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Sunless Tanner

Hello! Any suggestions for a natural looking sunless tanner? I NEED it for my legs :)
Thanks for taking the time to respond- it is greatly appreciated!!!

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Hi J.- I found the best sunless self tanner follow this link here-


go to shop online-under before the sun and you will find the page- hope this helps!

Made In The Shade Self-Tanner SPF 15

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I too have searched far and wide for the perfect self-tanner for my very pale skin. I have found that most self-tanners do end up getting too dark around knees and ankles (even after prepping with regular moisturizer in those areas before tanner application). Last summer I tried Coppertone's gradual self tanning moisturizer. It gave me a VERY NATURAL looking color within 4 days. The more days your apply - the deeper the color. It isn't incredibly expensive and it smelled fine ( a lot better than other self-tanning moisturizers like Jergens).

Best of luck!!

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Hi J.,

I found some sunless tanners that I love. Plus they are botanically based (e.g. from plants not chemicals and no animal by products, mineral oil or dyes) They are products from Arbonne. One is the Made in the Shade Self tanner and the other one I love is the Before Sun No Sun Intended Bronzing Powder. I didn't want to tan anymore and these gave me the natural look I wanted. I actually loved them so much I am a consultant for Arbonne now. If you are interested in them let me know. www.arbonne.com From one mom to another, take care and I hope to hear from you.


Hi J.- I found the best sunless self tanner follow this link here-


go to shop online-under before the sun and you will find the page- hope this helps!

Made In The Shade Self-Tanner SPF 15

I like the Jergens. It is very afordable and you can control the amount of color. Be careful with ankles and knees, it looks really bad if you get the dark spots. I want to add that I had a really bad experience with a spray mist self tanner. I thought I had followed the directions but ended up with stripes down my legs, and it took about a week for them to fade!


Any sunless tanner will be ok if you take some precautions. First shave your legs, second lotion with a regular moisturizer, then wearing gloves smooth the tanner over your legs. Make sure to rub it in very well. After you have massaged withthe gloves on do it again with out the gloves. Quickly wash your hands and use a baby wipe in between your toes and on your heels. This is my process and I do it once a week until the real sun kicks in. Good luck!

Hi Ladies!
I would highly recommend the Karavita Sundressed Sunless Self Tanner. You have to order it through the rep or from their website but it is really nice. I am extremely sensitive to the weird smells of the sunless tanners but this one isn't bad at all. My rep was nice enough to ship me a sample to try before I bought it. She would likely do the same for you. I also love their SPF15 facial moisturizer.

Kelly is her name and you can email her at ____@____.com and/or check out the link below:


Good luck to you!

After trying sunless tanners that made my fair skin look orange, I tried & love Dove Energy Glow, which is a moisturizer with sunless tanner in it. It creates a gradual tan...the more you use it, the darker it gets, but never gets too dark or orangey. I use it right out of the shower about 2-3 times/week. It doesn't create the same "instantly tanned" look that a regular sunless tanner does, but I like that feature and feel it creates a more natural tan. It comes in fair & medium skin tones. It doesn't have the same unpleasant smell that I found Jergens had. Maybe that's just personal taste. I used the Energy Glow last spring/summer with great results. I just started using it on my pastey white legs over the weekend, and after 2 applications, they look like I have a very light tan.
Good luck finding something that works for you!

Nicole Miller is the best one I have seen

Jergens Natural Glow works very well. I use it just for my legs. I noticed that if i only apply it every other day, I have no lines around my ankles. HopeI helped!

I am a huge fan of sunless tanner and have probably tried them all. Lately I have been using the new Jegens Natural Glow Foam and I have to say that I love it. Most streak free of all I have used and it dries almost instantly. (I hate sitting around naked waiting for tanner to dry) Not as stinky either. Another really good one is Loreal Sublime Glow. This one also doesn't smell like tanner but more like tea. Dove Energy Glow is pretty good too. If you are willing to pay a little more $$ St. Tropez is considered one of the very best out there. You can get it at Sephora. I haven't tried it so can't say how good it is. People also like Guerlain products...again, can't say for myself. I like drugstore brands because they are cheaper and I go through a ton of it through the summer. If you want a faster tan formula Banana Boat makes a good one.
As other posters have said-make sure to exfoliate with a good loofah or brush. I put a light coat of moisturizer on my knees and ankles-these areas can get funky looking. Also, moisturize every night to keep it nice.

Good question!!
A long, long time ago, before my car accident I was one of the first people to bring Airbrush Tanning to Pittsburgh, and held the first National ABT confrence. ABT is slightly different that commercial self tanners, but I was able to learn ALOT about sunless tanning.

I asked this same question not to long ago due to my unfamiliarity with the drugstore brands and unfortunately all of the suggestions I was given (although much appreciated) pulled "orange" on me. Depending on what skin type you are (I am type 1...as white as they come) they will work differently on you than someone else. I really recommend testing on an inconspicious part of your body. Also make sure to exfoliate beforehand using bodywash and baking soda (it's a great exfoliater). Then if you find one you like, ,make sure not to use any product with AHAs or BHAs, don't go in chlorinated pools or soak in a hot tub, as you will end up looking like an alien. Also put some moisturizer on elbows feet and knees beforehand....it will help them from not "grabbing" the color.

Recently I went on Ebay and ordered a 32 oz "SUN" Sunlabs Overnight Tan sunless tanner with a color-guide ( I used the Sunlabs abt solution a few times and really liked it) . I ended up offering them $17.55 and they took it (they normally ask $24.99). Ulta stores charge almost $40 for 8 oz of the same product! If you are interested I could throw some in a baggie for you to test (I don't rep the product, am just a consumer...I don't like it when people push their own products on Mamasource). I'd be happy to help you in any way, let me know! :)

Me too. Please help us.

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