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Suggestions for Severe Diaper Rash from Diarrhea

My 8-month-old daughter is having a bout of diarrhea and she has a pretty severe diaper rash as a result. I'm worried that she'll have diarrhea in the night and that when I get her up in the morning her diaper rash will be so much worse. Do you think I should try to change her diaper in the middle of the night and risk waking her up? I might have a hard time getting her back to sleep if I do that, but I'm worried that if I don't, her diaper rash will be 10x worse!?

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Thank you moms for all the great advice and for your kind and reassuring words. I know diaper rash is a fact of life, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with does it? :-) I did end up changing the baby's diaper in the middle of the night last night because when I went to check on her, I could see that diarrhea had soaked through her night suit. Even though she was sleeping so peacefully, I just couldn't let her lay in that for the rest of the night. After changing her and putting a good coating of Triple Paste on her, she fell back to sleep pretty easily. So far tonight, she's passed the "sniff test" when I've checked on her and I don't see anything soaked through her night clothes. Hopefully the worst of the diarrhea is over and now we can work on healing the diaper rash! Everyone had such great suggestions, and some I've never heard of. I might actually try the Crisco since I happen to have some on hand. I might try the Paladin cream too. I guess parenting is really just a lot of educated guessing and trial and error, huh? Thankfully there are a lot of other moms out there like you guys who are willing to share their knowledge to help make life a little easier for us "first-timers!" Maybe someday I'll be able to "pay it forward" to some other first-time moms! :)

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A., my son had very sensitive skin and diarrhea wa terrible for him. His doctor said to use crisco (solid, not oil) on his bottom. It worked. My daugher-in- law used it on her kid and couldn't believe it. It creates a barrier between the baby's skin and the diarrhea. Good luck! P.

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When its really bad you should not wipe at all, put her under the sink and rinse. The wiping could cause bleeding. I like butt paste the best. If it doesn't heal up quickly (like a day or 2)it might be a yeast infection and you should call the doctor.
As far as changing at night goes, I have changed my son at night before without waking him. I didn't do that great of a job, just basically got the dirty diaper off and manged to get a new one on. Get a flash light ready and check her. If she needs it go ahead and give it a try. Just try to be as sneaky as possible and don't put pjs on her that are a onesie.

use a regular wet wash cloth on her when you clean her. using baby wipes all the time can dry out her skin. try butt paste made by bordeaux it comes in a yellow box with a cartoon picture of a baby on it. make sure to clean off the old diaper cream and all with a wash cloth each and every time you change her so there is no bacteria there. i would also make sure she is staying hydrated. i do not know if she is too young for pedialite. i hope you ask the doctor about her diarrhea if it does not get better in a couple days.

HI A., Sorry bout your little guy, I swear by vasaline at night and i swear by meticated corn starch powder during the day. When your cleaning him use a wet wash cloth to clean his bottom wipes will make it worse and no if she is not fussing at night don't wake her, she will let you know when she needs changed or is sore. To avoid worries lather her bottom up with as much as you want vasaline.. She'll be fine in the morning!! Try triple paste if that does not work, it's aliitle thick though.Good Luck

I have an 11 year old daughter and 2 year old son... the thing that i have found that worked/works for me is to bathe your daughter more often - twice a day if necessary. And also, Berts Beeswax diaper ointment is awesome! It's like the old version of desitin where it is an ointment instead of a cream. It will work as a better barrier between her bottom and the diaper.

I know exactly what you are going through when my oldest daughter (now 11) was small she as well had a terrible diaper rash the doctors gave her 5 different creams and none of which worked. I was visiting family who are dairy farmers and my Aunt told me to use Bag Balm which is used on the cows teats I was appalled, but to the point I would try anything so I called the Dr. and he agreed I should try it and low and behold if it didn't clear it up in 24 hours! You can get Bag Balm in any drug store it comes in a square green can with a picture of a cow on it. It's not any more expensive than desatin. Good Luck.

A., my son had very sensitive skin and diarrhea wa terrible for him. His doctor said to use crisco (solid, not oil) on his bottom. It worked. My daugher-in- law used it on her kid and couldn't believe it. It creates a barrier between the baby's skin and the diarrhea. Good luck! P.

We love Bordeaux's Butt Paste. It took a day or two to clear up my son's diaper rash, but it worked really well. Good luck!

