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Strep throat...blah!

Hi ladies,
I have strep throat, I was wondering if any of you have a remedy to ease the discomfort I am having everytime I swallow. It feels like I am swallowing a pin cushion. I have tried gargling with warm salt water and having been sucking on lozenges but neither is even easing the pain. HELP!

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Hello, a home remedy is to mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup hnoey. Take i tbls 3-5 time a day. Taste not so good- but helped my sore throat right away. Good luck

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Hello, a home remedy is to mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup hnoey. Take i tbls 3-5 time a day. Taste not so good- but helped my sore throat right away. Good luck

Drink a cup of hot green tea That might help.

I've never had strep, but when I get really bad sore throats, I use Cold Eeze lozenges. They are made with Zink, and the zink then goes right down your throat and coats the area, which heals it. They have even kept me from getting sick, I'm certain. I've felt a little sore throat coming, and I suck those and it's gone within a day, knowing that it probably would have been a really bad cold. My daughter has had strep and Cold Eeze has suckers for kids and I also know that it's helped her out. Good luck...hope you feel better soon.

I've always used an old method that my mom taught me. Drink hot tea with honey in it. The honey coats your throat and the warmth makes any ache feel better! I hope you get well soon!

Ok this sounds gross and your not suppose to do it. But I did and it helped. When you have strep throat there are pockets of white stuff (pus) on your throat and it's usually swollen and very painful. I take qtips or a electronic water pick and pick them off or squirt warm water to get rid of them. I know it sounds a little weird but I swear it helped me. I've had strep twice in the last 3 mos.I think it sped up my recovery and I felt immediate relief. It's kinda like a huge painful pimple and if it pops you feel immediate relieft like your skin is no longer swelling and stretching.

Another thing I did for the fever was I was freezing and again your not suppose to do this but when I'm desperate I don't listen LOL I took a very very hot bath and then climbed into bed and covered up with every blanket in the house. I felt so warm and cozy and wasn't freezing anymore from the fever then I sweeated the fever out. Like if you get it high enough sometimes it will break without using meds. This happend for me and the fever never came back.

Also watch your son very carefully. My daughter had strep too but I didn't know she did, she acted perfectly fine and ran no fever. I had her checked at the clinic just to be on the safe side and I was shocked when it came up positive. I would have NEVER guessed she had it. Then she got it again the next month. Both times no fever, no complaints. I guess with kids they can have no symptoms but have a sand paper like rash. Well she has eczema so that could have easily been missed too.BTW my daughter is 5 and fully capable of letting me know she's not feeling good or something hurts. But never said a word.

Make sure you take all the antibiotics even when you start to feel better incase you spread it to another family member so it wont' come back to you. I also throw our tooth brushes out after being on antibiotics for 24 hours.

pepprmints helped me a little

I take something that is meant for pain relief like Tylenol or Advil.

Hi! I'm a singing teacher, so while I can't provide a cure, hopefully these suggestions can help you. Ibuprofen is the best actual medicine to take for pain relief. But drinking LOTS of water will help keep your throat hydrated, and will help flush out the germs. In addition, take equal parts of lemon juice and honey, mix and swallow. It provides a nice soothing layer. Good luck! :)


Ginger tea works well-- Ginger root, peeled and cut up into chunks, boiled for a bit, then smashed. Strain and drink the "tea". I add honey for soothing and sweetness.

Also, this always really helps my throat-- hot water with lemon squeeze and honey. For a special and super-effective drink, add some brandy and a couple of whole cloves.

Hope you feel better soon!
:) M.

Try the Cepacol sore throat lozenges with the benzocaine in them. The benzocaine really numbs the throat. I swear by them! Though try not to keep them in the same spot in your mouth or you end up with a numb spot on your gum too. And I assume you're on antibiotics for the strep. Be sure you take them all and take them as prescribed.

I had strep right before Thanksgiving so bad that I was throwing up for 3 days. Needless to say I could hardly swallow. The only thing that worked for me was Advil LiquiGels. They started working right away. They were kind of tough to swallow but once they got down they were great. It says to take 1 but if that doesn't do the trick to take 2. I took 2 right away.

I read in a magazine that a mix of part honey and part lemon juice is a natural home rememdy for a sour throat, although I have yet to try it out.

I hate to say this, for sure take motrin or whatever you prefer...but try to gargle with whiskey (I spit it out, no need to be tipsy) I had a sore throat that turned out not be strep and it was just a quick relief.

There is a spray throat numbing thing at all the pharamacies, I don't know what it's caqllled, but my Husband gets strep multiple times a year and that is what works for him. Get better soon!

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