Swim Lessons for Toddler in Bellevue Area?

Updated on July 17, 2010
R.W. asks from Bellevue, WA
4 answers

Hello - I'm looking for recommendations for swim lessons for my toddler (18 months) in the Bellevue or South Kirkland area. I have looked at a couple of the more advertised options like WaterBabies but it is quite expensive. I'm hoping there is something of equal or better quality at a more affordable price point in the area. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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Samena Swim and Raquet Club :) They also have a good preschool program.


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Angelfish swimming in Kirkland. www.angelfishswimming.com
Miss Connie does small personal lessons in her "extreme makeover" pool. She really has a way with kids too!


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Quality-wise, I don't think you can do better than Waterbabies. However, the Samina Club in Bellevue offers toddler classes starting for 2yr olds up and have better student/teacher ratios than Waterbabies (4/1 vs. 8/1). Prices per "session" (8 weeks, I think) are $63 or $83 depending on if you're a member. You might want to consider shelling out for the Waterbabies for your toddler's first introduction to swimming, then following that solid experience, go somewhere else that's more affordable. Good luck!



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They're all generally near the same price. At your daughter's age, the swimming "lessons" are much more about play and being comfortable in the water. The Bellevue Aquatic Center does classes that are $60 for 8 classes. That's the cheapest I know of. They aren't amazing classes, but they're good for water play and getting comfortable. We did that and then when our oldest was about 2.5, we switched to one of the slightly more expensive places that actually teaches them how to swim (I'm a little doubtful of this at BAC). 6 months in and she's swimming without us during class and with minimal floatation devices. She loves to swim and is learning quickly.

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