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Successful Pregnancy After Many Miscarriages?

I have a healthy 2 1/2 year old. We have been trying for another baby with no success. We have suffered 4 miscarriages in 2009. Has anyone ever had a successful pregnancy after such loss?

What can I do next?

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My sister has. She had her oldest son in '95 and tried for a second child...it took her 4 years and 7 miscarriages....hope this helps.

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I feel for you.

Both my grandmothers had multiple miscarriages between children. Maternal GM had 8 in a row and Fraternal had 10 in a row before having my mom and dad. Dad was the 3rd of 5 kids and mom was the last of 3.

An friend of mine some years back, had 11 miscarriages after her first born and then had more children (4 or 5). But it is a loss and a heartbreak with each one.

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Yes, but not without difficulties. After two miscarriages, I had one successful pregancy that was followed by several (7) more miscarriages and the death of one child born 3 months prematurely. I eventually found out after those many nerve-wretching miscarriages that I had an undiagnosed blood-clotting disorder that was the cause of my miscarriages.

After being diagnosed, I needed highly specialized medical attention prior to conception, heparin before and during pregnancy, and 6 months bedrest for my second sucessful, full-term pregancy.

I was told I was lucky to have two, as the likelihood of conceiving with my disorder is slim...and the chances of serious complications and death for any children conceived and myself, high.

I recommend going to a ob/gyn that specializes in high risk pregancies and have an extensive round of blood tests done to see if there is an undiagnosed reason behind the miscarriages.

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My sister has. She had her oldest son in '95 and tried for a second child...it took her 4 years and 7 miscarriages....hope this helps.

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My girlfriend had 2 children then a bunch of miscarriages - I don't think she even told me about all of them. She finally got pregnant again and has 3 healthy boys. In all I think she's been pregnant at least 11 times. So keep trying and hang in there!!! My miscarriage was from low progesterone so the next time I got pregnant I went on it right away and had a health baby! Good luck!

I am going to second 2 points from other posters. My husband is an acupuncturist who has had a lot of success helping women get pregnant after numerous m/c. A good acupuncturist will balance your body for many months before giving the ok to try. Also, I have a blood clotting disorder that caused my miscarriages. Once we knew I had it, steps were taken to protect any pregnancy that I had. Many OBs don't know to check for different clotting potentials. Some are worse than others, so ask to be tested.

Good luck and I am sorry for your lose.


I am so sorry for your losses. I know how challenging it is. I had 7 losses between my first and second. Acupuncture is what finally helped me. I went through all the fertility testing and western medicine could find nothing wrong. I have no idea why the acupuncture worked. I did take a break TTC for the first 4 months of acupuncture to give my body a chance to rejuvenate. Then the 5th month of acupuncture treatment I got pregnant, and now have an amazing, beautiful little boy.

Do not give up hope! If in your heart believes you are meant to have a second, it will happen!

A close friend has 2 children, but it took some 9 miscarriages (before the eldest, and between them). Her Mom and sister share this tendency, so they kept trying, with Chlomid and careful monitoring.
If you have the heart, do find an OBgyn who's willing to work with you and try all avenues as suggested by other folk below.

But don't let it rule your life. . . . weigh what your heart and your husband and your marriage can bear.

I was only ever able to get pregnant once, and miscarried. When we were able to move beyond trying to get pregnant, we became an adoptive family. ~~ the gift in our 'bad luck' was to parent a child already in the world. . . . We are as much parents as ever I could have imagined five years later!

best of luck working through your decision process.

Yes yes yes. My friend had several miscarriages. She is now 33 weeks pregnant and doing wonderfully! I would advise though to take at least 6 months off of trying to give your body time to heal. You been through a lot not just emotionally but physically as well.

My mom had three girls and them several miscarriages before have a fourth daughter. Doctors were unable to help her until one suggested that she had an acid/alkaline imbalance. She got pregnant shortly after fixing the imbalance.

I feel for you.

Both my grandmothers had multiple miscarriages between children. Maternal GM had 8 in a row and Fraternal had 10 in a row before having my mom and dad. Dad was the 3rd of 5 kids and mom was the last of 3.

Hi P.,

I would highly recommend a 3- to 6-month course of treatment with a local acupuncturist who also works with herbs and specializes in women's health. When there's a history of multiple miscarriages, the reproductive system needs to be optimized BEFORE any further attempts at pregnancy occur. It requires a little patience, during which you should not actively try to get pregnant, but the results will be well worth it. AND the results truly optimize the reproductive capability and the health of any children conceived thereafter, as opposed to IVF which just "forces" conception.

My heart just goes out to you. This must be devastating and make trying again seem almost impossible.

If you can face the fear of what trying again will bring, the answer is, yes...A successful pregnancy in the face of what's called "secondary infertility" is a possibility.

I have two friends who each had a 2nd child after facing this and a family member working thru it.

