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Sweet Baby Is Almost Too Big for Infant Carseat but to Young to Upgrade

I have a 6 month old little girl who has taken on the "tall" genes from my husband and I. She weighs 18 1/2 pounds and is only six months old. She will hit the 20 lb mark here shortly and is not old wnough by law to upgrade to the upright car seat I already have from my stepson. Any suggestions on what to do without spending a lot of money.

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My new friend is going to give me her car seat that will accomodate my needs until I can afford the next step up after that. Thank you everyone for all of your help! HAve a good week!

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It is ok to switch her up to the next car seat, you just need to face the carseat backwards. I am a mother of 3 and none of my kids have stayed in the infant carseat until the one year or 20 lb mark.

You might want to reconsider buying a convertible carseat used. You have no way of knowing if the previous owner had a car accident while using the carseat. According to my manual, you should never use one after a wreck. Something else to keep in mind.

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If you purchase a 3-in-1 car seat it will be rear facing and will have more room for her. After she is one it can be forward facing and even converts to a booster seat. We have two different ones that I really like. The most inexpensive one was the Graco, I think I paid about $80 for it. Also, I have a rear facing car seat that is a bit larger than a normal one. I am not using it at all and would be glad for you to see if it might work, I have no need for it. However, I'm placing it in a consignment sale in Keller this weekend so I would need to know soon if you might be interested. You can contact me directly at ____@____.com Graco site specifically says: "this seat is the perfect transition car seat for when your little one has outgrown their infant car seat, but should still be riding rear-facing." You can find it here: http://www.gracobaby.com/catalog/product.aspx?modelNumber....
I think we got ours from Target.

You can buy a convertible car seat that can face the rear until she is officially 1 years old and over 20 pounds. At that time, you can turn the car seat around to face the front. You can find these in all different price ranges, from fairly inexpensive to over two hundred dollars. I have used one from Toys R US that I only paid about $50 for, and it works great.

It is ok to switch her up to the next car seat, you just need to face the carseat backwards. I am a mother of 3 and none of my kids have stayed in the infant carseat until the one year or 20 lb mark.

I think the law is the babe has to be weight AND age to move up. Now if your upright has the capability of being forward and rear facing then use it in the rear position. If not I think you can leave your babe in the car seat she is in. Mine always over grow their infant seat by length but not weight so I leave them in there for longer then they say too.

First of all, I'd say use the seat as long as you can buckle her in it. It may take longer than you think for her to reach 20lb because babies growth slows a lot after 6 months, but she'll likely get there before her first birthday. Our son was actually too tall for his before he was too heavy. We just kept putting him in until we couldn't extend the straps any longer!
There are "convertible" car seats that can go rear facing Graco and Cosco make inexpensive models -- check Target and Walmart. Kids can ride rear facing until they meet the requirements to turn around (20lbs and one year), then the seat goes forward facing until they're 40lbs or so (my tiny 3 1/2 yr old still fits in hers!). You might be able to find a used one at a resale shop for around $40. Reputable shops generally check for recalls before they accept car seats. Kid to Kid is a good one. You can also check it out yourself online. See if they'll hold the seat for a day while you check on it.


My son had that same issue, he was huge, the size of a 9 month old at 6 months. We had to get one of those 4-in-one car seats that its upright but doesn't face forward, but it can he still uses it to this day and will continue till he is over 100 lbs. He did pretty well in it, although his head would flop forward when he was sleeping. as far as the infant car seat and the weight limit on those things we pushed to about 21 or 22 lbs. but it made me nervous so we gave it up especially since it was so heavy to carry.

I had my 3rd in August and she has been in an upright Britax since she was 2 months old. The Britax that she is in starts at 5 lbs and goes to 30 something. She faces backwards and there is no law that requires them to stay in the smaller carrier. The law is that they stay facing backwards for teh 1st year. She is also like your little girl. She is very tall and weighs somewhere around 18 lbs. The only problem that I have is that when she sleeps her head falls. It is not protected by the head brace that the infant carrier has. She fussed from day one in the infant carrier because she was so tall. I think that she felt crowded. She hardly ever cries in the car anymore because she is more comfortable. Good luck and be sure to check the minimum weight requirements on your son's upright car seat.

I agree with the other posters...you can get a convertible car seat and put it rear facing. It's not against the law to put your child into an upright car seat before 20 pounds only a recommendation. My son was out of his infant carrier by 6 months and could no longer sit in a convertible car seat by 2 years old. I had to get him a Britax Husky at 2 years old since it accomodates him up to 80 pounds which he hasn't hit yet and is 5 years old now.

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