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Stinky Vacuum???

we have a vacuum that is about 5 years old. Even when I change the bag the vaccum is still very smelly. Does anyone know what I can do to make the vacuum smell better? Or can yu recommend a new vacuum taht will not get smelly. I think the dyson would probably work but it is very expensive.

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sometimes hair gets all wrapped around the brush roller and can get stinky. you may have to take it apart but some just click out.also if the belt is going it can be stinky from the ware one the rubber.

try putting some baking soda on the rug before you vaccuum maybe that will help. If the smell is that of a burning smell try changing the belt on the hose. I am no expert, just a thought of the top of my head.

My MIL always put deodorizers in the vacuum bag prior to vacuuming. I think they make them for vacuums now, although I can't remember where she said she bought them. In a pinch, she uses those car deodorizers that you hang from your back window. :)

We ending up having to get rid of our dog because our son was having alergy issues. I was suprised when I could still smell dog when vacuuming...it was not the carpet though...it was our vacuum.
So I took it all apart (as much as possible)cleaned all the parts and blew out all the hoses and brushes with an air compressor. you would not believe the amount of junk that came flying out!!!
I bought a new filter and now my vacuum smells fresh and new again:)

We have a lab as well, they can cause some stinkiness to the vacuum. We have a dyson now and it is great. We got it at Bed bath and beyond with a 20% off coupon so it was not as expensive. I would say it is definately worth it, especially with that ridiculous lab hair. :)

Like the others say - it's probably hair. Unplug it and tip it over so you can see the brushes. Take a pair of scissors to anything stuck in the brushes that doesn't easily pull out (hair, threads, etc). Look at your belts - are they worn? Replace them if they seem saggy.
This is coming from someone who had waist-length hair for 20 years - I had to chop out hair every month or so or face a burning smell indicating that the motor was burning up from trying to work so hard.
My favorite vacuum is a Eureka bagless - around $60 or so with coupons from Kohls - it really sucks ;). Go with bagless, they seem to get less caught in the hoses and brushes and such (although that may be because I use it on a different floor of the house away from my excessive shedding - lol). Anyways, bagless is better for allergies because you're not storing all the allergens in the bag until it's full.

We also have a dog and they make vaccuum cleaners with bags VERY stinky! I recommend any bagless vaccuum. We have a Bissell (only about $200) and I love it! You can remove all of the parts and rinse the filters after each use to keep it from getting stinky. I just make sure to empty and rinse the parts after each time I use it. A little extra work, but we have had for a year now and it has never stunk!

I have heard that for the $$$, Dyson isn't worth it. But, I can't say as I have never owned one.

Good luck!

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