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Sunny Area in backyard...what to Do?

Hi guys!

I have a VERY sunny backyard (almost NO shade at all) & in the back right corner we have a transformer. I want to plant something (tropical maybe?) in front & on the side of it to hide the hideous thing! I'm a novice gardener & just don't have any idea of the growing patterns/heights of different plants out there that I could use. I would appreciate any & all help! Thanks so much everyone!

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Palms are nice and provide some shade with not pokie things for the kids you care for daily.


try a pregnancy plant or a vanilla bean plant. Both like a lot of sun, grow tall and will multiply.

Hi C.,

We had that problem and I bought two fake rocks from Plow and Hearth on-line. (We have two unsightly items to cover up). You can buy medium or large and they actually look real but are very light weight. Somewhat more pricey than plants, but then again, I haven't had to worry about it for 5+ years. I did plant some reddish ornamental grasses in front of the "rocks" for color (they do great with little water and full sun). Hope this helps.

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I can't think of anything tropical that would hide a transformer well except maybe a fan palm. I planted bushes around my transformer called eleagnus (not sure if I spelled it correctly). It forms a nice thick bush with pretty silvery leaves. Also ligustrums make a good bush to hide something just make sure you trim it once in a while or it will get really tall. Make sure you water them often when you first plant them. Hope this helps!

L. S.

ck this site out.

depending on the dimensions of the thing, your soil, etc, call natural gardener and ask them. ###-###-####. Or look online and find what suits it best. Fan palms get huge and are gorgeous, but the trunk isn't huge and the palm leaves end up high. Wax leaf myrtle grows fast, gets big and bushy, is a good screen. I just put up an eastern red cedar for a screen. Gets huge.

I recommend Red-Leaf Photinia. It is a shrub that LOVES full sun and grows quite tall (15' to 20', but you can trim it into a hedge at any height that you like.) Some people on the web seem to discredit it saying it is subject to mildew, but I have had hedges of Red -Leaf Photinia in three of my homes and always LOVED it. Mine was in full sun, and grew very dense, tall and provided the most spectacular color I could imagine. Search out different varieties of photinia on the web or see it at your local nursery.

Good luck,

Hebrews 1:2

I would maybe plant a banana tree. They grow pretty fast and get big and wide. A good shady tree.

Plumbago is a good plant that you could put there, it doesn't require a lot of care and with watering can grow about 4 feet tall. It is a "bush" and produces these beautiful soft blue flowers. Happy gardening!!

To hide the transformer you can plant an Angel Trumpet. It grows to be about 5 ft tall and about 4 - 5 ft wide. It's pretty easy to take care of. When you've had the last of your warm weather you cut it down to the ground and then when the weather starts warming up it will start growing back on it's own. When you cut it you can replant what you've cut off and you'll have a whole new tree when then warm weather comes back. I have 2 in my yard and usually hand out pieces when I cut it. To help with shade Hackberry trees are really good. They Grow fast and just about anywhere. They are basically a very large weed and you usually see them growing near fences and near the house because birds will eat the seeds and then can't digest them and wherever the seed falls is where you'll eventually have a tree if you don't pull it out when it's small. I have 4 HUGE ones in my yard that shade almost my whole backyard. Pulling the small ones is worth having the shade in the backyard on the hot days.

Plumeria (the flowers make the lays) need full sun. Sega plants LOVE full sun and you can trim them to keep them in control... they can look like a water fountain... mexican heather i think is good in the sun as well as the lantana... hibiscus do great and you can keep them also trimmed as low as you like or you can let them grow any heighth and keep them any heighth. Bouganvilla (splg?) is great but has some thorns... this one can be trimmed and has beautiful flowers all spring and summer... the flowers are on the tips and so if you trim them the flowers go away until it grows again. it looks best if you can just let it grow free -- it will have long tendrils... but don't be afraid to trim it and this plant does better if you don't water it!!! In Greece they tack the tendrils along the walls and the flowers are all on the tips... they are clusters of flowers. Call me if you like and we can talk more. oh and I forgot the Split Leaf Philadendrum (splg) tropical and airy and really big leaves... also the Iron plant or Varigated or regular Ginger plant.... both of those are lovely.

Hey C.,

As long as you don't have any pets that would eat it....Oleander works great. It comes in several differant colors and grows very quickly. It is drought tolerant as well. It is the plant you see growing on the median on your way to Galveston. I never water ours and it has grown as tall as the house over the last 8 yrs.

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