Yes you can have a successful pregnancy after multiple miscarriages. I have 4 children...after the first one I had 7 miscarriages and went thru many tests. My second child was born when my 1st was 6 yrs old. Then I had several more miscarriages while seeing different doctors but one doctor finally really listened to me when I told him that I felt my body was rejecting the pregnancy. (It seemed like after my first baby I developed some allergies I never had before...like to cats etc). A simple blood test showed this to be true! My cure was a baby asprin a day....and Faith was born 10 months later and another child 3 years later without any more miscarriages. The reason my second child was not miscarried is because I had had terrible joint pain that year and was already on asprin. I know the fear is great and I know people thought I was crazy to keep trying but I truly felt I needed to conquer this. I am so glad I did...my youngest is now 16 and all my children have been a blessing not only to me but to so many other people too. Follow your heart...your dream. Trust yourself...what your body is telling you. May God be with you.

I'm so sorry for your losses. I'd suggest seeing a reproductive endocrinologist to see if they can determine what is causing the miscarriages. They can do a recurrent pregnancy loss panel and it might shed some light on the problem. I did IVF (9 times) and was put on progesterone (not enough once and had a m/c), baby aspirin and Lovenox injections for clotting and immune issues. I also did acupuncture...whether or not that helped, no one will ever know, but at least it was relaxing. Your regular OB is most likely not specialized enough to address this. An RE is the person you need to see. Best wishes for success.

I had four miscarriages before my son and one after my daughter. That last one was a "chemical" pregnancy, which means I tested positive, but there was never a baby. (Maybe one or two of the earlier ones were as well, but I don't know for sure). It's pretty common for all women, but those of us who are trying to conceive may be more in tune to what's going on (rather than simply thinking we're late).
I am currently pregnant with our third child. Hang in there and trust that it can happen.

Hello, Many years ago, my friend had several miscarriages and then was able to give birth to two very healthy sons (not twins).
Good luck with your precious family.
K. K.

Also don't foget that Iodine is very important for fertility, so consider Idoral sups with vit E along side also, or eat foods rich in iodine, like seafood, bananas, oatmeal.
Soy is estrogeneic and causes miscarriage and so can chlorine in your tap water. Soy takes many forms in processed food, but any word with SOY in it, is a soy derivative.
You can put your water in a glass (not plastic)piture and let it sit 24 hours, the chlorine will disipate from it.

What a good question! I've often wondered the same thing after having 5 miscarriages since my daughter was born. I'm afraid to try again, but would love to have another. Just want you to know you're not alone!

Keep trying. I have a friend who had 5 miscarriages all in a row, and now has two healthy kids.

yes but you need to find the cause of the miscarriage. mine was a uti I got rid of it and boom.

An friend of mine some years back, had 11 miscarriages after her first born and then had more children (4 or 5). But it is a loss and a heartbreak with each one.

My cousin had 4 miscarriages and after many drs in two countries trying to figure it out she had her amalgam fillings removed(safely) and I tested her nutritionally for what her body needed. Her thyroid needed support and then a bit of grassfed beef and a couple more things like cod liver oil and she was pregnant the next month or 6 weeks. All about what we put into our bodies. Stop the bad hair shampoos and cosmetics which add to the hormone burden but cause it to go haywire.

I did IVF w/ first two, and I'd been trying almost 4 yrs. Then got pregnant out of the blue 2 twice in a row and miscarried. I told myself I'd try one more time and now about about 14 wks. Does your Dr put you on Progesterone? With each preg they started that pretty quickly. Sorry for your loss,Jenn

I recently had my second child after having 2 m/c's. We found out I had 2 blood clotting disorders and so once I knew that I could treat the problem. Good luck.

I am sorry for your losses. I had four miscarriages. Then I got pregnant and now have a wonderful healthy boy who is almost 3. Praise God.

i so sorry . I totally can relate I have had 5 before my daughter. My OB finally ran blood test and found out I had a very mild thyroid condition that was never detected . I am not saying that this is the issue but would suggest getting blood work for thyroid if haven't already. Also My OB suggested I take a baby asprin a day to prevent clotting , once it was for sure that i was pregnant, she also prescribed me progesteron.. needless to say dont give up hope. It will happen. I wish you the best of luck. and definatly talk to your doctor

I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I did not go through that, but my friend is now mother to a bouncy 4-year-old after multiple miscarriages. It can happen. My thoughts will be with you!

I agree with Gwendolyn below. Don't lose heart if it's your dream to have another child. Find a specialist and try and diagnose what is really going on. I went to Dr. Jane Fredricks in Laguna Hills and she was wonderful. Also, you might try the acupuncture route, and/or a nutritionist so you can make yourself as healthy as possible. I have 4 children that are all "products of modern science", but I feel they are also miracles from above. I sufferend through more miscarriages than I care to remember, but in the end (for me anwyay) everything I went through was worth it to achieve my dream of a big family. Best of luck to you.

i've been pregnant 7 times - 4 miscarriages and 3 kids. it can happen. keep working with your doctor to see if you can see what's happening (we never got a specific reason other than that the fetuses were not viable). good luck!

I gave up after 2 miscarriages, but I wasn't really trying to have a baby.
After the 2nd, my neighbor told me his wife was really fed up after several disappointments also, but that they found a doctor who specialized in that type of obstetrics. I wish I knew the name of the doctor, but maybe through some research, you can find someone who deals with this specific issue. Her issue was that her eggs couldn't implant long enough or something. Anyway, it was a repetetive issue that was ultimately resolved and she had another baby! Best of luck...keep trying and doing the research!

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