk and gradually add more and more cow's milk. how long should this take? any suggestions for a picky milk-eater? thanks in advance.

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I had the same problem when my little one was a year old. She refused whole milk but was interested in drinking out of a regular cup. Eventually we got the idea to give her vanilla soy milk (Silk brand) in a cup, and she started drinking that. Then we started giving her 1/2 vanilla soy milk and 1/2 whole milk and now she drinks her 16 oz. a day. You might just want to try some different types of cups too - sippy, straw, regular - and see if that works. They are funny like that. At 15 months, my daughter decided vanilla soy milk tasted better than my milk so she weaned.

I had the same issue too.... basically, took about a week and a half for a complete transition.

If she's hungry enough, she'll take it.... but it was key to warm up the milk since she's used to taking it warm.

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I had the same issue too.... basically, took about a week and a half for a complete transition.

If she's hungry enough, she'll take it.... but it was key to warm up the milk since she's used to taking it warm.

I went from breast to soy milk. She loved the vanilla flavor. It was more like breast because it was sweet. Also try a cup not bottle.

I switch when my daughter was 13 months old.. but it was a horrible transition... Whole Milk made her seriously constipated. So we tried 2% then 1% - and we got the same effect, we were not happy. Then we were turned to soy milk. Soy milk was great! She drank it, no constipation but it can be costly.. and we would give it to her in a cup.. after a few months we were able to move her to 2% milk and things are fine. Give it time... maybe a few months before it happens.

Organic cow's milk is sweeter, and is more nutritious (my pediatrician insists on it). Also, I mixed in Stonyfield Banana flavored drinkable yogurt in the the cow's milk at first to make it even sweeter - maybe about 25/75 yogurt/milk at first, then less and less over a two week period. That worked for my daughter.

Hi C.,
I know a little girl in our bldg. who would not take milk (I was lucky w/my older one=loves it). Her mom gives her Soy milk or almond milk. It is sweeter so she laps it up. Why not try mixing a bit of silk in there to sweeten the flavor? Just a thought.

My 14 month old did the same thing. He still prefers to nurse but when I first offered cow's milk, he wouldn't touch it or he would just let a little dribble out his mouth. Now he will drink about 4 oz. at a time where he is really getting it but for the most part, he still wants what I have too. LOL Just keep offering it with meals for instance. Constantly reintroducing works wonders. :)

Keep trying. She is resisting but sooner or later she will give in. As long as you don't!

Another thing you can try is giving her milk in a sippy cup. At 1 year old she is old enough to use one. She may like that better than a bottle.

She may also like it if you warm the milk slightly. Breast milk is warm. She is used to her drinks being warm.

Also keep in mind she does not need as much milk now that she is getting older. It's time to try some foods. As long as she eats some dairy foods, cheese, yogurt, etc she won't need as much milk.

try goat's milk. it's closer to breast milk...then go to cow milk.
also, 25% milk may be too much at first...just use an itty bit, then an itty bit more until the baby gets accustomed to the flavors...but really slow!

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