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Stomach Virus in a 3 Year Old

Hey Moms,

I am at my wits end. I have a 3 year old that has had diarrhea since last Friday and it seems to only have gotten worse. We took him to his pediatrician on Tuesday and they pretty much told us that it needed to run its course. Well here we are 8 days later and now he has thrown up the last two evenings after eating anything substantial. I am calling the doc again today to see if there is anything else we can do for the little guy. Has anyone had this virus and if so what did you do? My little guy cannot lose any more weight.

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First of all I want to thank everyone that responded. I soooooo appreciate it. I called the doctor again on Friday after 8 days of this and she did blood work which came back normal. She also prescribed him zantac which took care of the throwing up. Yesterday marked the 11th day of the "virus". My mother in law came and took him home yesterday to give dad and myself a much needed break. She said that his stool was getting thicker and he was eating well. I haven't talked to her this morning so I don't how he is doing this morning. Once again I want to thank everyone for their responses they are greatly appreciated.

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My 3 year old had the same a couple months ago. We use a Homeopath. She gave him charcoal for throwing up. It grabs what ever is toxic and gets rid of it. No more throwing up. She also gave us a homeopathic for the virus. Don't remember what it was though. She is in Tyler, but you can call and they will tell you over the phone what to use for the virus. Lora Slaughter,ND,CNHC. ###-###-####.

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A stomach virus leaves the lining of the stomach inflammed. No milk products whatsoever. Clear liquids, such as Pedialyte, popsicles, etc., for 24 hours. Then ease on to Jello, applesauce, and soft things for 24 hours. By the third day you can introduce foods that are non-spicy, easy on the digestive system such as Cream of Wheat. I've followed this since my oldest daughter was 3 months old and was sick for 2 weeks. My pediatrician was no help. Finally took her to a doctor in another town who was known for being a wonderful diagnostician. He nailed it! Never had to see another doctor about such again. I had two more children and followed the same path after any stomach virus.

Hello. I wanted to comment. Not trying to put fear into you, but I personally have never heard of that lasting THAT long and still going. It might not be the stomach virus, it may be something else. The doc might have just thought it was. I would definately call again and tell the doc what is going on and I would ask if it could be something else. Not to scare anyone from doctors cause I have a great one and so do my children,and not all do miss diagnose, but I have had in the past doctors miss diagnose and heard from other people about it. I am sorry you and your son are going through this, it's not fun for both sides. Take care.

Dear M.,
Cannot believe you were advised to let this run its course. I did that once and my 9month old ended up in hospital dehydrated. Cut food and water. Give only pedialyte to drink. The best home remedy for diarrhea is blackberry juice. (small amounts) ginger root crushed with small amt. of water will settle the stomach. If this does not work find a different doctor. B.

Just in case you aren't doing it - are you following the BRAT diet? Bananas, Rice, Apples/applesauce/apple juice, and toast?

My 3 year old had the same a couple months ago. We use a Homeopath. She gave him charcoal for throwing up. It grabs what ever is toxic and gets rid of it. No more throwing up. She also gave us a homeopathic for the virus. Don't remember what it was though. She is in Tyler, but you can call and they will tell you over the phone what to use for the virus. Lora Slaughter,ND,CNHC. ###-###-####.

Ok I am not saying this is what you have but symptoms are the same as what I had to deal with. My 3 year old had salmonilia (sp) twice. Got it while at his dads house. I gave him pepto to help with vomiting and diarrhea. Pedialite liquid and popsicles. Jello but not colored, sprite, mashed potatoes only a couple bites at a time, crackers, rice, white bread not toasted or anything. Yes He will lose weight but his stomach needs nothing but very bland food in it. Other foods will add to the aggrivation and prevent proper healing. Need to keep him on this for at least 48 hours after symptoms stop then slowly reintroduce other foods. When you start him back use foods like vienna sausages mac and cheese things that are soft and low fiber. Push water they dehydrate quick at this age. I took sprite and shook it up several times to get the carbonation down in it and added apple juice to it then made popsicles. Remember apple juice left out builds bacteria, That is how he got the bug at dads they would fix him a drink of juice in the morning and that evening he was still drinking out of the same cup. No dairy at all till he is completely over this then slowly give it back to him. Good luck let me know how it goes.

Did you stop all dairy and milk yet? This can be the reason. Try more fiber in his diet and be careful about any foods that can trigger diareah such as applesauce.
V. B.

Our Dr was very specific regarding what he could and couldn't eat. Avoid all dairy until there's no more diarhea or vomiting. Try the BRAT diet too - toast, pasta, apples, applesauce, (but no apple juice or other juices), rice, bread.

My Dr also recommended chicken nuggets and fries (beleive it or not) since they bulk up the stool. Jello and jello water are good for diarhea. Pedialyte and gatorade are good for re-hydration too.

If he's throwing up after substantial meals, maybe he just needs smaller meals and perhaps what he's eating is upsetting him for now. It's more important that he stay hydrated than eat right now. Vomiting is only going to dehydrate him faster, so avoid the big meals.

Good luck!! This is no fun.

It sounds like you are doing all the right things.

I agree with the other posts about BRAT diet, etc., but I have one more recommendation that you might want to ask your Dr. about.

Typically with viruses, dairy is bad. BUT, that Yobaby yogurt is loaded with live cultures that can really help straighten out a stomach. If you could build up the good bacterias in his stomach with yogurt or some of that baby-dophilus (sp) pro-biotics, that might help regain control over his intestines and overpower whatever bugs he has growing in there. I would just ask the Dr. first before doing the yogurt.

We had a diarrhea problem a couple of weeks ago and after the 300th outfit, I decided to go for it with the yogurt and saw a same day improvement. BUT our diarrhea was anti-biotic related, not viral.

Good luck, I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Have them test him for Rotavirus. I think it's the season for that. My son got it this summer after 3 days of being in the hospital from dehydration they figured out that's what it was.
If it's not that, there is a stomach virus going around and there isn't much you can do, just keep him hydrated. I've got a 3 year old little boy and it was horrible this summer. We were in the hospital for 5 days, because everything went right through him.
Good Luck!!!!

They do have suppositories that will help, do not know whether any are available over-the-counter but I have had several friends that have used them with their children when nothing else was clearing it up. If you cannot get an appropriate dosage for a child that age over-the-counter, call your pediatrician because you are going to have trouble keeping him hydrated if you aren't already.

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