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Stroller Help? Umbrella or Bigger?

I'm a new mom and in the midst of massive stroller research. Here's the deal… I really don't want a big huge stroller. I was thinking about getting the frame to put my car seat in for the first few months. Then, moving to a Maclaren or somesort of nice umbrella stroller. My one concern is that in this type, there are no snack trays! My sister says I'm crazy to not have something without a snack tray, because she's constantly putting cheerios in there to keep the baby happy while out shopping. My other option is the Metrolite, but I'd really like to just have something smaller.

Ideas and suggestions!?! Do you love your Maclaren? Do you miss the snack tray or do I really need it? THANKS!

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I borrowed by friends Baby Trend travel system- so heavy, and it wouldn't fit in the trunk of my car (at the time I had a Mustand covertible). After doing some research on umbrellas (they don't have the snack tray, it can be very difficult to put things in and out of the basket on the bottom, and if you have a diaper bag on the handles- it tips over if you have to get baby out). I went with the Peg Perego Aria- it is lite weight (under 10 pounds), folds up small enough (it fit in my Mustang trunk), and it comes with an attachment strap that fits most infant seats. I use it with the infant seat now and have no problems. When my son is older it has the snack tray and everything else.

Good luck!

I would NEVER get a stroller w/ out a snack tray and one that they can lay down and sleep in comfortably. If you think you need something small get a chep umbrella stoller to have in the garage in case you need a small on for somewhere like short walks, etc. Just my opinion, hope it helps!

I used front carrier until my first was too big then used a koolcraft?? umbrella stroller, or my Kelty jogger. all worked well -I preferred the jogger based on the terrain I used it on. A friend, however, got an incredible stroller from Pottery Barn - she is using it now to carry the car seat with second, but it also is good for older child with a bar that you can snap on a tray for toys/snack, and it lies down for on-the-go naps - awesome!! It came with bug/sun and a rain shield - Not exyremely huge, but larger than an umbrella - if I would have had foresight, I would have bought for my first - who knows, maybe I'll get for the second:)

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Hi B....
I have a Peg Perego which is very light and is not bulky.
I love this stroller, it also has a removable snack tray which makes it very convenient. The canopy pops on and off easily, so again that gives you less bulk for those quick trips to the mall.

I also have a Maclaren....I really don't use it that much. The seat doesn't recline and the handles are not adjustable. My Peg is only 3 pounds heavier than the Maclaren.....

Happy shoppping.

Best of luck!

Hi B.,
I can sympathize with you wanting to use a small stroller, but I really agree with your sister about needing a snack tray! One alternative is to use those "Snack Traps," cups that have a slitted lid so that kids can get the snacks out without making such a mess, but they don't work for all foods and can still be messy. Good luck!


I have an eleven-month old. We had the big stroller with the carseat attachment, but several months ago we bought a BabyTrend at Babies-r-Us. It was recommended to us: super light, has lots of underneath storage, two cupholders for mom/dad, and has a great tray across the front for snacks, etc. We LOVE it!! Everywhere we go, people ask us where we got it. Just yesterday, at the arboretum, we got stopped by several people.

We love it, would highly recommend it. It opens with one hand and folds super flat.

Good luck to you!!

What a huge pain deciding on a stroller was for us! We just didn't know what kind of personality our baby would have to make the best decision. After A LOT of research and second guessing ourselves, we went with the Graco combo stoller & car seat. This turned out the be a great decision because when our daughter was younger and we went out somewhere we could just put her car seat in the stoller and be off. Many times she would be asleep already when we got to our destination, and being able to get her to the stoller without disturbing her was a blessing. If we went for a walk she could lie down in the stoller and enjoy the ride. As she got older and could sit up well, she was able to sit very comfortably in her stoller and watch the world go by. We don't fly much, but at Christmas we flew to visit family and at that point we got an umbrella stroller for the trip. At 13 months, she LOVES her big stoller, we call it the SUV because it can go anywhere I want to take it while on a walk. She loves to sit up straight, hold on to the tray and, yes, eat snacks from it. She is okay with the umbrella stoller, but she seems to prefer her big one. I keep it in the trunk of my older model Nissan Altima along with the umbrella stoller which we use when we go somewhere like the mall or other department store with limited space to move around. Although we are no longer using the infant car seat that goes with it, the stoller is still very much in use by our family. Good luck with your stoller decision & congratualtions on your baby!

I would NEVER get a stroller w/ out a snack tray and one that they can lay down and sleep in comfortably. If you think you need something small get a chep umbrella stoller to have in the garage in case you need a small on for somewhere like short walks, etc. Just my opinion, hope it helps!

I never used a Maclaren, although they do look nice. I love, love, LOVE my Combi Savvy Z! It was hands down the best piece of baby equipment I ever purchased (and living down the street from Babies R Us, I purchased a LOT :-)). It's especially great for traveling on airplanes since you can lock the wheels in a forward position and zoom right down the center aisle of the plane. Strollers with swivel wheels want to go in and out of every single row...very annoying! We never missed a snack tray.

I actually recommend a fleet of strollers for different needs since no one will suit them all. For instance, most normal strollers will have you kicking the wheels if you want to do any serious walking or running so a jogging stroller is essential, but way too big for shopping, etc.

Good luck with the new baby!


Hi B.!

Ok here is my view on strollers!! Girl, I have never bought a umbrella stroller and never will. They are useless for me since my son has always been a big boy and you would not believe how much a stroller is a big help to carry other things besides your baby!! I bought the GRACO one (he is about to turn 4) and he is just now getting too big for it. I love it and miss it now when we are out anywhere. No place to put him or any shopping bags, my purse, snacks, his backpack and various other things.

If you really want to go smaller, but have some room too, go to Burlington Coat Factory (Baby Depot) and you can find the Combi stroller and other ones that aren't so big, but they are roomy and have some storage space. You will definitely need it when taking a baby out anywhere!

I don't know about the other strollers you mentioned simply because I had the Graco and did buy 2 other ones (used them when traveling by plane), but I haven't heard of them before. There are so many choices out there, that you will have to look and find the one that fits your lifestyle and your baby's comfort too.

Good Luck!

G. B.

I've got two kids (ages 3 and 1) and 4 strollers. My favorite and the one that I keep in my car is my Chico single stroller. I think they are about $50 at Babies R Us. I've never used the snack tray because I bought the AWESOME snack cups from One Step Ahead (they sell them at Babies R Us now too - which is great!). They have a plastic type lid on the cups with room for you child to put their hand in and grad some snack to eat.
I use my double side by side Maclaren for trips to the zoo or places like that but my 3 year old likes to walk most of the time when we're out and about around town.
Hope that helps!

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