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Swimming After Giving Birth

I delivered vaginally 2 weeks ago. is it too soon for me to go swimming in the ocean?

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I know you can't wear a tampon because you are still healing so what are you going to do about the bleeding? I'd wait it out a little longer.

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I was in the water as soon as I stopped bleeding. Would have been in sooner if tampons had worked!

Just as a btw... unless the water is polluted ... saltwater actually helps wounds heal cleaner and faster. I didn't swim because I didn't have anywhere private to do so...but if you're lucky enough to (and are in an area without sharks) have at!

Well, Yes....you are not even supposed to go outside unless it is for a doctors appt. It is 6 weeks for a boy and 2 mths for girl. You are still dialated and your uterus has to close. Do not take for granted that just because you feel ok you can just go and act like nothing never happened. Respect your body and the process is has just gone through. Give yourself time to heal properly and recover. Our bodies are very resiliant as long as we take care of it...especially as women.

I believe you are supposed to wait until all postpartum bleeding has stopped.

The nurses told me 6 weeks, or when you stop bleeding, whichever comes first.

However, my OB, who I trust completely, said go for it. Actually, his exact words were something like "You can start swimming today, if you want. Just pop a tampon in while you're in the water, and take it out again as soon as you get out." He said this 3 days after I had a C-section.

If you had an episiotomy, that might change the picture.

Btw, my OB is pretty careful and conservative, for the most part.

WHAT? You are nuts girl! You want sand and salt water up in your cookie? Not to mention blood attracts sharks and other wild life. And you seriously want to put a swim-suit on already? I don't think sand and stitches go hand in hand, but that would just be my opinion. Good luck (but not for a few more weeks)

yes, way too early! you need to wait 6 weeks! you can get an infection if water enters you, it's the same way for bathtubs and jacuzzis! your md should have told you this!
i had a friend who didn't listen and ended up with a pelvic infection with green stinky vag dishcharge! you need to wait!!

sounds like you are feeling great, congrats! But there is usually the "flow" post partum and general md advice on exercise is to wait 6 weeks! I would suggest waiting at least another 2 weeks-as your tissues are not completely healed inside...,
congrats again-it is a glorious time to have a newborn,

I know you can't wear a tampon because you are still healing so what are you going to do about the bleeding? I'd wait it out a little longer.

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