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Suggestions for a Good Mom Phone

My razor just died and I'm in the market for a new cell phone that can stand up to 3 kids who end up playing with it, dropping it etc. Any recommendations?

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After reading all the responses, doing research on phonescoop (this was a huge help!), looking at phones and talking with people I decided to go with a Samsung. I got it yesterday and although I haven't dropped it yet, I like the functionality of it. Thank you all for your input. I wasn't expecting to get such helpful advice. I was also pleased to know I'm not the only one who's kids use the phone for talking to their dad etc! Thank you!

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I love my samsung phone. It flips two different directions (for texting). Very user friendly. It is through Verizon.

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I would say to get another phone just like the one you had and not let your kiddos touch it :-)

I have 7 kids here ranging 1 to 10 and never EVER let them play with my phone. It's not a toy. That settles it.

Sorry, not trying to be harsh at all but I don't think there are any cell phones that can withstand kid handling.

My friend asked me once how long her kids were going to keep messing up the carpet with all of their food droppings. I told her "I guess as long as you let them run around with food." She was actually considering paying to have hardwood installed rather than just teaching her kids to sit down. I'm sure you get the point.

Good luck!

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I love my Iphone. My kids mess with it all of the time and I have dropped it repeatedly. The important thing, I think, is to have a good case that will absorb the shock of drops and keep it away from water. I lost my Razor after one of the kids sprayed me with a hose (darling child!)and I am sure most phones will not withstand that. L.

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I haven't found a phone yet that can withstand my 1 y/o and 4 y/o DD's or my husband for that matter. My DD's know the cell phones are not toys, but accidents happen. My husband is a firefighter and has a crazy schedule. Talking cell phone to cell phone is free and I won't deprive my daughters from talking to their dad on the nights he is not home, just because I am worried about my cell phone. We always get the insurance and it has saved us a time or two. I have had a razor for 2 years now. I have had it replaced twice. I am also in the market for a new phone. I have heard people rave about their iphones. I don't doubt that they have many great functions. They are too expensive for my budget and the iphone is not insurable thru my carrier. So, I would definetly ask if a phone is insurable before I purchased it.

Nextel is what we have
My Husband had one for work and he's in construction very durable and reliable and we have 4 children and it works just fine
Good Luck and GOD BLESS
Danielle mother of 4

I don't really like my cell phone, however it has a lock feature on it that is great for the kids! I don't have to worry about them calling Tokyo and don't have to panic when I see one of them pushing buttons on it. It's a Sony Ericsson Cingular walkman phone. I don't use half the features that come with it either. Look for the lock though! Pretty cool! :)

Yes! I went through more phones than I can count! I now have an LG flip phone with (and this is the key) a rigig leather case. I've had this one for more than a year and it has been abused and does great. Need more info? It's cingular, and I dont see any other info on it, but I will call cingular (att or whatever) to get more info if you need it.

J. invest in the insurence on your phone most only cost $5.99 a month and it will save you lots of money and upset in the long run

I had a razor too and it was horrible so far as the kids went. I have had a Nextel i560 for over a year now. It still looks brand new after repeated droppings, toilet swims, and various other maladies. It is military rated. Anyhow GREAT phone however Sprint is kinda a pain in the butt to deal with
H. Kahabka

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