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Stinky Feet ... Stinky Sandals

My two year old has been wearing sandals all summer and I've started to notice that his sandals now absolutely reek and so do his feet. I'm guessing it's just because when he runs around his feet sweat in his sandals and there is no fabric like a sock to absorb it. So I guess my question is two fold... One- Is it normal for them to get so smelly or is there some problem I need to look into. Two- How do I get the stink out of the shoes, soap works on his feet in the bathtub.

What can I do next?

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First of all are his sandels leather. I can not wear Leather. The Docotors said that my feet react to the leather and make my feet stink. I dont know why but o boy do they eek.

Hi L.,

I use a vinegar/water combination as a disinfectant on just about everything - bathtoys, sandals, car seats. It is really effective and won't leave any residue that will irritate skin.
I think you use 4 capfuls of white vinegar in a spray bottle
and fill the rest with water. I first saw it in Martha Stewart's baby magazine - she recommended it highly to remove that slimy layer that accumulates on kid's bath toys after a few baths. :)

It is totally normal for kids to get really stinky feet in their sandals. My friend sprays lysol all over the inside of the sandals and lets them dry. She says it works fabulously well. I haven't tried it yet, but it makes sense to me since the smell is caused by bacteria.

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It's normal to stink.
And here's a trick I learned in Brazil. Soak them in vinegar! It totally works. You wouldn't think vinegar is a deodorizer, but it is. I told my sister, and she even used it on her dog when it got sprayed by a skunk. That was a regular occurrence, and enough tomato juice for a yellow lab was getting expensive. Not to mention that it turned her pink for a few days! But the vinegar worked, and it's cheap.
Just use plain old white vinegar. Stick the sandals in a bucket and fill it enough cover them with about half water, half vinegar. Let them soak for an hour or longer, rinse, and let them air dry. The vinegar smell ought to disappear by the time it's dry.
By the way, it also works for stinky watchbands (take the watchband off the watch first).

My husband has problems with stinky sandals (which he loves to wear). He's had to experiment with which brands don't smell. He's found that Reef sandals work well - they are nice sandals but expensive.

vinegar works wonders!

Natural food stores sell natural deodorants made of mineral salts. Get one that's a spray on formula and spray the shoes with it. It works for a few days, maybe a week. You can also spray your kids' feet before they put the shoes on.... Good luck!

I have a two year old daughter and she has the same problem, I think its pretty normal. If you get any good advice about the shoes, pass it along! :)

Our 2 year old's feet are awful!! I just scrub them at the end of the day at bathtime and run the sandals through the washer occasionaly. I don't think there is any way to avoid it - they're sweaty and dirty all day! Nobody likes to be the one sitting next to him when his shoes come off...especially at meal time!! :) Hang in there - sandal season is quickly disappearing!! :(

It's weird, because my daughter wore sandals all the time when she was 2, and now that my sons (twins) are two, they do too. But my daughter NEVER had the same stinky feet issue as my sons do. For mine, it depends on the shoe. If they're plastic or rubber material (non-breathable) they stink. they have a pair of cowboy boots each that are absolutely awful because they put them on by themselves without socks. I've washed them a few times, and even run them through the washing machine once or twice. It helps for a while until they get all dirty again. It's actually much easier to wash sandals in the washer than boots, though. And it really does help. Good luck. I think the stinky feet part is just a part of being a boy! (or a toddler... they tend to walk in whatever's on the ground!)

Yep, we have a stinky boy feet too. We decided to switch to croc's because they are anti bacterial and waa laa no stink. Plus he can get them on and off very easily... they do make brown, dark blue and black for boys.

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