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Strange "BURNING" Sensation on Calf

Hi ladies,

Not sure if it would be relevant but, I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to success thwart every single leg cramp that threatened to set in...well last Friday I awoke in the night with a burning sensation in both my calves. I examined my legs for bug bites or anything noticeable on the outside and saw nothing. Eventually I was able to ignore it and get back to sleep. Well since then, I have still been feeling that same sensation but only on my right calf. There is nothing noticeable
on the outside and when I touch/massage my calf there is no pain in the area. Any thoughts? Anyone have a similiar experience?

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I don't want to scare you but I do think you need to go to a doctor asap to make sure that it isn't a blood clot. My friend had this occur on an airplane and if the blood clot had burst, it could have been fatal. I know it's a busy time for you, but don't put your health on hold....go see the doctor today...even if it means your child misses some game, class or playdate. Call a friend to have them help with your kids while your at the doctor.

I don't want to scare you, but I'd call your doctor right away. This could be a blood clot and you need to get it treated right away.

Yeah, I agree with the other ladies. Call your Doc right away. Rule out an embellism. It can be very dangerous and they are more common during pregnancy. You should consult any baby books to see if elevating your legs is recommended during this time.

Go to the Dr. have him or her measure your calves to see if there is a circumfrence difference. Do so post haste as if this is a blood clot you could be in danger. Not to scare but please always remember your risk is higher being 35 and pregnant. Better safe than sorry. Don't ever feel like it is nothing. I worked OB/Gyn for 18 years and am a mother of 4 starting at age 36 and had my last at age 46.I also have 1 bou and 3 girls. Take care of number one. YOU!!! Good Luck and happy pregnancy wishes to you! JC

I had something similar in my calves while pregnant. I was told it was a calcium deficiency.

It could be DVT or a calcium/potassium imbalance, but it could also be the way your baby is lying. When I was in the final weeks of carrying my daughter, she was so low and positioned in such a way that my calves would cramp. When I finally went into labor with her, I had rhythmic leg cramps with each contraction. I found that getting into a crawling position and rocking back and forth provided some relief. Contact your physician to rule out anything serious.

I would have your Dr do a dopplar on your legs to check for DVTs Deep Vein Thrombosis ie blood clots. They are actually quite common

I would ask your dr. about it just to be sure it isn't a blood clot. I've never had one so I don't know what they feel like but I know they're more common in pregnancy. I did have the odd tingling & numbness when I was pregnant from the baby pressing on nerves, so maybe that's what's causing it.

Left side leg cramps/tingling numbness are a calcium deficiency, right side is magesium. B1 def. causes calf tenderness, and can cause burning feet and hands, zaps and tingles, or swollen face, among many other things. Grouchy, aggitated, or agressive moods can be caused by all three. They all help the nervous system. It is very possible you have a magnesium, calcium, or b complex deficiency.

ps...someone on mamasource just asked asked this question the other day. You should go look at her responses.

If I were you i would supplement all three.

Dimagnesium malate is a chelated form- your body recongnizes as food. take ###-###-####mg. High levels of protien encourage magnesium absorption.

Calcium, use calcium carbonate or citrate with meals. High levels of caffeine/protien/sodium encourage the body to release calcium. Taking potassium at the same time can help with uptake, as can taking cod liver oil (for the D). Don't take magnesium and calcium at the same time- they compete. However, they do need work together to regulate nerves and nuscles. Just take them at different times.

Take your vit B as a B COMPLEX. Probably everyone should take b vits- we don't store b and our diets destroy them.

No, I do not have this experience but you should have it checked out by your doctor in the event it could be a blood clot. That is something you don't want to massage out as it can release the dangerous blood clot into your blood stream and that can be deadly. So go get it checked out.

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