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Strange Red Circle on Upper Arm

My daughter is 13 months. About three days ago she had a small red area on her upper arm at the end of her shoulder. We didn't see a bite in the middle. Thought maybe it was a hive but no more developed.(She does have food allergies) Now it is larger(the size of a half dollar) and still clearly red and maybe a little puffy. She doesn't seem bothered by it. Any ideas? Do I need to take her somewhere? I'm thinking of just giving it more time to see what happens.

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Can't believe how many responses I got! Thanks for your concern. I did some research on ringworm and lyme disease. It didn't look like either of those. Just to be sure, we saw the pediatrician a couple days ago. She said she sees a lot of unusual skin things in early spring with more sun exposure that usually go away quickly. She wants me to call in a week to let her know how it's doing. Right now it is just a red area that looks kind of like sunburn or a bug bite. If it becomes more like a bullseye, then we may test for lyme's. A couple weeks will make the blood work more clear for lyme's anyway. Thanks again.

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My name is A.. I have an 9 year old boy.

The rash sounds like Ringworm. My son had the same red circle rash on his face once. It was ringworm and he had to take antibiotics. You should take her to see her doctor.


Is there a white spot in the middle or is it completely red? If completely red I would suggest eczema and you can email me for the only things that have worked for my sons. If there is a white spot in the middle, I would say it is ringworm and you need to use an antifungal on it like Lotrimin a couple of times a day. If it's puffy, I am guessing that is what it is. My oldest had that and leaving it alone did nothing. I had to use the cream.

Best of luck,


Go to the doctor. It is better to find out that it is nothing than to be wrong. If it is something more concerning, sitting around and waiting to see what happens could be risky. Especially since it is growing. Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious!

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I would definitley take her to the pediatrician. It could be a spider bite.?.

I wouldn't wait, it's not getting better, only bigger. Take her and see what your ped. says.

Best wishes,

It might be ring worm. She'll need cream to get rid of it.

You should take her to the doctor right away. Could be a tick bite (lyme disease) or a staff infection. Don't wait.

I would definetly check with the Dr., it sounds like it might be Lyme disease. Good luck!

Hi P.,
See DOCTOR ASAP. If it's lyme from a tick bite it can cause severe problems to her nervous system if not taken care of immediately. If something else, such as ringworm (which is surprisingly more common than most parents realize), that should also be treated as soon as possible. Regarding Lyme - that ring will not last long, so the longer you wait the less chance the doctor can diagnosis it. Also, it's important to know that MOST doctors MISDIAGNOSE Lyme disease, especially if you're not in an area with frequent cases. Unfortunately, the misdiagnosis is that one DOES NOT have it. If it were my child I WOULD INSIST on a lyme disease test (they'll have to take blood), and repeat the test 4-6 months later, as it can recur or remain dormant for a period of time. I live in an area where tick bites are common & lyme disease big concern. With this disease, it's ALWAYS best to over check than undercheck. It's a serious disease if left undiagnosed.
Good luck.

I don't have any advice, but my daughter had something similar (in the same place) a couple of days ago. It looked like a huge mosquito bite, but again, didn't bother her. It started out like a bug bite, but grew over two or three days to the size of a silver dollar, then faded and went away. Didn't appear to be a tick bite or ringworm. I'm curious to see what other people post. Let me know if you find out!

Definitely take her to your pediatrician or a dermatologist, my kids have had similar rashes, they were a fungal infection that had to be treated. But, it also sounds like ringworm or many other conditions that have the same effect. Have her checked for sure.

could be lyme, as the circles aren't always around the bites. could also be ringworm (just a fungus- easily treated with cream). HOWEVER, SHE MUST GO TO THE DOCTOR just in case.....

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