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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Hi Moms,
I'm trying to think of new stocking stuffer ideas for my 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son. (My poor daughter gets socks every year. ;-) Does anyone have any fun suggestions?

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Personally, I'm tired of buying little trinkets that either get broken or scattered around the house. I usually buy one nice toy that can fit in their stocking & maybe throw in a candy cane & a little thank you note from Santa on how good the cookies & milk were.

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Personally, I'm tired of buying little trinkets that either get broken or scattered around the house. I usually buy one nice toy that can fit in their stocking & maybe throw in a candy cane & a little thank you note from Santa on how good the cookies & milk were.

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Ohhhh! My favorite part! I collect as I go along. Neat things including tiny toys and interesing candy can be found like a treasure hunt at the registers, at Starbucks and the dollar stores and I wind it all up with a final trip to World Market in Grapevine. They have really cute little bath toys and tops and other fascinating imported toys. I usually have way too much to put into the stocking, but it is always fun.
C. S.

One of the easiest (and free) things I did when my son was a toddler was collect the toys from McDonalds, Wendy's, etc. Whenever I had to get fast food, I'd request the toddler toy with his happy meal and save it (he was too young to know anything came with the meal) and TADA! Instant stocking stuffers!

I got my 3 yr old and 5 yr old daughter's hair pretty's(rubber bands, barrettes) and they each get a princess chapstick. They think it is lipstick so they have to put it on every morning. Which it is great now that it is cooler that their little lips won't dry out. My husband has been getting them those chocolate coins every year to put in their stockings.
Now for your little boy maybe a small toy like a car that is approriate for his age. Something with his favorite character, one year Target had Dora and Sesame Street Character for only $1 in their dollar bins. They were great for my daughter when she was one.
Good Luck!

Go to Target. They have a section, usually near the front of the store, where everything is $1. They have great little 'beauty' products for girls, wooden toys, games, small books, puzzles. You can load up and not spend a lot.

Check out orientaltrading.com they have everything you could ever imagine for kids.

I also have a 3 yr old girl and 1 yr old boy. This year they're each getting little digital watches (they were $5 each at Walmart) -- barbie for the girl and pooh bear for the boy, sheets of stickers (you can get 2 sheets of some of the Disney characters for about a $1 -- one for each kid, or get hearts or cars or stars from the dollar store), a small box of markers for the 3yr old and a box of crayons for the 1 yr old, hot wheels cars for him, hair clips for her, and there are some fun little knick knacks at the BACK of Target, the back end caps of the toy section, all for about $1 too. And someone gave us a huge bag of little plastic farm animals. I'm planning to fill the rest of the stocking with those and with some candy we got from the Coppell Christmas parade.

Ok I think my sister did this reply to someone else, but these are really cool! I have two little boys ages 3 and 19 mths and they love these! And the nice part is is that they're quiet and they're full of fun little treasures to find, but they're all contained within the bag! We sell the larger sizes, but make mini sized ones as well. You could put the little ones in the stocking, and you could give a larger one as a regular gift. Anyway, you can check out our link to see what I'm talking about. http://www.bumblebeebabyboutique.com/ispybagstutusonesies...

My 4 year old is crazy about tattoos. Wlamart sells bags of them for $1. They are cute- not scary ones- kittens, rainbows, frogs, hearts, balloons, etc.

My mom always put apples and oranges in our stockings too so we had good stuff along with our candy. We also got a tooth brush in our stockings and in our easter basket. Other good things to use that I have and or am using is they have those c-mas activity coloring books, bubbles, bath things like bath paint bath crayons and bath toys that you can also get really cheap. Also play food if they have a kitchen set. My daughter does so in Targets $1.00 section I got a toy apron, spatula and rolling pin set, and they have DQ food sets too. Also for your one year old if he likes those gerber snacks and or goldfish and such those would be great as well as sippy cups, big boy dish and spoon sets, and snack keepers! You also can never go wrong with story books at any age! Good luck and happy stuffing!

My mother since time immemorial has given us one stocking stuffer each day starting on the 15th (with the 'big one') on Christmas day along with fruit, candy, gum etc. The idea is to spend $10 or less for each day (except for the last day and that price varies) We have gotten everything from pet rocks to fingernail polish to hair ribbons and the little junk we ask for at the store all the time and were told no - or in this day and age, google gifts under $10 - tons of stuff comes up - also try Target's $1 aisle - I got a ton of cute little stuff there!

I love stocking stuffers too. I collect all year long whenever I see a small something. The .99 cent store has kids toothbrushes the light up and blink for 60 seconds to keep your kids brushing. I like this store along with the Target $1 bins. Last year my son (4) got glow in the dark stars for the ceiling of his room. Cheap, small, and he loves them! My daughter (2) got hair clips. This year my daughter is getting the Hello Kitty fridge clips--for all her art work--from the $1 bins at Target. Kids are a bit young, but Daddy, G'ma and G'pa get scratch off lottery tickets! :) Oh!!! Last year, I got each of them Pop Rocks for their stocking. It was hysterical as they had never had them before. Soooo funny!

When I was growing up, we got a Lifesaver Book each year. The books with rolls of each flavor and all of us cousins would swap our favorite flavors.

You can always get them their own special ornament for the tree that they can hang after they open their stocking.

Good Luck!

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