Hi A.,

You should be able to smell it through her night clothes without waking her up. If it does happen, soak her rear in warm water mixed with baking soda {it neutralizes the acids and stuff in the poop} Let her rump go diaper free as much as possible, use only water wipes, and triple paste. This all comming from my ped. when it happend to us. It worked wonders for us. Good luck dear. :]

Hi A.,

I would go into her room and sniff at night and see if she had a BM. Then I'd change her if it were me. My daughter had a bout of diarrhea a few months ago and had a horrible diaper rash as a result. I didn't get rid of it in time and it turned into a topical yeast infection. It's treatable, but it takes a while to get rid of with an anti-fungal. So in my internet research (okay I got a little obssessed) I discovered that most diaper rashes will develop into a yeast infection if not gotten rid of in 72 hours. The yeast infection will look like a bright red patchy kind of rash with irregular borders. It will begin in the folds of her skin. I'm giving you the info. just in case it happens. Don't panic or anything, you can probably treat the diaper rash before it gets that bad. I like Butt Paste and Pinxav (pronounced Pink Salve). Make sure the area is completely dry before applying the cream otherwise you'll just seal in the wetness. I also like homemade wipes - half a role of paper towel soaked in baby oil, water and baby wash. It's much milder on their skin. Air time is good, too, if you don't mind cleaning up some messes. You might not have to wake her up if you slather a really thick layer of cream on before bed. I try to NEVER wake up my kids unless necessary, but this may be one of those times. Good luck!

The absolute best thing you can do is... put her in a bath with some baking soda. Pat her bum dry and then (I know this will sound weird, but I ABSOLUTELY swear by it!) rub crisco (the lard kind, not liquid and make sure it's not the butter kind because that has salt in it and it will sting her chapped bum). When my pediatrician asked what I used for diaper rash, I was so embarrassed to tell her Crisco. When I did, she said that she was so happy to find a parent that used it! She said it was the best. It will take a couple of days to heal up, so make sure you change her often. Another thing with the crisco, you don't have to necessarily rub it all over her bum....just put a fair amount in the area needed and her bum (because it is chapped) will be a higher temp. and will eventually get the crisco where needed. It's one of the cheapest diaper rashes out there and I swear to you that it works. I believe I got it out of the baby's best foods book (purple book for making your own baby food). Good luck!

37 y.o. mom of 3 boys 11, 9, and 4. Work full time in healthcare and sell southern living at home on the side. Married 13+years to my best friend!

the BEST diaper cream in the WORLD is called Paladin -my son had a diaper rash that was literally bleeding and it cured it within in 48 hours- its really hard to find - although some Medicine Shoppe pharmacies carry it - call them - they might be able to order it - or go to their website: www.rashcream.com - that is the ONLY thing i would ever use again!

S. w

I'm so sorry you and your little one are going through this.

My son went through this when he was just a few months old and his pediatrician recommended we use cortaid with vaseline over it. I've also used Desitin with corn starch powder as well and both seem to do the trick.

If the diarrhea doesn't wake her, I wouldn't wake her up. If she isn't feeling great to start with, she probably needs her rest and I wouldn't risk not being able to get her back down.

Wouldn't hurt to let the area open to the air a bit during the day when she is awake and just playing, just cover her lightly with a towel or blanket.

While her bottom looks bad, I would use clear water on a baby wash cloth instead of wipies to clean her bottom after dirty diapers. Wipes have alcohol and can burn sore bottoms. Whenever possible give that skin air time - even a few extra minutes at each diaper change can be helpful. Aquaphor was always the magical skin (diaper rash or other ailment) saver with my kids. It is thick and quite similar to Vasoline (I'm not sure what the difference is beyond price, but the Aquaphor worked for mine and the Vasoline didn't - go figure!)and helps to coat and protect skin. After some open air time, cover that bottom in Aquaphor before wrapping it back up.

I don't have much experience with babies not waking with a BM - mine always woke up so changing was a given. But having a protected bottom should minimize additional damage if you choose not to attempt changing her. One other thought - if your daughter is having multiple episodes of diarrhea in the night, are you going to be risking a bigger mess that won't remain contained in the diaper? If so, I'd try to change without moving her from the crib to save a major mess. Do you nurse her? Will that help her to fall back asleep. Maybe with the water loss, she would benefit from an extra feeding in the middle of the night to rehydrate.

Poor thing! I have used so many products when my daughter was suffering with severe diaper rash. Some things seemed to work during the day, and then other things only seemed to owrk during the night. I have used butt paste, and love it for rash, but when it was so bad that it has a "RAW" look, I took her to the doctors. He recommended using Mylanta(antacid). First you use vaseline as a barrier, and then you cotton ball the mylanta on her lil toosh, and diaper it up. The mylanta will take the acid out of the skin which is what is making it burn. Use a warm wash cloth to clean her. I do not use baby wipes at all! You can make your own wipes by usin water and baking soda. As for changes in the night, I would not wake her to do so. I would change her right before laying her down, and then wait for her to wake and need changed. If you do need to change her in the night, just be sneaky in doing so(I was never good at being sneaky about that).LOL.Good luck sweety

My in-laws taught me this trick (they have a son that has an auto-immune deficiency and poops sometimes 30 times a day). Following a bowel movement wipe area thoroughly clean. PAT dry with dry towel, burp cloth. Then put triple paste bum cream all over the affected area. Do this every time you change even if it if just a pee diaper - good luck

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