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Stinky Diaper Champ

I love my Diaper Champ. My only complaint is that I can't seem to control the odor. I do my best to change the bags VERY often, spray Lysol/Oust, use those yellow disks in the bottom, etc. Does anyone have a new remedy that might help control the odor?? Thanks.

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Hi J.,

I use scented bags from the dollar store in my Diaper Champ (they are $1 for a roll of 40 and are potporri scented) and then I put a stick up inside of the diaper champ. This seems to help, however if I get a really bad diaper then I just bundle it up an take it straight outside to the trash.

There is a new product out right now that we use and it is wonderful! It is called "Diaper EZ". It comes in a little pump spray bottle. You simple spray each diaper 5-6 times and put it in the champ, no more odors! The website is http://www.diaperez.com Give it a try!


I have a Diaper Champ, too. I started putting baking soda inside the bag each time I changed it. That works well.

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I used Simple Solution (or Nature's Miracle) that you use for pet odors. It has an enzyme that actually neutralizes the odors vs just covering them up. YOu can get these products at Petco or Petsmart. I just spray the inside of the pail really good and then close it and let it sit for a day (it works better if it stays wet for a while. I LOVED my diaper champ and this helped us keep it through 2 kids (had it 5 years!!)

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We have a diaper champ too and we've been using it for 3 years without too much stink. We use the odor control kitchen garbage bags. We also put an odor absorbing bag of rocks that we found in the pet section(I think it's for litter boxes). We do this in addition to spraying down the can every week with Lysol. Hope this helps!

I always put the poopy diapers in quart size, freezer ziplock baggies. They work well and are not too expensive if you buy the store brand.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do once they start real food that is when the odor really gets to be a problem. I did the very same thing as what you did and all those diaper things have the same problem. I gave up after the second kid and now with my third, I just take it to the garbage can in the garage after every change. It's a pain but no smell! I tell all new mommy's to get the room video monitor instead. No smell and I can see if the baby is standing up and fussying or not. Much better equipment. Sorry this may not be the thing you wanted to hear.

:), D.

There is a new product out right now that we use and it is wonderful! It is called "Diaper EZ". It comes in a little pump spray bottle. You simple spray each diaper 5-6 times and put it in the champ, no more odors! The website is http://www.diaperez.com Give it a try!



Throw it in the GARBAGE!!!! I know what you're going through. I gave up on our Diaper Genie after our first child. I actually bought a second one, but got rid of it when it started smelling like a dead rat despite cleaning, "deodorizing" and scenting. There is absolutely nothing you can do. With my second child, I divorced the diaper disposal systems completely. I just save grocery bags and throw away each poop in the outdoor garbage can as it comes. Good luck.


We had that problem--first we took the container outside, gave it a good scrub and cleaned it out with some diluted bleach. I started keeping Wal Mart bags on my diaper table and would wrap the dirty diaper in a grocery bag before I put them in the diaper champ. It works for us--my son is 3 and my daughter is 16 months. We have one in both bedrooms (3-year-old uses PullUps at night) and don't have that problem anymore.

We have the same problem with our Diaper Champ. We've been using the Odor Control Trash Bags by Glad, I believe or the other name brand trash bags. It helps some, but doesn't get rid of all the odor. We also put a powder air freshner inside and on top where the diapers go too. However, we are still left a little bit of odor. Seemed like it wasn't so bad when he was under 1 year old. However, now that he is 2 1/2, it has been used a lot, it seems to not help on the odor much. C.

I was giving my Diaper Genie to my sister, and even after taking out the dirty diapers and washing it off, it still stank. I cleaned it really well with Windex and a paper towel (taking care to get into the small spaces by using a butter knife to push the wet paper towel down in). I then let it air out for a few hours. After that, the smell seemed to be gone to the point where I felt comfortable handing the Diaper Genie over.
However, I probably could have done a better job using some sort of citrus product or even vinegar or bleach. I just didn't have anything citrus-based to clean it with, and I HATE using vinegar and bleach!

We use the Diaper Genie II and don't have any complaints.

save your walmart bags and immediately put stinky diapers in them and tie them asap. After your child is taken care of, take the bag to the trash outside. I have found that the only way to make the smell stop is stop storing poop in the house.
I keep a small waste basket next to the changing table and diaper stacker full of grocery bags and remove the offensive trash outside everytime.

if it will take the kitchen trash bags that are 13 gallon tall like mine does you can get them scented and the vanilla ones work wonders on odor. Plus we lysol in between changing the bag.

I have a Diaper Champ, too. I started putting baking soda inside the bag each time I changed it. That works well.

This isn't a perfect solution, but it helps. I put Renuzit "Odor Killer" air fresheners in the bottom. It has a little bit of fresh smell, and seems to limit, somewhat, the overpowering odor of poopy diapers. Hope that helps!

Hi J.! We have the Diaper Champ, too. It is our second system, as we threw out our Diaper Genie after baby #1! We love the Champ! We do everything you do. One thing I noticed is that I need to make sure the center disc is down all the way in between use.....sometimes if we don't turn it hard enough, it just sits in the middle....leaking out the odor. Also....we have heard that putting kitty litter in a sock in the bottom will help. We haven't tried it yet as my little one is beginning to potty train, limiting the dirty diapers....hallelujah! Hang in thee!

