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Suggestions for Baby Doll for My 15 Month Old.

this week my daughter fell in love with a baby doll that my niece has. she was so sweet, holding, kissing, and rocking this doll, that we would love to get her one for Christmas.

the one my niece has is vinyl head and hands, but a cloth body and legs (cloth feet too that look like stockinged feet). but it was a gift so they don't know what kind of doll it is.

i would love to get her a doll that is similar. a soft body for cuddling, and 12 or 14+ inches.
any suggestions for a good baby doll that is good for a 15month old ?



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thanks for all the ideas!
i found a few that i like, and i'm so excited for her to get her baby at christmas! she just started saying "bay bah" for baby this past week. so it should be fun christmas morning.

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My daughter received a baby stella doll for christmas when she was 18 months old. She still loves it at 2.5. It's a great doll made by Manhattan toys, and I would highly recommend it.

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I just got a baby doll for my daughter for Christmas from Pottery Barn kids. The whole body is soft, very cute & cuddly. Runs around $30. It's called the Abby doll. You can check it out online.
Best of luck-

I don't know what kind your niece has, but I love the Little Mommy dolls. I've gotten one for each of my kids for their first birthdays. My girls are now 4 and 5, and my son is 15 months, and they play with them quite a bit.

The dolls are very simple with vinyl head, arms, and legs. They also have a sweet smell to them and are the perfect size for little ones to carry. They don't have real hair or anything that can scratch little faces, so they're perfect for snuggling. Oh, and you can get white, Asian, and black dolls. (We have one of each.)

My girls' dolls both have removeable clothes, but my son's doesn't.


try a cabbage patch doll. The newborn version as it is smaller than the original. My daughter has 2 that she just loves.

She's a little young, but be sure to check out Bitty Baby at American Girl. That is one of the prettiest baby dolls I have ever seen. My daughter still loves hers and she is 11!

When our oldest daughter was about 15 months, a friend of ours got a purple teddy bear for her, and it hasn't left her side since. We got a second one because we were scared of losing the first, but she found it, so now she carries them both around, and says they protect her.

Our youngest daughter has a cloth teddy bear and a cloth dolly, and loves them both.

For what it's worth...

My current 16 month old has been playing with her 3 year old sister's Little Mommy dolls since she was about 8 months old. They are small and lightweight enough for a young toddler to handle. The head/arms/legs are the vinyl but the body is soft and cuddly. We just bought one to give to her for Christmas. They are very affordable and don't "do" anything... it was hard finding a doll that didn't talk or eat or pee or anything. In my opinion, a doll shouldn't require batteries. :-)

We've bought them at Target and Toys R Us and I've seen them at Meijer. You can buy the "twins" (boy/girl) in a pack together and it's the best value - 2 dolls for slightly more than the price of the single. We've seen lots of clothes packs, too, since it's a common size. And newborn baby clothes fit the doll, too. Oh yeah... Little Mommy now has some dolls that take batteries but we go with the originals.

I just got twin baby dolls at walmart for $10 for my granddaughter. The box says for 18mo+. They are small enough for her to hold and I'm sure they would be fine for a 15mo old too.

I unfortunately have no clue which one your niece has, but I can tell you about a couple that my daughter has and both of my children love. My 3 yr old has several baby dolls, but the Little Mommy Newborn made by Fisher Price seems to be the favorite of hers and her 18 month old brother! One of them are always carrying this baby around. It does have a vinyl face, hands & legs, (her body section is a soft cloth..stuffed not a hard plastic) but is small in size...perfect size for a small child to carry around. I would guess this baby is about 10 to 12 inches long and weighs approximately a pound. You can get it at Walmart or pretty much any other store that sells dolls. Another idea you might try is a newborn cabbage patch doll. They have a vinyl face and the rest is a cloth material. Hope this helps a little. Good Luck finding your little one the perfect doll!

Cabbage Patch newborn dolls are the perfect size for little Mommies! =) They have the soft body and vinyl heads as well.

My daughter received a baby stella doll for christmas when she was 18 months old. She still loves it at 2.5. It's a great doll made by Manhattan toys, and I would highly recommend it.

My daughter got a Bitty Baby from American Girl last year for Christmas. She loves it! It's kind of big, but she doesn't have a hard time carrying it or anything. Newborn baby clothes will fit it too. My little one (almost 2) isn't really into changing the babies clothes, just yet, but I'm glad to know that I don't have to buy special doll baby clothes. Bitty Baby gets lots and lots of love all day every day and she doesn't look any worse for the wear. She is sort of expensive though. She was a gift from Nana and Papa, so I don't know exactly how much she was. I'm sure American Girl has a website.

hey i have had the same question and many dolls however look silly and not cute if you will look on amazon they have special dolls that are for this age group that are super cute safe and for bath time to!!! so enjoy!



Nova Natural has some really sweet dolls:

And I like a lot of their other products, too. Good luck!

American Doll has a cute baby doll called the Bitty Baby that my 11 month old loves. She has a soft middle and plastic head, arms and legs. Her eyes also open and close and I think later on you can buy clothes and such for them.

Try dollar general stores baby dolls like those are generally between 3 and 6 dollars a piece. I bought 4 this year, my nephew even wanted one. I guess cause he plays babies with my 3 nieces.Kendal Grace 4, Maxwell 3 , Shyann 2, and Bailey Ann 1 1/2.

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