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Hello Mommies. My one year old daughter has had the worst smelling diarrhea diapers I have ever smelled. This has been going on for the last few days. They smell like vomit and sometimes worse. They have been like that before when she was getting over the stomach bug but this time she has shown no symptoms of being sick. She is just as happy as ever. I already called the doctor and he said that I should put her on the B.R.A.T. diet for a couple of days but my gutt is telling me that it maybe deeper. Any ideas on what is causing this? Thanks so much

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Hi K.,

My son had this kind of same problem once when he is teething. And it go away around two weeks.


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Could be something she ate that didn't agree with her tummy... not necessarily a flu but just something her stomach didn't like or something was starting to go bad...

take her in, it never hurts to have the md look at her..

Call the pediatrician. one of my kids had the same sort of thing-he had C Dif? Which stands for some really long medical name. In a healthy person it's not a big deal-a germy in the gut. But, call anyway-it can't hurt.

I don't know if this is the same for your daughter but, before my son turned 1, he had several ear infections and had taken several courses of antibiotics, which I believed killed off a lot of the good flora as well as the bad in digestive track. With all of the good bacteria wiped out practically, this gave the yesst in his colon a pretty good opportunity to have a little party there and playing havoc on his system. Some of his symptoms were foul smelling poop (I know this is hard to imagine, but worse than regular poop) and an on-going problem with diarrhea. We ended up consulting with a MD/homeopath and he suggested that we give him high doses or probiotics and he provided up with yeast suppositories and under the tongue drops, and everything seems to be back to how it should be with his digestive track.

If this is not your issue or you want to do some more reading on this subject, I would recommend you pick up a book called Gut Solutions. It's been an invaluable resource to me.

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

Good Morning K.,

I recommend that you log onto site NAET.com. NAET is a group of allergists around the world who treat and elimiate allergies.

I realize that your child could just have a mild flu but this could be an early sign of food allergies. It is better to be safe than sorry. Food allergies, if not treated can lead to other health problems. Diarrhea is one of the symptoms of food allergies. Also, fowl smelling bowel movements.

I have had food allergies my entire life and now at 37 I am having my food allergies elimiated by an NAET allergist. I am also completing my degree in Nutrition Science. So I can answer questions if you have them.
My email is ____@____.com Well.


Hi K.,

My son had this kind of same problem once when he is teething. And it go away around two weeks.


Hi K.,

This one's a long shot, but do the stool look like they have mucous or fatty deposits in them? Fatty, foul smelling stool can be an indication of celiac disease, which is a gluten intolerance. The prevalence for this disease in certain populations is actually much higher than most docs realize ~3% in people of southern european or middle eastern descent (Italy in particular has a high incidence of celiac disease. Seems ironic as the second home of pasta!)

Putting her on a BRAT diet isn't a bad idea, but if it doesn't work, try cutting out anything that contains gluten: wheat, rye, oats, barley, and millet, especially.

BTW, this kind of diarrhea is not usually indicative of allergy, although it's not out of the question. But forget the NAET -- it's a bunch of garbage. It has no basis in scientific principles and makes zero sense physiologically. It is more likely to diagnose and "allergy" that doesn't exist (small wonder the "cure" rate is high) and several medical organizations are asking that practitioners be brought to the attention of the state's attorney general for invstigation of fraud and malpractice. If allergies do come into play some time in the future, go see a reputable allergist, figure out the allergen, and practice avoidance.

Has she been on antibiotics lately. My daughter gets horrible diarrhea (but doesn't seem sick otherwise) whenever she has to take antibiotics. It kills all the natural flora that helps to keep the yeast in her system in check. She always ends up with the runs and a yeast rash.

In this case, I use a good probiotic supplement. I use MegaFlora's. It comes in a gel cap and is unsweetened. For my 2 year old, I put 1/3 of the capsule in her drinks 3 times a day. She doesn't even notice it. You want to avoid sweetened supplements because the yeast loves the sugar and will just exasperate the problem. I've gotten smarter, and I start giving it to her when she starts taking the meds, and the last few times she didn't even get the diarrhea.

To help her stomach (intestines) to get well faster, give her pro-biotics. Pro-biotics is just a fancy name for bacteria that is helpful to the gut. You can either give her baby yogurt or buy pro-biotics at the pharmacy.

About the smell, if it smells like vomit, then it is the stomach acid you can smell. Make sure you use a barrier cream on her diaper area, so she doesn´t get a diaper rash.
If it smells more like rotten fish, then it is rota virus, which usually goes away after a 4-7 days.

That said, did you start giving her milk recently? Because, the diarrhea could be caused by lactose intolerance, too.

I hope your baby gets well soon! :-)

My son just went trough that and he's 17 months now. It turned out he was teething all of his molars at the same time. It lasted for 2 weeks and gave him severe diaper rash (bleeding sores). Otherwise though, he was happy and only complained at diaper change time. I used Desetin and corn starch each time I changed him and he's just now clearing up. The diarrhea lasted for 2 weeks but the rash marks are just now fading.

Good Luck!

J. B

My daughter had a stomach virus that lasted 8 days with no symptoms other than diarrhea. There isn't much you can do except keep her hydrated & use tons of cream on her sore bottom. Hope she feels better soon.

Since this has been going on, I would go into the doctors and have it checked. Sounds like she has something going on that really should be checked out. If diarrhea goes on for a while it could be salmonela or something like that. You definitely want it checked out because if it is, it can be treated.

It is probably a little bug, the rotavirus is very common among children and sometimes only manifests in diarrhea and or vomiting. Be sure to keep your little one hydrated with water or pedialyte. Give her low sodium broth/soups (the salt will make diarrhea worse and get rid of more water). If she keeps it up you will proabaly want to take her to the pediatrician.

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