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Stuffed Animals in Bed

Hi there,
I have a 2 year old girl that I put to bed with 2 big and 2 small stuffed animals. I always go in afterwards and remove them but I always worry that I might forget or fall asleep right after her and forget to take them out. Am I just being paranoid? I know you are not suppose to put anything in their crib when they are infants but how long does that info apply? She slept in our room for the first seven months in a playyard next to our bed. Mostly because I was paranoid of having her to far away. I needed to wake up in the night just to make sure hse was breathing. Once she started making to much noise for us to sleep we moved her out and into her own room. Very easy transition.......she was ready....mommy wasn't hahahaha.

What can I do next?

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My son is also two and always has stuffed animals in bed. He tends to push them away from him on his own so I don't worry about him.

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Hi, I put my 2 year old to bed with a ton of animals, books, and a blanket. I too, go in and take them out. At this point I think she is fine even if I forget, she seems to roll away from anything blocking her face. She is old enough for you not to worry so much, but try to get the animals out. She is my second so my worry level has gone down, yours will too. Good luck! C.

I'm pretty sure the cut off is 1 year for anything that can "suffocate" them. As long as they can move their mouths away from what could suffocate them. So, your "baby" will be fine! Stop stressing - whatever helps her sleep better will help you sleep better! And remember you gotta take care of yourself! My daughter is almost 4 & sleeps with EVERY stuffed animal she owns I think - plus 3 pillows & blankets. She's been doing this since before she was 2. I have to move all these stuffed animals to read her a story, then after I'm done, I have to "cover" them all back up - and remove the hard toys. I actually think it's pretty funny - I mean HOW does she sleep? But like another poster said - sometimes they all end up on the floor by morning - with her feet on the pillow. Take care of yourself & stop stressing. She's becoming a little big girl :( ;)

As long as they are not heavy or too plush she is fine. At 2 she has the automatic response and the strength if someting got on her head to get it off by herself, it is an instinctive response. I let my daughter have stuffed animals and she was in a big girl bed by 2. It is a huge comfort factor even now. If you saw how many stuffed animals my son at 3 sleeps with next to him you would freak! :) I would say he has five next to him and seven at the end of the bed. Get a baby monitor for your peace of mind, she will be fine, preferably having her in a bed or area that the animals cannot bunch up in a corner around her face if she is a mover during sleep. That is great she is in her own room. My kids sleep right across the hall from me, with both doors open at night I STILL have a baby monitor on so I can hear little noises if they are having problems and they are 3 and 6, hee hee, and I am literally seven feet away from them!!!

As far as i have heard, the rule for no blankets or stuffed animals only applies until the child as able to sit up own their own. my duaghter is 15 months and sleeps with her stuffed puppy dog every night.

Personally, I think 2 is way past the age of not putting anything in their beds with them. I have a 2 year old and she sleeps with 2 pillows and 2 blankets and sometimes stuffed animals or even books. Don't worry, she'll be fine! =)

eheheheheheheh you sound just like me. Wait until she wants a pillow it is sleepless nights for weeks. My 2 1/2 year old has 2 small stuffed animals now plus her pillow. I definitly would remove the bigger stuffed animals for now. My daughter is in a toddler bed now so things tend to fall off the bed more than they would have in the crib. I always say do what makes you feel comfortable, but I think at 2 the 2 small stuffed animals should be ok.

Dear D.,

As a Christian mom, the best advice I can give is to offer up this prayer daily "Lord, please provide a hedge of protection around______, give your angels charge over him/her, and give our family traveling mercies...In Jesus Name...Amen

It has been 24 years now that I have been able to let go and let God. I have the peace that passes all understanding since I came to know the Lord...



She is old enough now that she can sleep with a pillow, blankets, animals, etc. I agree that I wouldn't put giant ones in bed with her, partly because they could take up a lot of space and cause her to fall out. She will move if she can't breathe unless there is something physically wrong with her that doesn't allow her to (ie. handicap). It's okay to be nervous, we had a child monitor in my son's room until 2 1/2 when the baby came along. He's almost 3 and he still has bed rails on his bed because I'm afraid he'll fall out.


The rule about stuff in the bed applies until they are able to successfully move their heads out of the way if something is bothering them. Except for special cases (handicap, etc), and depending on the child, most are able to sleep with a pillow/animals by a year of age (or year and a half in our case - we were nervous too *grin*).

And don't worry - our 2 year old daughter likes them too, but they usually end up all over the floor by morning. And I did the same when I was a child, and my mother did the same when SHE was a child - having the animals made us feel safe when Mommy and Daddy were out of the room, though eventually they grow out of that as well.

Basically, don't beat yourself up about it - I'm sure you're doing a great job! But remember to follow your gut as well - if something doesn't feel right, then it isn't right, no matter how many other people are fine with it.


Our son slept better with blankets around him snuggling him. We did have a few stuffed animals in the crib with him, but they stayed in the corner. They weren't big ones. It's good to be "paranoid". It makes you more cautious and your children safer I think.

My 3 and 4 year olds sleep with stuffed animals all over their beds and have for years. I let them have them once they were out of the crib. I don't know when you're supposed to stop worrying about SIDS, but I still check on my kids and make sure they're okay. I tried moving the stuffed animals half way down the bed and my daughter just scoots down to lay on them, it's what you both feel comfortable with.

My daughter sleeps with a blanket at my house and cuddles with it all night long, Like the other mom said she will move it out of her way if she feels she needs to. At grandma's house, my daughter has a couple of small stuffed animals in her crib. You sound like a great mom to be so loving to your daughter and wanting to make sure she is safe-that is great and don't ever forget that!! If you are worried about the stuffed animals, i would maybe just leave a couple of the small ones in there.

My son is also two and always has stuffed animals in bed. He tends to push them away from him on his own so I don't worry about him.


You just sound like a very attached mom who loves her child.
Try not to worry about the stuffed animals, she will knock them out of the way herself, if she is feeling they are in her way, weather sleeping or not, just like a blanket. she will kick or move them out of her way. She will be just fine. Things have a way of working themselves out. You are just a little paranoid, but that is just you protecting your child. Hang in there mom, it will get easier on you as time pass. Keep up the good work and congrat's on the new one on the way. God Bless

Sweetie, all this worrying is going to WEAR YOU OUT, if it hasn't already. My daughter is 15 months, and she's been sleeping with stuffed animals in her crib since she was 11 months old. Your baby is fine and you're fine, and you both will be until she's old enough to pick up on your stressing over the fine details. Then you'll really have something to worry about.

Take it easy, D.. You're going to need some of that valuable energy for the new little one!

~ R.

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