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Stroller for Almost 3 Year Old and Newborn

Hi everyone. By the time our baby will be born my son will be close to 3. I am thinking at that age he probably won't be that interested in riding in a stroller but there will be times that he'll be tired and like a rest. So I've been looking at the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. Does anyone have one and can tell me how they like it? Also, I'm curious if it will fit in my trunk - I have an '03 Corolla. Also, I know that when the baby's carseat is in the front, it's a little cramped for the older one if they're sitting on the back bench. Is this a real problem for anyone's toddler or do they really not mind?

Or if anyone has other suggestions on other double strollers, let me know. Thanks!

Here's a little more about my situation:

Where we live now there are no sidewalks so I'm not going to be using it for just going straight out for walks from home. I have to drive everywhere I want to go so it'll be a stroller kept in the trunk and then used at our final destination whether it be at a park, mall, getting to/from our destination from the car, etc. So it definitely needs to fit in my trunk. Thanks for all your advice and keep it coming :)

What I need is something lightweight and transportable.

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I don't have that one but... I have the One Step Ahead double stroller that converts from a sit and stand to a double stroller. Yes, the back seat is a bit cramped, but, then, again, I have a tall two year old (over 3 feet). The stroller is easy to manage and I can fit into the trunk of my 02 Civic with room to spare.

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I have a 3 and 5 year old and had the Joovy sit and stand stroller... loved it- but only used it it for a few months. The only issue is that your older child won't be able to sleep in it. There are 2 other options to getting a whole new stroller- 1) use a sling with your newborn (I used my maya wrap for 2 years with both kids) and 2) get an attachment to your stroller that serves as a back riding area for your older one, it is called a buggy board. Look it up online, the maker is lascal- you can order it from Target. I have this now for my 5 year old and I have since moved to an umbrella stroller (more light weight and transportable)and both kids love it!
That's my 2 cents and good luck!!

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I have the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Plus which is really nice since there is a back seat for the older child, or you can remove it for him/her to sit or stand; it just snaps on and off. The front seat accomodates a car seat.

It isn't necessarily lightweight, but it does fit straight across in the back of my Subaru. If the width of your car is really narrow, then it might not fit. My only complaint is that the basket is hard to get to when you have the back seat on, but you can pull the basket from the side since it is elastic. On the plus, the basket is huge!!

I have seen this stroller at Target so you can check it out there. Here is a link for Amazon.


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I have a 3 year old girl and a newborn baby boy...its amazing! and it closes pretty compactly to fit in my trunk which is a sedan, like yours.

I highly highly recomend this and my daughter loves being able to ride along and sit or stand while we go for walks or to the park!

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I recently purchased a double stroller and agonized about which one to purchase. I do a lot of walking so that was my main purpose. I also wanted it to hold my infant seat and fit in the trunk of my VW Passat. I went w/ the Zooper Tango double and LOVE it. It is one the of the only side by side stroller that does accomadates a infant car seat. My older daughter is 22 months now but wanted to make sure it was a large enough for her to grow into. The seat if very generous and I don't anticipate any problems in the future (some of the doubles I looked at just fit her now.) It's very easy to manuver and fits through standard door ways. It is also easy to fold and open up. The only draw back I have is it just barely fits in my trunk.

I also bought a older version of the Graco dual glider for my mother in laws house and hate it. I've found the front and back style are so much more difficult to manuver. The Zooper is a little more expensive but for me it is worth every sent.


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I have gone with the sit-n-stand twice! First with my 1 and 4 year old for a trip to Disney (lifesaver!!!) and then again with the second "batch" as a newborn and three year old (we have 4 kids 13, 10, 4 and 1). I LOVE this stroller. Sure, it is a little bulky and a bit heavy...but it beats trying to juggle two strollers or a carrier or sling while managing a stroller (tried that, too!). The nice thing about the model I have is that it has an attachment for the car seat when they are newborns. Mine doesn't have the extra seat...just the bench, but my 3rd child absolutely loves this. We go on long walks to preschool, to the mall, and even to Disney. It is really an awesome stroller. We also got ours at Target.

Try a sling for the newborn at first, like a Maya wrap or an Ergo or Bjorn. May make things easier and more cost effective in the long run.

We LOVE our Phil & Ted's. The nice thing is that it is actually a single stroller with a double attachment so when your older child doesn't want to be in it, you have a single! It is an SUV type so it's a bit heavy but it folds down.

I have the regular Joovy Caboose (weighs a ton), my older son wasn't too happy when I had the carseat in the front, but now that the little one is 1 and can sit upright, there isn't a problem. I only use this stroller when we have alot of walking to do, otherwise it is just too heavy and somewhat cumbersome. But, it is more compact and sturdy than most of the double strollers that I researched over a year ago, now there may be more to choose from. (Think about aisles in stores, they are pretty narrow, even at Target, and this one is typical stroller width)
Good luck, and If you can, test drive as many as possible to get one you feel most comfortable with.

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