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Stinky Mattress

Hi everyone! I wanted to know if there is a way to "wash" a stinky mattress. My 3 little ones have peed on it while I change their diapers and they have also thrown up on it, so it smells nasty. Please help, I can't stand the smell anymore. If I could buy a new mattress I would, but I can't afford it rigth now.

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They make allergy proof/waterproof covers that encase the entire mattress. You could just trap the smell inside until you can buy a new one.

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hi you can use borax in the laundry dept... it gives you instructions on the box.. good luck..DON'T MIX LYSOL AND BLEACH!!!! This will cause a gas and make you all sick... be careful.. S.

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I've got lots of experience with this one--lol. First, make sure that your kiddos drink plenty water, so it's not too, too bad. Let the mattress air out by removing the bedding and putting a fan over it. You can use ammonia/soap (dish or laundry detergent) to scrub the surface of the mattress. Let it dry. Then follow up by rubbing in some baking soda. Rub it in like you're rubbing powder into your baby's back. (Don't do that, by the way, the powder on your baby.) Let it breathe and air out. If possible, fix a pallet for your children to sleep on while the mattress is being "treated" (or some alternative sleeping place). Once it's all dry, purchase a plastic/rubber mattress cover (the kind that encloses the entire thing and has a zipper) from WalMart and cover that mattress!

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Try a steam cleaner with an attachment. It should help - along with some frebreeze or something like that.....

good luck!

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hi you can use borax in the laundry dept... it gives you instructions on the box.. good luck..DON'T MIX LYSOL AND BLEACH!!!! This will cause a gas and make you all sick... be careful.. S.

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They make allergy proof/waterproof covers that encase the entire mattress. You could just trap the smell inside until you can buy a new one.

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When my son has had an accident in our bed I've used the Clorox Anywhere spray on it. I know it took out the stain and I'm pretty sure it took out the odor also.

Bac-Out by Bio Kleen (sold at Whole Foods) is the best deodorizer I have ever used, it also can remove stains. There are many other uses for it too. The diaper pail, the trash cans, litter boxes, ice chests, I even wiped out the bottom of our tent last weekend with it. It also is great deodorizer for the laundry.


Hi! I don't know what size your mattress is, but if you watch the mattress firm stores and others, they often have specials on foam twin mattresses.. I just got one for $40. And it is super firm and very comfortable.. just wanted to let you know that there were some deals out there.. good luck!

I agree with the enzyme cleaner idea 100%. Our freezer defrosted thawing chicken and an entire bag of ice that leaked under the wall behind the freezer into the dining room. I used the enzyme cleaner for pets...it is kind of expensive, but then I used a steam cleaner and I never got a smell or anything. I would look and see if you could rent a steam cleaner with the furniture attachment, or call a company to come out...they usually have attachments for furniture, etc. and they may not be that expensive if you just tell them what you need. After you get that taken care of, get yourself a waterproof crib pad or waterproof cover for the mattress to prevent the problem in the future. Remember if you are using products or water on the matress to take it outside or put fans on it to dry it...don't put sheets back on till it is dry or you will get mildew or mold in it! Good luck. H.

Hi L.! I have had very good results with my carpet shampooer! It was dry in no time & looked brand new after we finished shampooing it! Good luck!

Get a carpet cleaner that can also clean your furniture. After you are done spray with febreze then set all outside in the sun to dry. This should help. Good luck.

Try using a carpet cleaner or something simular. I wonder if you could use the carpet cleaners at the car wash if you dont have one at home. Dont soak the mattress with water I dont think it would ever get dry!!! They make plastic liners for the mattress to protect it. I bet you can find them in larger sizes other than twin. Good luck.

I don't think anything short of a professional cleaning will help much with the deep down yucky that's in there. You need to invest in a mattress protector. We just bought a new king mattress & the mattress cover/ protector cost $100, but it had a lifetime warranty & nothing gets through it. It's not like a rubber mattress cover, it's made out of a liquid resistant material. If it tears, they will replace it for free. If something gets through it, they'll come clean your mattress for free. I am so glad we got that thing. Also it keeps allergens & dust mites out of the mattress, which helps you breathe better & extends the life of the mattress. So if I were you I would call Stanley Steamer or Blackmon Mooring & get it professionally steam cleaned & go buy that mattress cover/ protector. We got ours at the Mattress Firm. That way if someone throws up or potty's, you just throw the cover in the wash & nothings gone through to the mattress. :)

Wash the mattresses good and spray them with lysol. While we still have some hot sunshine, put them out in the sun for the day. Be sure to use a table or some overturned chairs so the dog doesn't get on, and let the sun do it's thing. This means putting the little ones down for naps on the floor, but that's OK. Then invest in some mattress covers and pads. They're not very expensive and are well worth it. If they're boys, put a napkin over them when you change them. For a girl, place a pad or folded towel underneath. What do they sleep in at night. If you can't afford overnighters, invest in a package of cloth dipers and fold one several times and place between their legs like a sanitary pad. It might be a little uncomfortable at first but they'll get used to it. That's what I did.

Actually the best way to get out urine and other biological stains and smells is to use an enzyme cleaner. The all natural enzyme completely eliminates the odors.

You can find enzyme cleaners like Natures Miracle at pet smart or possibly in the pet department of your local grocery or department store.

I highly recommend using and enzyme cleaner BEFORE you try anything else. Otherwise using other cleaners can chemically set the smell and then nothing will get it out. I learned that the hard way with out carpet! Once you remove the odors, if the stains don't come out I owuld reccomend the baking soda idea to scrub out the stains.

Good luck!

He have used products meant for pet urine stains. Make sure the label says that it removes the odor. Soak the mattress and then blot up the product with towels. You can also let some of the product dry into the mattress. You can get the products at pet stores and they even have some that are made with natural materials.
Good luck!

There is a miracle product meant for cleaning cleaning pet stains called "Out Pet Stain and Odor Remover" It comes in a spray and has a picture of a dog and cat plugging their noses:) It advertises being effective on urine, vomit, feces etc. I have used this product many times and it works very well. Spray your mattress down and let the product soak through the major problem areas. Let it sit for 30 min. and then get a blow dryer and hand dry the mattress for about 10 min. After that let your mattress air out in a room with a fan on for the rest of the day until it's completely dry.
Good luck

My advice is to clean the mattress with Lysol on a damp face towel, wipe the wet spot with a dry towel so it won't be as wet, then sprinkle seasoned salt (yes, can you believe it?)over the wet spot. Seasoned salt takes the odor away. Let me know if it works.

My grandmother firmly believe in the smell killing power of sunshine. Clean mattress throughly using non-ammonia cleaners. Bleach solution and good rinsing. Let it dry in the sunshine and then clean in again with a paste of baking soda. Let the baking soda dry on the mattress and rinse. Again let it dry in the sunshine. Noon to mid afternoon is the best time. This should fix the smell problem. CB

I think the baking soda and sunshine ideas are great, after cleaning. I use baking soda a lot to clean. The sunshine is a natural sanitizer as well, so I think it would do wonders. It suns out stains and sanitizes as it does. I often dry our cloth diapers in the sun for his reason.

I would beg you PLEASE do not spray down your children's mattress with Lysol! They have to sleep on that, and it shouldn't be laden with chemicals!!!!! Think about their little faces next to something that was sprayed down with chemicals......

My friend used a diluted amt of bleach with water solution on a pee spot on the mattress and blotted to soak up with a towel and she said this did the trick.

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