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Successful VBAC with Boulder Nurse Midwives??


I am 27 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am seeing the Boulder Nurse Midwives and now that my pregnancy is getting closer to the end, I am having concern about whether they really want to see me succeed with a VBAC. I am just wondering if anyone out there has actually had a successful VBAC with them? I really want to have a VBAC if possible and I want to be given the chance by someone who believes that I can. I don't want to be told that they support it and then realize in the delivery room that it isn't going to actually happen. My friend just had a successful VBAC with an OBGYN at Good Samaritan in Lafayette. I am considering switching doctors, but I am afraid that I am too far along and that I won't be able to. I have researched and read many books on VBAC and I know the risks, so I don't need any of your concerns reitirated if you don't believe in VBAC. I am just looking for an answer as to whether or not the Boulder Nurse Midwives ACTUALLY SUPPORT VBAC. Thanks so much for your help!


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I am glad that so many of you have had a successful VBAC with BNM. I unfortunately wasn't able too. I was induced on May 2nd with my son because of mild preeclampsia. I was 5 cm dilated, but was not in labor yet. They broke my water hoping to start the contractions, but it didn't work. When Merrilynn went to stick the internal monitor in me to prepare me for small doses of pitocin, she realized that the cord had prolapsed. I was rushed to the OR for an emergency cesarean, knocked out and my son was born 15 minutes later! So much for my VBAC, but he and I are both healthy and made it out of the whole ordeal okay. I don't think there was much else BNM could have done at that point. I just wasn't one of the ones to luck out with a successful VBAC. I did love all of the midwives though! They took great care of me!

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Hi T.- I don't know anything about vbac but I say if you arent feeling supported switch! i switched doctors at 6 months and am really glad i did

I realize that this was posted a while ago and surely the OP has had her baby by now, but for anyone else who comes across this thread or has a similar question I wanted to post my experience. I had a wonderful med-free VBAC in August 09 with BNM and felt 100% supported by them through my pregnancy and labor. In fact, I switched TO them because I had similar concerns about my OB. I completely understand how unsupported us vbac mommas feel by the medical community as a whole, but I really felt that the BNM were ultra supportive and would absolutely reccomend them to anyone in the area who is hoping to vbac. I hope in the end the OP had a wonderful birth experience!

My OB was Dr. Kimberly Roos at Good Sam in Lafayette. I would give her a call. I was farther along when I switched to her and it was the best decision I made!

The Women's Health Group, PC
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Do you have a doula? If you work with a doula I'm sure she can guide you and give you suggestions/names of providers who have done VBACs and support them. You may know this already but Becoming Mothers in Boulder and Longmont United Hospital in Longmont both hold "Meet the Doulas" events. Good luck! You'll succeed.

Boulder Nurse Midwives and Boulder Community Hospital have a 90% successful VBAC rate and they are extremely supportive of women who want to have VBAC

I don't know anything about this topic or your current docs, BUT I will say if you have doubts at all switch right away. It is never too late to find a new doc.
TRUST that mommy instinct and at least go to your friends doc and get a second opinion or at least get a feel for him/her and go from there.
If you have any notion that they aren't 100% behind you, then you are probably right and you won't be able to do anything about it when you realize it on delivery day!
Good Luck!

I drove 50 miles (one way) down to Highlands Ranch in order to have my Dr and a hopsital that supported VBAC's. It was a great expereince and my baby was 8 lbs 14 oz- u/s guess was 7 lbs 7 oz 3 days before she was born......u/s are normally so off.

Hi T.,

I am in the same boat, 27 weeks (due May 7) along and hoping for a VBAC. My doctor is supportive, but last appointment he made me worry a little. We had a follow up ultrasound because at 20 weeks the baby was not cooperating. The ultrasound showed that my baby was in the 95% for its gestational age...so they are worried about me having a large baby. Everything I have read suggest that large babies are not reasons to rule out VBAC. My biggest comfort is that the hospital I plan to deliver at has a low over all C-Section rate, and last time around the nurses were super helpful and supportive of my birth plan. I hope you get the responses you are looking for, and more importantly have the birth you desire. Best of Luck!

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