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Suggestions to Help Overweight Child Lose Weight

My son is 11 yrs old and 185 lbs. I do not keep junk food around. I encourage him to take his dog for a walk or walk with me, but he never wants to. I have offered any kind of activity for him to do, but he doesn't want to do anything. How can I encourage him and help him lose weight with out being mean or damaging his self image. I love him dearly but I know this is dangerous to his health. Any suggestions would be great.

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You've had several helpful suggestions!
I wanted to share a quit story with you about my 15 year old sister who needed to lose some weight. She was starting to get down about how she looked. She needs to change some eating habits, and excercise more (though she does play sports.) So I suggested that she start on a nutritional meal replacement once a day called "Slimplicity" that my company offers. It's completely healthy and I know so many other's who've had remarkable weight loss with it.
Story short, she replaced breakfast and within 6 weeks, she loast 16 lbs! She's looking great, and has lost a bit more since. Best of all, she feels so much better about herself.
It comes in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and has a money-back-guarantee.
If you'd like more info, message me, but you're definately on the right track by helping him NOW vs. him having to deal with it down the road.

I agree with the last poster. You are the parent he is the child. He may not want to do many things but you as the parent make him because you know it is best for him. Don't give him the option to say "I don't want to." It is all in how you phrase it. Tell him that he will be walking the dog or walking with you. Good luck.

You could get pedometers for the whole family and see who can get the most steps in a day. I know my kids have fun trying to see who can get the most steps. Hope this helps!

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If it's not too much trouble to travel to Columbus, I highly recommend a doctor here who began her practice as a pediatrician who specialized in treating children with developmental and behavioral disorders. She became concerned with the amount of chemical medication that the traditional medical community recommended, so she did a lot of research and created an ideal "Diet For Life" that has brought about amazing results not only in the children in her practice, but also in their parents. She now has a private family practice, and her patients see fantastic results. I am one of them.

In February of 2008, I was extremely ill and could feel myself getting worse almost by the day. I was overweight, pre-Diabetic, and miserable. Within a week of starting Dr. Sandy's plan, I not only felt better, but I began losing weight and feeling much better. I lost all the weight I had gained, and did it steadily, with no plateaus.

My problem wasn't how much I was eating, as much as it was WHAT I was eating. Your son's condition could be due to any number of things, including: food allergies or sensitivities, systemic yeast, Diabetes, etc. If your son has ever been on strong antibiotics, they can cause a systemic yeast overload. Yeast is a big factor in weight gain, loss of energy, and a general feeling of being dragged down. I know that these were the things that were causing my problems.

My doctor's name is Sandra Pinkham, M.D. Her contact information is:

2170 Riverside Dr.
Columbus, OH 43221


You won't have to make the drive terribly often, especially once your son begins to show improvement. She will help you find a way to build his self esteem while helping him to recover his health and energy. She is taking new patients right now, and I encourage you to call her office and schedule an appointment. Feel free to tell her you were referred by Susan Lynch. I can honestly say that her recommendations have turned my life around, and I'm not looking back.

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Hi L.,
I want to share a couple articles with you. Click on
our link and view not only the April 09 "Nutrition & Fitness" article but also February 09 "Weight Management" and November 08 "Special GlucAffect Introductory Issue"
This has become such a huge concern for very good reason.
Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes is rapidly growing. Our products are patented and safe. Our weight loss products are also safe for children...I have given this to my daughter who is over the weight she should be. As a Mom...it is important for me to give her the best and safest product I can. Plus giving her added health benefits.


I encourage you to watch some of the videos, especially on GlucAffect. Even if you are not interested in our products...it is so important to educate yourself. Knowledge is never wasted!

Please call me with any questions. Best time to reach me is after 5pm.

Take care!

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Hi L. You are very correct in thinking this is potentially dangerous for your child. We need to redirect our children to better eating habits. They do need a good and tasty, healthy snack. I think it's never to late to try new things and the kids will adapt. I would love to talk to you and just let you know there is a healthy and helpful way to help your son. I can't believe being over weight is a confidence builder to any child. my personal email is my name S. white and it is at livingwithsolutions. com Good Luck...S. I look forward to helping you with your situation.

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It's about changing the way he THINKS in order to change habits. It has to make sense to him and understand the benefits. It's an EDUCATION! I've been teaching nutrition for YEARS....starting at TWO.

There is a book called HELPING YOUR CHILD LOSE WEIGHT THE HEALTHY WAY by Judith Levine, R.D., M.S. and Linda Bine

You need to start including him in grocery shopping, meal planning and making good choices. DO NOT allow things in the house that will sabotage him.

Pick something new EACH week from the produce department. DO NOT allow your negative opinions about something to influence him. ENCOURAGE ENCOURAGE ENCOURAGE!!

When you try new foods, research together and find out WHAT nutrients are found in the food, WHY does your body need it, etc. It might require that YOU have to take some time to learn too, but it will be WELL worth it for EVERYONE!

