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Stomach Pain After Pregnancy

Hello Moms, I had my third girl 7 weeks ago. She is fantastic. I however am having this horrible stomach pain after I eat. It just puts me out and I am doubled over in pain. I had the same thing after my second child so I really feel it is related to being pregnant. I have been to a dr. and he thought it was gas-it is not gas, mylanta or pepsid didn't to anything for me. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem or may know someone who has and could help me. Thanks so much for any information you have!!!

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running theme seems to be gall bladder. I just want to suggest adapting a vegan diet. You will end up avoiding many uncomfortable diseases!!

I had the same problem after my 3rd child. I never made it into the doc bc we had to be out of town. When I called she thought it was gas although I disagree. I would def. try and see a doc.

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I would have to say check into the gall bladder. I just had mine removed in November 2007 after my 4th pregnancy. After each baby, I felt a pain similar to gas, but it seemed to get better. After my baby in February 2007, I could not bear the pain. Good luck.... Gall bladder surgery was very easy and a pretty quick recovery.

You should go to the doctor and have them check your gallbladder. It sounds like the same think that I went through for almost a year before they decided to take my gallbladder out. Hope this helps and good luck.

Sounds like the gall bladder.

After my last pregnancy, I had to have my gall bladder removed. It kinda like what you are going thru. And it is very common after pregnancy, something to do with stretching durning pregnancy. I had pain mostly on my right side but tender all around. I hope you figure it out.

I agree with many of the others here. 3 weeks after I had my son I had to have my gallbladder removed. My attacks started when I was pregnant, so the doctor put me on a low sodium, low fat, NO meat diet. Fat and Meat triggered my attacks, and an attack is actually what triggered me to go into full labor.

Sometimes after pregnancy you can have trouble with your gallbladder. If continues I would go see your doctor.
M. J

Have they checked your gall bladder? Your symptoms sound similar to what I was experianceing and I have since had my gall bladder out and am no longer having the issues with pain. Hope this helps, my family and I will be praying for you.

Have them check to see if you have gall stones. That sounds like something that happend to me. Except it always felt like heartburn really bad. Until I started throwing up blood. Get your gall bladder checked.

I would have your doc look at your gall bladder. It might not be it, but it sounds like the same symptoms I had.

My first thought was gall bladder- then I read the other posts,,, LOL. Guess you already heard this. Let us know after you get it checked out! It happens a lot after pregnancy.

running theme seems to be gall bladder. I just want to suggest adapting a vegan diet. You will end up avoiding many uncomfortable diseases!!

Hi, I had the same problem. I'm pregnant again so I'm hoping my knowledge gained the first time around works again. Start taking stool softeners. It sounds crazy but don't stop taking them even if you feel better. I took 1 a day for about 3 months. I think our intestines have a hard time bouncing back after the baby. I hope this helps.

Dear E.,

Think gall bladder. Try warming it with a hot water bottle for 30-45 minutes before you eat. Stay away from all processed fats (margarine, Crisco) and use oils that are liquid at room temperature. The problem with a gall bladder is that the bile can get thick and when it is supposed to be pushed into the intestines it will not go. But you need it to properly digest your food and get all the vitamins from it.

By all means try this before you even think of getting rid of the pain by having the bladder removed. Doctors make a lot of money taking this part out BUT they don't tell you what they were supposed to have learned in med school - losing the gall bladder makes you lose 40% of the fat soluable vitamins A, D, E & K. The problems from being short of them takes a long time to show up and there will be no way to prove that what they did was responsible for you medical problems - cancer or whatever.

There is one other thing you can do. Dr. Merkle can help and there is a chiropractic manipulation that can help improve the functioning of the gall bladder. His number is ###-###-####.

God Bless,


Hi E.,

I had a the same thing happen a week after having my son and when I called my ob/gyn (on new years day) and told her what was going on she sent me straight to the ER. Originally she thought I might have had some fluid build up (above tummy below breasts) from my c-section and pain meds. Once they did blood work at the ER they found out I had severe pancreatitis from gall stones blocking up the works. I ended up staying in the hospital miserable for a week before having my gall bladder removed. I found out from my surgeon that it's actually fairly common for women to gall bladder issues after having children. He also told me that had I not come in I could have died from the damage the stones had causes. One was blocking the duct that your pancreas and liver drain into backing everything up, I was on the verge of liver failure when I got there...and I just thought I had bad heartburn! Please, for your sake, don't take this lightly. I don't mean to scare you, just inform you of what I went through and it sounds just like what you have now. It's always better to err on the cautious side then to brush it off and have something seriously wrong. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you in the mean time! Please let us know if you find out what is wrong!!!!

I had the same problem for a while and had to go through a bunch of tests. My doctor explained to me that sometimes, after a woman has a baby, her galbladder acts up. He said that you might never have problems with it, but then all of a sudden after having the little one you'll be in pain all the time. Luckily for me it wasn't - but I would get it checked out!

have you had your gall bladder checked out, or maybe you have an ulcer ,,, just trying to give you some ideas..

What do you eat? It could be your gall bladder. If you eat
fried, greasy food, and or spicy foods, that will cause you
lots of problems if it is your gall bladder. Hope you get
to feeling better. I would definitely go to the Dr if I were


Has anyone checked to see if you have gall stones? I had similar pain about 6 weeks after my son was born & after a few times I went to ER where they found I had them. I had my gall bladder removed a few months ago & now it's fine. Hope that helps!

I had the same problem after my 3rd child. I never made it into the doc bc we had to be out of town. When I called she thought it was gas although I disagree. I would def. try and see a doc.

I had this issue after having my first baby. The doctors checked for gall bladder problems. Not saying that is what may be bothering you but it is worth a shot to have them check it out.
Wishing you all the best...
M. H.

Do you have your gallbladder? Often times, it can act up with or post pregnancy. It will hurt more if you eat fatty, greasy foods, or alcohol. But if it is causing problems then it could act up with any food at all.

Your pain sounds like a gallbladder attack. Gallstones are common during and after pregnancy. I would contact your physician and have it checked out.

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