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Substituting Yogurt for Oil in Baking....

Hi all! I just made this delicious strawberry muffin recipe....LOVE it! My question is.... in my banana bread I use low-fat plain yogurt instead of oil since it's much healthier....I would like to do the same thing in the muffins, but I am wondering if anyone knows if I would be able to use strawberry flavored yogurt and have it turn out the same as plain???? I think it would make the muffins extra yummy, but don't want to end up with a big mess. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Definitely try applesauce which i've used in place of butter whenever I bake banana bread, coffee cake, muffins, etc! Good luck...

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Definitely try applesauce which i've used in place of butter whenever I bake banana bread, coffee cake, muffins, etc! Good luck...

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I have never used yogurt in place of oil, but I use applesauce in place of oil in all of my cakes and muffins. Everyone always says they are very moist and taste homemade eventhough I always use store bought mixes. Hope this helps!

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I like allrecipes.com. They let you substitute ingredients and adjust the recipe accordingly.

Hi K. - it couldnt hurt to try. It sounds pretty yummy! If that doesnt work, try applesauce. I use it 1:1 for oil in all of my baking. I used the Motts strawberry applesauce and a spoonful of sour cream last time I made strawberry muffins and they were really good.

ummm. yum. try it--and let me know how it turns out!! I would think it would be fine, I use apple sauce in a lot of my recipes instead of the butter or oil and it works out, I never thought of using yogurt...if you are worried about it being too sweet maybe cut out a little bit of your sugar?

I think it would probably taste yummy, but you may want to cut down on the sugar in the recipe, as the strawberry yogurt has much more sugar already in it than plain yogurt does. I'd love to know how they turn out!

I recently made some muffins called Melt-in-your-mouth Strawberry Muffins, and the recipe came from a yogurt container (Stonyfield Farm Organic). They were delicious! See if you can find the recipe at Stonyfield.com, and if not, let me know and I will send you the recipe. (Now I'm off to make more of these fabulous muffins!)

I'm not sure about the flavor impact, but you might compare the ingredients to see if there is more/less sugar than the plain.

In my breads and muffins, I substitute Boston Cream Pie yogurt for oil. It'a a Yoplait light yogurt. And I double the amount so if it calls for 1/2 a cup of oil, I put in a full cup of yogurt. Or sometimes, I would do a 1/4 cup of oil and a 1/2 cup of yogurt.

good luck!

You can used flavored yogurts instead of plain if the flavor is a "natural" not artificial flavor. If you use artificially flavored yogurts you can sometimes get a weird aftertaste.

People I know who prefer plain want to reduce sugar in their recipes too. As I understand it, the flavored yogurts have more sugar.

Happy baking!

It sounds yummy. Please share the recipe. I would also like you banana bread recipe (if you don't mind sharing). Thanks!!!!!

It should only make it sweeter, with maybe a stronger strawberry flavor depending on what is in the yogurt (like artificial flavoring).

I want recipes too!! I never thought of using yogurt, now I want to leave work to go bake something!

I LOVE experimenting in my cooking! My best advice is to try it. If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn't adjust your amounts up & down until it does-and mix the "learning experiences" in with some yogurt & granola for a snack (& so you don't waste-I hate that part of experiments gone wrong!)

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