If he doesn't "want to", then he also should not be allowed something he "wants" whether that be computer time, cell phone, video games, etc. TALK ABOUT BALANCE IN LIFE and how it is important to get things done that NEED to be done, NOT just the things you WANT to do.

Research things on childhood obesity and talk about them TOGETHER. Don't just throw a copy of something on his bed for him to read.

If you have to go to the extreme of taking him to a doc and having the doc TELL him and SHOW him how he's taking YEARS off his life, stressing his organs, etc. THEN DO IT!

I was 120# 4th grader w/ a thyroid problem. I KNEW I didn't want to be on meds the rest of my life, so even at that age, I wanted to know more! Somewhere around 13, I was "normal size for my age" and have only had to go back on meds ONCE, when I was in college. I've learned how to control my metabolism thru diet & exercise.

I'm 52 and weigh 126# and won a Ms. USA bodybuilding championship at age 42. I competed on the USA bodybuilding team at age 45 and was in the best shape of my life! TRUST ME! It's worth the time and effort. It's about QUALITY OF LIFE!!!

Set goals, too. What does he want to do? Like learn to water ski, etc. Have him carry around a 15-20# dumbbell all evening long. I do this with clients during their workout time. They tell me how hard it is and how heavy it is. I then remind them that's how much difference 15-20# makes (make it 10-12# if you want) but I remind them that this extra weight is taxing on the joints, organs, respiratory system, etc. The MORE SENSE it makes, the more he'll make the effort. Do what you have to to help him and educate him. When you set goals, set long & short term ones. Remember that meeting your short term goals gets you to the long term ones!

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Dear L.,
I have a friend that has a child that has been obese at birth. She found out recently that he does not process sugar well. The boy is 14 years old.
I suggest going to a chiropractor that deals in nutrition also. One that is NOT in it for the $$$! If you don't or can't afford it I suggest first to get him off of sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup especially, and no nutrisweet. Nutrisweet or Aspartame causes you to crave carbohydrates. Raw honey & pure maple syrup (in moderation) are a great replacement for sugar. He should probably eat less carbs too since carbs turns into sugar.
You probably need to exercise with him. Maybe the entire family can go for a bike ride, walk, hike etc...It is more fun as a family than by yourself. When you go on vacation make one activity hiking or biking.
Some good books to read for weight loss are Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin and there is also one by Kevin Trudeau (I'm not sure of the name). They deal a lot with nutrition, what to eat and what NOT to eat even for someone that is not overweight.
I hope this will help. Although my kids are not overweight, I think these books and information that I have read and found out through chiropractors has helped my kids maintain great health. L. J

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A boy that age should not be so heavy, he must be miserable.Poor kid. I would first get him a complete physical to rule out any medical condition that may be hiding.Then if that comes back okay I would seek counciling for depression , other children probably tease him about being so large.You say you ask him to walk his dog, but he doesn't want to. That is part of Dog ownership and it shouldn't be a "I DON'T WANT TO " , Tell him to walk the dog and that is that.What does he do ? He needs chores and lots of physical exercise along with a balanced diet and lots and lots of Love and understanding. Limit his time to TV and game playing and computer things.Talk to him gently and tell him you are worried about his health and as the adult in charge you want him to be more physically fit.You may have to make him exercise but eventually he will or should understand that you are only doing it to get him Healthy and keep him healthy. Over eating is a sign of depression as is the I don't want to attitude you said he has. Your the Adult, make him do what is best for him.Your his Mother, Show him you are in charge and you care about his life now and forever.Also if you keep soda pop in the house get rid of it, I lost 40 pounds when I stopped drinking soda. He needs to eat 3 well balanced meals a day and a couple small snacks.Lean meat , fresh vegtables , fresh fruit and lot's of exercise.Maybe you can find a youth group for him to get involved with.Being fat is like a death sentence to some kids and it effects each one differently.You take control and you will be saving your son's life. My prayers are with you .

If your son ran out into traffic, would you ask him nicely to move out of the way of the oncoming cars? Obesity is very dangerous. I have a 13 year old daughter who I am working with to lose some weight because I love her and don't want to see her sick and miserable as an overweight adult. She doesn't always like me for making her exercise or not letting her eat a second helping at dinner, but we are the parents. We don't have to be liked.

It's hard, but I hope you succeed. Best of luck.

Have you tried doing more active things like bike riding and sports as a family? Just set aside a time or a day that is good for you and tell him "let's go." As the parent you have the luxury of just telling him what you are going to do instead of asking what he's willing to do. The more active you are as a family the more things he will be exposed to and he may find a sport or something that he likes along the way that he is interested in doing on his own. Just don't make sitting around watching tv or playing video games an option. I remember when I was younger my mother telling me that she didn't care what I did in the summer as long as I did it outside.

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