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Stopped Breastfeeding About 2 Months Ago and Want to Start Again, Is It Possible

Ok, so I had to stop breastfeeding my now 4 month old baby girl due to me returning to work and stress I wasn't producing enough. Now I really want to breastfeed again but not sure if its even possible. I can still express some clear liquid out of them but I am sure they are dired up from all milk, but not sure since I can still express something. what are your thoughts? Thank you.

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These 2 places have the *Best* articles and information on relactation. You can do it!

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Jen said everything I was going to--if adoptive moms can relactate, you sure can! It'll take some work though w/ pumping and taking supplements, but is definitely possible. See if your insurance provides for lactation consultation. In the meantime, try pumping regularly and start taking fenugreek and blessed thistle to get things going again. I had a similar problem when I went to work ('cept I didn't stop, but definitely had a big drop in production after returning to work) and found that bringing a big jug of mother's milk tea (sweetened w/ agave and on ice, as it was way easier to get iced tea down than attempt to drink a cup of tea while still warm) and popping 2 fenugreek w/ blessed thistle every time I thought about it (which worked out to every few hours) I saw a big boost in production w/in 2-3 days.
I had 3 big drops in production during my daughter's 1st year and every time, this supplementation worked. Hopefully your work can provide a place for you to pump every few hours? That's key. If there's no stimulation, your milk supply is getting the message to slow down.

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YES!! just let her nurse on you as if you a "pacifier" and your body will produce the milk because of her suckling! Breastfeeding is one of the best and most amazing gift of mother hood... I have 3 kids and I just stopped nursing my youngest about 5 months ago and for about the first 3 months or so I still had milk.

Domperidone is used to help adoptive mothers and mothers who have low milk supplies. It took about 4 days for me to notice an improvement. You can get a prescription, but they don't sell it in the states because of some bad press it received regarding trials done with severely ill patients taking large amounts intravenously. Anyhow, you can order it from inhousepharmacy.com without a prescription. I learned a great deal about how to use it and what to expect from it from Dr. Jack Newman's website (he's a renowned lactation doctor in Canada). I've been taking it for 7 months now with no problems.

Contact a lactation consultant in your area. But yes it possible women who adopt can lactate. You take herbs to help jumpstart milk production then you have to start pumping regularly through the day and night before you bring baby to breast. Good Luck to you !

I am sorta in agreement with Stacey H. I took domperidone for months after trying everything to up my milk supply. It worked WONDERS and may be worth you checking into.
However, I was able to get it just fine with a prescription from my obgyn. There were only a few pharmacies in my area that were able to compound it for me, but I didn't have to order it online or anything weird like that. I highly recommend it. Feel free to personal message me if you want to talk about it more!

Yes you can! The PP have already given you some great advice on how to get started. The only thing I want to add is to get that baby to breast. She needs to suckle in order to tell your breast to make milk. It is simple supply and demand. You baby demands the milk, you supply it! Until your supply has built back up I suggest skipping the pacifier and letter her use you instead. Even this comfort suckling with single your body to make milk. Try to offer the breast before every single feeding (that you are home with her of course), don't wait for her to start crying to be fed though as she will just get frustrated quickly with the breast since it won't be providing the quick meal she is used to with the bottle. You could also look into an SNS system. It is something that you can use to feed your child formula (or pumped breast milk) at the breast through a small tube so that she is still stimulating your breast to produce milk but is also getting the nutrition she needs to thrive. It is such a good sigh that you are still able to hand express even a little bit. You can do it!

These ladies are great
Virtual Breastfeeding Help - www.virtualbreastfeedinghelp.com - provides high-tech, state-of-the-art IBCLC consultations via Skype (lactation consultations via webcam in your home)
good luck!

I would definitely pay a visit to kellymom.com they have a whole section on pumping and relactating. There are great experts there with loads of good advice. Don't be turned off by their parenting styles. I'm not into attachment parenting but they are the #1 resource for breastfeeding and saved me with #1! Good luck.

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