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Suggestions Needed for Removing Plastic from Ceramic Cooktop

In the hustle and bustle of having an active 4 month old, I accidentally melted my plastic tongs onto my ceramic cooktop by turning the eye of the stove on where the tongs were laying. I don't know how to remove the melted on plastic without damaging the cooktop. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to remove that plastic without damaging the cooktop? Any suggestions are welcome.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions and the warm words of encouragement. I reread your words of encouragement any time I regress into trying to be superwoman. They snap me back to reality that I need to concentrate and spend more time with my little one because they are not this little for long. Everything else can wait.

We adapted your suggestions by removing the plastic from the ceramic stovetop using a little heat and a butter knife. Thank you again for all your suggestions.

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Try a hair dryer....it works great with candle wax on carpet, stickers on cars and windows, gum......

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I don't know if it would work on the left over residue after scraping, but we've had better success using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with our ceramic top than using the cleaner that came with it. I always rinse with water before cooking again.

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I have done this before more than once and I use a razor blade. but remember to scrape at an angle very lightly and slowly.

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I have done this before, but with a plastic grocery bag, and had great luck removing it with a flat one-sided razor blade. The one I have has a handle and a little lever to push the blade out. This tool is a must when you have a ceramic cooktop. Anyways, try removing it while it is cold...If it doesn't come up, heat the surface a little at a time for best results. There is also a ceramic cooktop paste that they sell at Lowes that will get the rest of the residue off and leave the surface nice and clean!
Best of luck...It happens! LOL

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Scrap it off with a razor blade (carefully) and then use your cooktop cleaner to clean off the rest.

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I melted a plastic container to ours and boy did it smell. My husband found a cleaner at I believe Home Depot for cleaning ceramic stovetops it had a scraper with it and it took it right off. I was amazed how nice the stove top looked when he was through cleaning it.

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T. - Try plaing ice on top and scraping it with a scraper.

Heat it slowly and not too much and scrap it off with a spatula (sp) It might smell a little but it should come off.
C. B


You might try emailing or calling the Customer Service people for the manufacturer of your stove. They probably have some good info that also keeps your warranty in place.

Take care & God bless,

being CEO of your household is a very difficult job. not everyone is cut out for it. but remember that your baby is not judging you. accidents will happen and it is totally ok.
i would suggest that you turn your stove on and rewarm the plastic and then wipe it up. or pinch it with toothpicks or other tongs that you u might have.

Have you tried scraping it with a razor blade. My cooktop came with a blade and cleaner. Although I don't remember the name of the cleaner since I no longer have it. I'm sure the manufactures website would have cleaning recommendations if you can't find the book that came with your stove.

Good Luck

Reheating to soften it is probably the best way to remove the plastic.
Don't try to be superwoman remember you are a goddess, you don't have to fight the battles just go for the fun! Art Williams (a football coach who started what is now Primerica, the largest finacial services company in the US) wrote a book some years ago, the title alone is worth the price of the book: All You Can Do, Is All You Can Do and All You Can Do Is Enough. It's the perfect Mom mantra, repeat it often. The sky won't fall in if the dishes don't get done but watching an amazing sunset is a unique opportunity - it will never be exactly the same sunset again - share those moments with your loved ones and then get them to lend a hand with the housework. Just keep it fun.

No advice for the cooktop since I don't have one like that, but some about trying to be superwoman. Quit trying, just try to be the best you for your baby and husband. If things get a little messy, it's ok. If you make a mistake chances are everyone will live through it. Have fun with your baby - they grow up and talk back way too fast!

Use a razor blade. You may want to heat the burner up first. That may make it easier to razor blade off.

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