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Suggested Treatment for Wart on 3 Year Olds Finger

My son is getting a pretty big wart on the back of his middle finger. I am wondering if it is something I should get checked out and treated or if it is best left alone.

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I'm going to try the banana peel and water proof bandaids/duct tape first, then see the Dr.
thanks for your input!

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My daughter had some warts on her fingers and my husband(he's a ER doctor) suggested covering them with waterproof bandaids to deprive them of air. Keep the wart covered until it goes away. This worked, but did leave the skin around the wart looking kind of red, but that did go away with time.
Hope that helps.

Clear fingernail polish to cut off the oxygen (or any color :) worked well when I was a child. Apply regularly. Or the freeze it off method.

If he is not old enough to keep his hands out of his mouth I would not use wart remover!

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Well of course you need to see a doctor. Recommend a dermatologist, who will burn it off with dry ice. May take 2-3 sessions. It's not a big deal, but you should have it removed.

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It won't get better on it's own and will probably spread.

If he leaves bandaids on, you can try a slice of fresh garlic in a bandaid, it is a natural anti-viral (warts are virus's). It will make a blister eventually and the wart will die.

The dry ice is painful- it burns. It does work and is an option if he won't leave a bandaid on. You can try the over the counter stuff- I didn't have any luck with it.

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I am so glad I read this! This will sound kinda silly but works better and more naturally than anything else!
Rub the inside of a banana peel on the wart every day! My son did it himself anytime he ate a banana, it just takes a moment...his wart was getting quite large and was on the inside of his palm - it was gone in one week. I know because it was bothering him during his Sunday Tennis lesson and the following Sunday it was gone, just sloughed right off. It has been 7 months and still no sign of it returning - you cannot even see where it was either!
Easy, natural and very effective~! Give it a try, you will be glad you did :)

Hi K.,
First my daughter (at age 3) had warts - clear bubble like ones. The doctor said they would go away in about one year. Because she didn't pick at them, the doctor recommended against freezing them off. With these kinds of warts, the body develops a natural immunity. The warts might return or resurface elsewhere until there is an immunity. They did go away 12 - 18 months later. Two left tiny scars that I think will go away after this summer.

Now my son has them. A couple on his hand and a dozen or so on his torso. Again, he doesn't pay any attention to them and no child has said anything to him about it. We don't call them warts - just bumps. They should begin disappearing soon.

Good luck!

Dear K.,
This might sound crazy, but it has worked for my son. And my brother in law.
Wrap a small piece of duct tape around your child's finger at the wart site. There is something in the adhesive that that the wart doesn't like, not to mention having it's air supply stifled. It's basically the same thing as keeping a bandaid on, but it really does work.
The other alternative is having it frozen at the doctor's office or putting compound W on it. But, that stuff stings and I wouldn't want my kid chewing on it.
Seriously, try the duct tape.

Please treat it!!! If left untreated, it'll likely spread to other fingers or even other areas of his body that come into contact with it. I used the wart pads (kind of like bandaids), and all 3 of mine were gone within a week and haven't come back! Took me forever and a day to finally figure out what they were, but I got rid of them as soon as I knew!

you need to get it taken care of, it is a virus the doctor will freeze it off it may take a couple times. I would make and appt.

This may sound sort of weird but I promise that it works, and he might find it kind of cool. Put duct tape over it. It basically starves it for oxygen. It takes a couple of weeks but it won't come back. I had tried everything I even had one surgically removed but this was the most effective way I found!

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