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Stye Remedies

My 13-month-old woke up this morning with what looks like a stye. She is very active so her allowing me to keep the warm compress on her eye is quite the challenge. Is there anything else I can try to get rid of it. She's never had one before.

What can I do next?

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A hot steamy shower with you might be an alternative. Just keep dirty fingers away so you don't compound the problem. It's transient and should go away (or greatly imrove) within 48 hours.

Styes come up for a variety of reasons... sometimes having to do with allergies to foods or preservatives even...
There are homeopathis remedies at the health food store that are safe & effective in treating styes... you might consider that first, as it can be taken by mouth, tastes like a sugar pellet (so kids will take it), has no side effects other than it might not work... it's less than 10$... and if you find it not helpful you can always call the Dr.

Styes can usually resolve on their own without antibiotics. There is an OTC med called "STYE" which is just basically a lubricating oint to soothe the discomfort. You can get a rx antibiotic oint prescribed by a doctor but that is usually not necessary unless the stye lasts longer than a week. Warm compresses can help too but like you said is nearly impossible with a 13 month old. I would give it a few days and then call md if it doesn't improve.


Unfortunately you're gonna have to take her to the Dr. My son had one as well around the same age, and we tried the compress...yeah that was pointless! They make a stye medicine but you really need to go to the dr. He'll give you a medicine just for babies, it's kinda hard to put in, but you've gotta hold her down! He might be able to give you an antibiotic instead! I get styes sometimes and my dr gives me antibio's for them...that's the best I can suggest.

Hope it helps somehow!

I agree that taking her to the doc is the best idea. As a child I had styes on a regular basis, my parents were the never go to the doc unless you are dying type! To reduce the discomfort and swelling we switched between cold cucumbers (YES cucumbers they work very well and I still use them) and hot tea bags to draw it out. But a 13 month old, good luck! You need a topical med or eye drop that you apply them let her go go go!

So, you might think I'm crazy, but if you are still nursing or pumping, I know breastmilk works. It actually works for a lot of things - like a stye or diaper rash, it's amazing how powerful a healing agent it is!

Perhaps she has pink eye and will require eye antibiotics. My 2 year old just came down with pink eye yesterday. I know they are hard to compress when they are so active. Perhaps do it in the tub.

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