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Suggestions for Celebrating and Gift Ideas for 5Th Grade Graduation

My 11 year old son is graduating from the 5th grade next week (going into middle school next year). I would like to celebrate by doing someting special for him. Suggestions for dinner or other location and gift ideas appreciated.

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Thank you to everyone who responded. There were some great ideas. We took our son out to dinner. His grandmother and best friend along with his family were able to join us. We went to Estancia Churrascaria here in Austin. This was perfect for our meat eating 11 year old and his friend. In addition, I had several balloons with a huge GRAD balloon in the middle, a graduation cupcake and card (with a little cash inside) waiting for him when he walked in from school. He called me at work and said thank you. I could tell he was genuinely surprised and excited that we were able to surprise him. Thanks again for all the ideas!

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My son is 11 and in 6th grade-he loves Incredible Pizza in pasadena. In terms of gifts, depending on what you wnat to spend, my son LOVES his Ipod touch-good luck!

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Honey, he's an 11 year old boy..take him to the closest putt putt that myabe has video arcade and/or a go cart track (the one close to us has both...let him do what he wants within monetary reason and I guarantee he (and you) will consider it a huge success...Let hime bring between 1 and 5 friends??? And you will be considered his newest BFF... ;-)

Good Luck... ;-)

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I have an 11 year old son who is also completing 5th grade this year so I know how you're feeling. Every year on the last day of school my husband and I have been taking the boys to Chuck E Cheese. I know it's so commone but if you take their report card in, the kids receive FREE coins for "A" and "B" grades. It's a great accomplishment and easy on the pocket book.

Good luck and I'm sure you will have a great time with whatever you do!!

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Our daughter had a pool party for her son. He and about four of his friends enjoyed a hot dog feast after their swim. I don't remember any gifts but he really liked Legos and it is quite possible he got a Lego system.

At pool parties and other gatherings, there was always a fruit plate ready for snacking.

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My son is 11 and in 6th grade-he loves Incredible Pizza in pasadena. In terms of gifts, depending on what you wnat to spend, my son LOVES his Ipod touch-good luck!

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How about a grown up BBQ for him and his friends. Get them some sparkling non alcoholic beverages and let them grill their own food, burgers/dogs/sausage? Have some tag type games with water balloons and guns and such. Or maybe a contest or something that they all really like. Remember there will be alot more milestones to celebrate and you don't want to blow this one so big that the others don't seem as important.


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First of all...congrats! My daugher did last year...and believe it or not SHE survived Jr. High!!! (so far)
If you are into it....get him a cell phone...but on table and dial the number...Tell him to answer...it is yours!
We found giving the cell BEFORE school started was a good learning tool to "be responsible" (he is growing up); minutes to manage and internet access. When school starts you get overwhelmed and it can slip! AND...I enjoy her having one MORE than I EVER thought I would (since I did not have such privaledge in my young age!)
Just a thought if cell phone is in his future!
Enjoy the ride!

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How about filling his room up with 300 colored balloons for when he comes home from his last day of school and maybe putting a gift of some sort (things he can do with his friends...movie gift cards, etc) as a treasure hunt in the room...maybe tied to 3 of the balloons in the 300

We got our 5th grade graduate Guitar Hero World Tour (something he has been wanting for a while) and we are going to take him to his favorite Japanese Restaurant for lunch. 3 of his friends are having birthday celebrations as well, so we are keeping it low key for times sake.

Congrats to him!!

Hi Cher,

I am just going to throw some ideas at you:)

Little Graduation ceremony (so he feels like a big guy)with cake and balloons with all of his friends who are graduating too and then after the ceremony you have a school is out summer party where if you dont have a pool or really big back yard thats okay, parks are great for this too, water toys, sprinklers and slip n slides are great, hottdogs and chips and for gift ideas money, gift cards to his favorite places. Kinda like a block party from the ole days. I know my boys love water and food. lol

Our daughter attended a sleep over on the last day of school. They were so excited. The parents all went over and had dinner with all of them. The photos are so cute to look back on.

FYI, our child's middle school held a 2 day orientation before school started. So on the last afternoon some moms organized an ice cream social out in front of the school for students and parent to make sure the kids had a little more time to get to know each other. It was only about 45 minutes.. On the first day of school about 5 of our girls carpooled together so they could all walk into the school together..

Mom, remember do not walk your child into the school in middle school... Just drop him off.

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