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13 yo Boy's Birthday Party Idea - Suggestions for a 13 year old boy birthday - Rapid City, SD

I am looking for ideas to help celebrate my soon to be 13 year old boys birthday. I would like it to be a special one, breaking into his teenage years! We have always had fun birthday parties, but he thinks he is too old to have a traditional bithday party. I suppose he is but I would still like to celebrate it somehow.

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Well you can play Lazer Tag, or have a paint ball party, I had a tye dye party, where they bring their own shirt, and you supply the pain. Roller skating is still a big thing for my 13 yr old


I think he is old enough to give input if not plan the party himself. It's his birthday, I would let him decide and just be there to help facilitate.

Good luck,

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Well, im 11 and I was wondering what to do for my 12 b-day! its may 16 and right now its like may 11! So, what i was thinking about doing.... Laser Tag! Go to a good gym with a rockwall and play soccer or wiffle ball.(thats what my friend did) go to pump it up, go to bumper nets, go to a waterpark or something, or an arcade. And definetly ask him what he wants do to and if he say he does not no, give him suggestions. Or u could plan a surprise party by....Tell him u have to pick up his friend and bring him to _____ (insert place like bowling arena or something) pick up 1 of his close friends and bring him there, then walk him in side and your son will find all his friends waiting for him there!

P.S. dont tell him he is going to _____. tell him your not doing it your just dropping off.

Maybe you could treat him and a few friends to a fun outing, like bowling, swimming, or a movie. I don't know anyone too old to enjoy those things. =)

When we were growing up, my parents rented a limo for each of us on our 13th birthday. We loved it! We got to invite about four or five friends and ride around town and goof off. I think we did drive-thru for dinner (because as a teenager that is fun/funny in a limo); but ordering pizza or something would be easy too. The tradition started with my older brother and he and his friends had lots of fun, so much so that each of us younger siblings looked forward to our 13th birthday so we could do it too! It was a great way to celebrate and really made that birthday special.

Good luck!

Indoor go-carts might be fun.

ask him what he wants to do! the best thing you can do for your son is communicate, honor his wishes. maybe he wants to go bowling. maybe he wants to go to eat at a pizza place. maybe he wants to go to a movie. maybe he wants to do nothing LOL.
just ask your son what he wants to do. if he doesnt know, ask him if it were ok if you did _____ and add your suggestions.

Try lazar tag. Most boys love this and there are several places in Omaha.

We took our kids to the aquarium in MOA with two of my son's friends and our daughter and her friend for his 13th birthday. It was an expensive trip for us as we live in Northern MN. We spent the day and did the rides, ate at the food court. We have a DVD player in our mini-van so there were movies on the drive down and drive back.
Now that I recount the day, I think a whole day doing fun things that are not everyday is an awesome idea!

I like the idea you got for letting your son plan/help plan. I think it would make him feel grown up to be able to help. That said, I think most teenage boys would say,"I dunno" when asked "what do you want to do for your birthday." So maybe have several choices for him to choose from.. That way you can have fun coming up with maybe several 'themes'/ ideas and he can be grown up by choosing what he wants him and his friends to do!

what about renting a hotel room for him and a few of his good friends (you would have a room to of cource they do have hotel rooms with two bedrooms for kids parites). Get one at a hotel with waterslides, etc. those are always fun bdays for kids at almost any age.

Because my son who has friends with siblings that have become his friend also I invited them to the party also. I am a single Dad and have had shooting games since he was 8 with small marshmallows and 1/2 inch pvc pipe, Or the other shooter with the foam bullets, water balloon tossing.
The last birthday party I had was a gross cake contest. I bought candy worms and bugs frosting and made cakes for each of the kids and every one had an hour to decorate their cake and the best gross cake won.
After the decorating was complete the cakes were numbered and every one voted who had the best cake. And the one with the smallest number of votes was eliminated and repeated until the winner was determined and a prize was awarded. I then boxed up the cakes and sent them home with the kids.
I don't know if any of them will return this year...........

He's 13- ask him what he would like to do- sleepovers usually work well- or take his friends to the high school football/ basketball game- then for ice cream or something- my step son always liked the video arcade as well.

Hi J.,
Vertical Endevors Rock Climbing is fun! I know my kids have loved the birthday parties that they've gone to there.
Good luck
~M. C.

One of our kids went on a limo ride and they had guitar hero. I guess it was the bomb of all parties and the kid is popular for it still.

I agree with some of the others- ask him what he would like. But don't take "nothing" for an answer :) tell him you are going to do SOMETHING for his birthday- would he like to help you plan it or would he rather be surprised? If Dad is willing, he may be able to coax something out of him.

My only other thought here is if his b-day is close to Halloween, ask if he would like to combine his b-day party w/ a costume party- scariest costume wins a cool prize (ask him what the prize should be, specify $ amount limits!), and scariest or grossest gift wins a prize too- a large pizza is always a good prize for a teen :)

Good luck.

my brother did laser tag or paint ball (not sure which, it was one of the two, only friends went) a couple years ago for his and then pizza after. the place they did it had an arcade too so they played some video games too.

If his birthday is soon, and the weather is nice, try a "tailgate" party like you would for a football game...if he has a favorite team!

J. - there is a great paint ball place in Burnsville. I think it would make a really fun birthday party for boys. Plus most of them are already into the airsoft guns.

Have fun,


Sorry just found this website I know I am a little late but I was thinking about taking him and a few friends on a trip to a water park or four wheeler riding. I was wondering what did you end up doing for his 13 birthday party?

Well you can play Lazer Tag, or have a paint ball party, I had a tye dye party, where they bring their own shirt, and you supply the pain. Roller skating is still a big thing for my 13 yr old


I think he is old enough to give input if not plan the party himself. It's his birthday, I would let him decide and just be there to help facilitate.

Good luck,

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