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Updated on July 31, 2009
R.C. asks from Miami, FL
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Hi Everyone
I am on disability & have just regular medicare. I am trying to find a good & cheap dental plan. Unfortunately Medicare does not cover dental unless your on an HMO. I can't be on HMO because the physicians that I see are not on the HMO. I have lost most of my bottom molars & I'm trying to save the little that I have. Going to the dentist & paying out of pocket is very expensive. I was told I need to have a root canal & a crown put on to save that tooth. Right now I'm having really bad tooth ache, yesterday i took about 3 Ibuprofen 800 mg bcse I could not take the pain. I would really appreciate any suggestions. I love this website bcse there are ppl out there that give really good suggestion.
Thank you,

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You can sometimes get free dental care from dental schools, that's an option to consider. As to healing your teeth and gums I would suggest you read the free online info from Vitality products
and consider replacing toothpaste with Tooth Soap and Tooth Swish, which help remineralize teeth and clear bacteria. Toothpastes can interfere with tooth mineralization and processed food diets with high acidity and lack of minerals are the main culprit in dental decay. Also, my sister was having toothaches and had been told to have a root canal, but after receiving a Reiki treatment from myself and a session with her acupuncturist it healed and the root canal wasn't needed.



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Hi R.,
I was on Delta Dental, and then realized for about $20 more a year Blue Options (Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL), I would have more covered and a little better rates. I did a lot of research to figure that out.

Another thing I realized is the dental insurance carriers work out a "cost plan" that the Dentist will charge a certain agreed upon amount (as per the cost plan) for each procedure. That is really what your paying the insurance for... so as an insured, your Dentist will only charge $XX for a cleaning or cavity, filling, etc.

Keep in mind, my husband doesn't have dental insurance. So most dentist's will automatically deduct his bill 25%. This is very standard since he doesn't have dental insurance. Guess what, that is about the same cost as the costs on the agreed upon "cost list" of someone insured. We've seen this happen about 6 times, as my husband has had numerous dental work.

Good luck... I'd say Blue Dental has the best rates and value for your money. But if you don't get the dental coverage, as the Dentist's office if they will discount their rates since you don't have coverage.



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I have had dental for $10.40 per month with Assurant. THey have a website and you could go there and speak to them.



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I actually found lots of reasonably priced discount plans on A little know secret - they will give you an additional discount if you order the plan over the phone with them rather than through their website.
I got lucky and got dental insurance a few weeks after signing up with them, so I ended up canceling my plan before using it. But they gave me no problem at all about canceling my plan.
You might also call your dentist directly and see:
1) what kind of discounts they can offer you for paying them directly rather than going through insurance
2) which of the discount plans they recommend

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