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STINKY Feet...

My son is 6 years old. His feet smell like a dead thing!!! We have tried sandals, we've washed shoes, we've tried boots...they started growing a mold that made his brother very sick!!! I feel bad always telling him to go wash his feet, but this is bad. We have to replace his shoes/sandals every 6 - 12 weeks sometimes...there is no getting the stinky out! I am not interested in medicine except as a total last resort...so does anyone out there know of natural ways to treat this strange problem? He's the youngest of 4 boys and none of the others have odor issues at all out of the ordinary. THANKS for your help!!!

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I decided to go with the TEA idea that so many suggested...and we are doing SO much better!!! His shoes aren't nearly so bad and there is almost no odor on his feet either. THANK you for all the great suggestions.

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I had a problem with my 10 yr old girl's feet. Try soaking them in a bucket of tea. Regular old tea. i filled a small bucket with warmer water and steeped 4-5 tea bags for a few minutes then soaked her feet, with the tea bags still in it, for about 30 minutes. I did this for 7 days. It did help a lot. It's been almost 6 months and we haven't had a problem.

I was recently reading in a nutrition magazine that to treat fungus use hydrogen peroxide and then coat with tea tree oil. I wonder if that might help with foot odor.

There is also a hunter's deodorant you might can use that eliminates body odor. I think you can get it at a hunting supply store or department.

Good luck!

There are 2 things that will help. First put Zinc in his bath, second never ever let him wear shoes without white socks unless it is sandles.. Hope this helps B. mother of 3 granmother of 10

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I used to have this problem, too, and it's not very ladylike! My aunt who was selling herbs, vitamins, and natural supplements like that told me that I was deficient in ZINC. I figured it wouldn't hurt to take zinc, and believe it or not, it worked!! I just bought a cheap bottle of zinc at Wal-Mart. The smell went away, and I had to get rid of some of my shoes and buy some new ones! I still take zinc in addition to my multi-vitamin, and the smell has never returned!! Good luck!

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Hi R.. My brother-in-law's feet used to smell so bad, that when he took off his shoes at end of day, the whole house would smell.This is no joke. He worked at a Naval base and that's where someone told him to wash his feet with Clorox.I know that sounds crazy, but I also had smelly feet and I tried it. It really works. I haven't had foot odor in years and neither has my brother-in-law. Rub your son's feet with a little clorox and water. Maybe do it once or twice a week. When you notice them smelling again, do it again. Eventually they won't smell any more. Hope this helps.
A little about me - I'm 53 yrs. old with 4 grown children - 2 boys and 2 girls - ages 22-26. About to be a grandmother for the first time in October.My daughter is expecting a little girl. I'm so excited.

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I have heard soaking you feet in tea will help you might go to people's pharmacy to get a natural remedy Good luck J.

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To get the stink out, try putting a piece of charcoal in each shoe, yes, the type you put on your barbecue grill. As far as why his feet stink, you might want to check with your doctor for a suggestion. Have your researched it on the internet?

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Stinky feet (and breath) have been linked to yeast issues. The problem is likely internal, not external. Usually this sort of thing becomes an issue when we're older.

Yeast issues come up when our good bacteria, an important part of our immune system, are compromised. Yeast occurs naturally in the body and our good bacteria keep it in check so it doesn't get out of hand. But there are many ways our good bacteria can be compromised. Pro-biotic and biotin therapy is an excellent way to tackle this and have no adverse side effects. Garden of Life has the best broad spectrum pro-biotic used by medical professionals that I know of. It's expensive and worth every cent and you can get it at most local vitamin stores. However, if you cannot get this, Flora-Balance has an excellent probiotic as well. Not broad spectrum, but they also have very high standards and effects. OutletNutrition.com has the best price on Flora-Balance I've seen in a while. There are currently no known contraindications for biotin therapy. Biotin is a bi-product of your good gut bacteria. It's essential for the metabolization of fatty acids and sugars, supports the immune system and acts as a fungal growth inhibitor. There are no known adverse effects of these therapies even if there are no fungal issues, as they will simply support the body in its natural state.

Also, oregano extract is one of nature's strongest antifungals. In a way it's a "miracle" herb because it has a variety of good things about it. It supports the respiratory system, boosts the immune system, is an anti-fungal, anti-viral and ant-bacterial without compromising your friendly bacteria. Basil is another strong anti-fungal with garlic less so. Eating it is fine, but for a real issue, you need to get something more intense. Go for the extract capsule over oil for comfort - which you can find at Vitamin Shoppe.

All this being said, note: I am not a doctor or a health professional. My opinions are based on my own experience, research and conversations with various health professionals. And I provide them as amateur opinions only. Your choices regarding yours and your family's health are your own and made at your own risk. I encourage you to research these things for yourself and talk to your health professionals about any questions or concerns you may have.

Avon has some foot products, including a powder and spray for foot odor.

My daughter had stinky feet from the time she was able to run and play. I put foot powder and it solved my problem. I nephew is in the marines one of the number one requests by himn and his platoon is Gold Bonds foot powder. They get athletes feet bad out there and this helps soak up the bacteria that causes foot odor that leads to athletes foot. I know if you go to the web and look up natural remedies everything they tell you to mix up has green tea oil. Good luck. By the way my daughter still puts powder in her shoes to keep her feet from smelling but now that she gets pedicures she doesn't have such a big problem anymore. My mom used to have my brother soak his feet in epson salt, baking soda and peroxide. He used to get athletes feet something horrible. Another think is don't buy shoes made out of plastics, buy shoes that are leather. I cant buy my daughter cheap tennis shoes they have to be made of leather or it makes her fee smelly also.

Does your son wear leather shoes? I know that when you wear man made plastic shoes your feet will smell.


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