I bet the odor has permeated the plastic and you'll have to get a new one. I can highly recommend the new Diaper Genie that doesn't twist. It is just like the Neat System that was discontinued, but more user-friendly. I bought a Diaper Genie for my first child over seventeen years ago when it first came out. It was amazing. The only reason why I didn't buy one for my most recent child is that they started scenting the bags, which nauseated me because it always smelled like deodorant tampons to me. Anyway, I got the Neat System and it was great. NEVER had a smell. I am Ms. Lazy-Pants and only change the thing when it is packed full (also to conserve on bags) and visitors who had kids would even comment that I must take diapers out daily because you just couldn't tell there were any in the house. Well, they discontinued the Neat System so I had to go looking for a new one. Miraculously, Diaper Genie had come out with their new unit that not only didn't use the twist mechanism, but also had unscented bags. It has been fantastic. I keep one of those big bags of deodorizing rocks (not sure if its charcoal or pumice) that you get at Home Depot in the bottom of the unit, but other than that I use NO sprays or anything, and only empty it when it is so packed full you can't fit any more in. Also, the refill lasts a long time because there's no waste for some reason. I only need about three feet of bag, including tying it off.

Hello J.
Have you tried the disc that are used in the toilets? I used to use them when my children were in diapers many years ago. I would get the bowl deodorizer and put it in the top of the diaper hamper. You can also get the ones that hang on the rim of the toilet. May be that will fit better for your diaper champ

We had the same problem. Once our daughter started eating solids and the diapers got stinkier we had to start taking the stinking ones outside. That was all that we could figure out. We just took the stinky ones out in a walmart sack.

Hi J.:

I am a firm believer that that "smell" permiates the plastic that nearly all of the diaper caddies are made with. Yes, I made the discovery while stuggling with one of those darn replacement bags and realized that even though I'd just changed the bag, my Champ still smelled bad. I made a habit of using Clorox and then vinegar to wash my down both inside and out at least 2x week. This decreased the odor in our house dramatically.

Hi J.

I have to say that I gave up on diaper pails a long time ago. My philosophy is this: Collecting all that poop in one container is worse than just throwing it in the regular trash, tied in an old grocery sack, one diaper at a time. It's cheaper, much less stinky, and you have one less thing to manage.

While I value the suggestions below, I had a Diaper Champ and here's what I did:

1. Changed/cleaned it all the time
2. Put it in the closet
3. Put it in the garage
4. Gave it to Goodwill
5. Now, I dump the poopy in the toilet (provided it is of the kind you can), and wrap the diaper in a plastic Kroger bag and put in the kitchen trash that I change 2x/day (which begs the question - how does my family generate that much trash???)

We recently had our house up for sale with several times/day showings. I had no complaints.

Hope this helps!

You might want to put baking soda in the bag! It draws the odor.

Hi J.,

I use scented bags from the dollar store in my Diaper Champ (they are $1 for a roll of 40 and are potporri scented) and then I put a stick up inside of the diaper champ. This seems to help, however if I get a really bad diaper then I just bundle it up an take it straight outside to the trash.

I also love my Diaper Champ, but once a quarter or so it gets out-of-control stinky. At that point, I usually open it up & stick it in the back yard, letting the sunshine & fresh air do its trick for a good part of the day. I wipe it down with a bleach water solution as well, especially in the opening/chute area, before putting it outside.

Also, when the kids get mobile & aware of pooping, I start pre-potty training by making a game of going to flush the poop. Or if time/circumstances don't allow, major poop diapers get wrapped in a grocery bag. Those tricks keep the major stink out of the bucket.

My Diaper Champ has been in use for two kids over the last five years, emptied once or twice a week. It's definitely earned its keep!

What about an unused dryer sheet

I just use a cheap plastic trash can with a lid that closes, and I take the trash out every day. So it won't be a big deal just to replace the trash can!

I always dump the poop in the toliet and then wrap the diaper in a plastic scented diaper before putting them in the diaper genie. It is along process, but works very well to control odor. If I put pee diapers in it I always change out the bag each night.

Get the Diaper Genie II. My lil' boy is the stinkiest of stinky when it comes to diapers, and this is the only system that seems to mask the smell. We started out with a diaper champ - a gift from my sister in law with 2 boys, who sweared that it was far and beyond the diaper genie. Not only were the replacement bags hard to find -- walmart and supertarget stopped carrying them -- but it also smelled all the time too. So I decided to spend another $30 and get the new genie. I've used it for about 10 months now, and the only time I've had to spray lysol is when we empty it out, and that's only because I'm a germa-phobe. I promise it's much easier, and you'll avoid the stench!

I also threw mine away. You can buy boxes of 100 scented diaper disposal bags at Dollar Tree for $1. Store them in an empty wipes container and throw the stinky ones in the kitchen trash where it goes out every day. Those little bags are also easy to put in the diaper bag, car, etc.

Yes, there is a remedy to control the odor 100%, which is STOP putting poopy diapers in the diaper champ! I only put wet diapers in my Diaper Champ. I also love my Diaper Champ, but it is impossible to control bad odors. Whenever my children have stinky diapers, I put them in a scented bag (sold at Babies R Us, called diaper sacks), and then throw them in the garbage in our laundry room. This is the only way to do it, in my opinion.

There is really not much you can do, I hate to say. Honestly, that smell will not go away.

I used to keep the diaper champ right outside my kitchen patio door. I did not keep it inside the house. That's what I would suggest. Otherwise, as you're walking through your house, even away from it, you'll be able to smell it.

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