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Support for My Sister

Hi, my sister which is a single parent has been coming to my house with severe depression, she is having trouble with her teenager daughter which is age 13, she is talking back, disobeying her, and my sister has no money for counseling because she has no insurance. If there are any ideas or some kind of support out there please let me know what I can do for her. B.

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Does she have a job? If, yes, most companies have the EAP program where they can get some counciling for free.

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Check out Truehope.com it's a vitamin supplemant that helps with mental illness, they do counceling as well.
I went to counseling and I thought it helped with my depression, but I think the thing that helped the most was just that the counselor really listened and supported me. I have conflicting personalities with my oldest daughter, it was relieving to hear that that is accually quit common. Good luck


Well she already has a good thing going for her, and that would be you.
I am not sure where she is but I found a grat church called CANYON RIDGE, they have lots of different help and prayer groups and alot of people that can help.


My nieces went thru this it was really bad running away one got into drugs and sex at 12 yrs old got pregnant and had her first baby at 13 yrs old who was premature. My mother was caring for my nieces and had a hard time, we all tried to help, got lots of counselling, church, all kinds of stuff. My niece is doing great today, working has her own home 5 kids, married. But that 2yrs was horrible and now when we ask her what changed her she said it was a little of everything but most of all the fact the her family never turned on her and no matter how fustrating it was her OHANA was there. I forgot to mention her yr old sister went through the samething at the same time. My mom turned to GOD, he is what guided her.
Send your sister my prayers and GOD BLESS your family.

There are usually support groups that are free that she can join. Heck, she could join Mamasource! :0) I, too, am a single mother and sometimes just need someone to talk to. My oldest is almost 11, but I have teenage nieces, so I am picking up on tactics that work for my sister. If she needs someone to talk to, she can certainly talk to me: ____@____.com. I don't know if she has actually been diagnosed with severe depression or if she is just extremely frustrated and down because of her daughter's attitude, but just be there for her even if she seems to be coming over or calling a lot. She needs to know you support her. The teenage years can be very difficult, not just for the parent, but for the child as well. Have a sitdown with your niece and see if you can figure out what's going on with her and see if you can talk her into being nice to her mother. If all else fails, you could always resort to timeouts. I have thought about it and I am not above giving a teenager a timeout or grounding them severely. :) My kids are in for it! LOL

The EAP and OHP options are also good ideas, although I heard OHP was no longer taking new patients due to funding. I do not know at this time, although I will be looking into this as well since I was just laid off. Keep your chin up and tell your sister to do the same!


Hi! I agree that your sister, with Depression, should definitely look for some low cost therapeutic interventions. The therapist may approach the situation from a family model and treat the daughter as well. My thought on this is, of course, that if the daughter is feeling displaced already, being forced into therapy may not go over well.

I am a professional life coach. Among my work with clients I have also developed a program for young adults called "Coaching to Capacity." This program tries to offer young people an objective third party with whom they can talk about issues that are important to them...without feeling like they are trying to be fixed. Upon occasion I offer this program to people on a complimentary basis. I would certainly be willing to meet with your niece to see if this might be a good fit for her. I have been where she is at 13. I wish I had been able to talk to a non-involved, person about everything that was in my head.

Feel free to check out my website at www.lifemastered.com.

I'm not familiar with Bellevue, but here, we have an office called Youth Alternatives, which deals with teenagers and their parents, and counsels them about their problems. We also have one mental health center (maybe more) that charges, based on the patients income. So, if she has no disposal income, the counseling would be free. I would check and see if there are these types of places where you are.

I have had the same thing happen in my family... I called Health and Human Services in her town and they gave me a list of places that will do counseling for little or no cost. Sometimes there are students doing their internship and need the hours and they will do it for free..they need you and you can benefit from them
Good luck
A. B

Does she have a job? If, yes, most companies have the EAP program where they can get some counciling for free.

i am sorry to hear that your sister is having those problems...I know here we have a place called the human resource center which goes by income levels to decide whether you would even have to pay anything to see someone and i have heard some people only have to pay 2.00 so my best advise is maybe if she would like to get into something like that is to ask the local social service office to find out where the closest place would be that can offer those services..

I also have a 13 year old who is going through the trials of puberty and becoming whom ever it is she is trying to find out herself. She is a good kid, but with all that was just said goes through some of the same things, attitude, talking back etc. I hate to say all this is part of the great couple of growing up years and peer pressure etc. Lots of talking to them and positive enforcement is always good and don't forget they need the disipline too. That is as needed as the postive reenforcement. Just remember you'll both get through this, more importantly, together.


Have your sister try Catholic Charities. It is not just for Catholics and they do not try to convert you. I am a single mother and my son had a problem when his father and I broke up. They charged me $10.00 for each session. I hope this helps.


B. ~

Your sister may be able to apply for the Oregon Health Plan, which is health/dental/mental health insurance provided through the state at no/low cost. In the past, I've paid premiums once a month as low as $7. They also pay for most prescriptions with a copay of only $2/prescription. Although, they will only pay for them in generic. If you want brand, you have to pay for the whole thing yourself, unless it doesn't come in generic, which most things do. You can get information on how to apply at http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/healthplan/index.shtml
Also, here are a couple of links to some information on Mental Health Help in Oregon http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/mentalhealth/gethelp.shtml

I hope this helps. God Bless.
~ S.

B. - the EAP suggestion is a good one; many times, if ANYONE in the family has the benefit from work, it applies to the entire family. Also, Family Services is a good local option for assistance. Prices are based on the ability to pay. I hope she seeks assistance before things get out of control; god bless you for caring and trying to help!

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