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Still Sore When Breast Feeding My 3 Month Old

Is anyone out there still sore while breastfeeding? I have been using a nipple shield for 3 months due to latching issues. I would like to wean my son off of them; however, he still doesn't latch properly and I do not want to supplement with formula as I have enough milk production for him. Any comments or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. ***To make a little more clear, the pain is on latching and I would say a 4-4.5, it goes away when he eats. I am pretty sure it is only latching pain and not thrush, no whiteness on me or baby*** Thank you to those who have responded thus far!!!!

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***2/1/08*** I finally got to see a Lactation Consultant. I have Thrush. I hope that the remedies that she gave me will assist. I am tired of being in pain when feeding my baby. Hopefully it will give me a new found appreciation for breastfeeding, even though I fed him in pain and still do not want to supplement.

Well I was still frustrated trying to get a hold of LaLeche League and a LC. I finally got a hold of someone today and I am going to focus a little more on his positioning. She told me to loose the nipple shields as this may be causing some of the problems. She said that I needed to make sure when holding him in a cross cradle position that his belly button was in line with his nose. I got out some pillows, laid him on top of them and with out the nipple shields he latched right now. That was only one time, but hopefully this will be a cure and I can start enjoying breastfeeding rather than being in pain...

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I was still sore off and on with my youngest baby at 3 months. After a while I guess we both got used to it and it got easier and mostly painless. The Lansinoh breast feeding ointment helped with the soreness for me. I would put it on my breast pad because I was too sore to rub it on my skin.
I never did use nipple shields so I don't know how those work or how to get off of them.
Hang in there!

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Have you considered consulting a lactation specialist? My sister had problems with her son because he was tongue-tied. Have you had someone check to see if there might be an issue he can't help? My best suggestion would be to find a lactation consultant. Most insurances have numbers you can call. Bless your heart for being persistent! Know you're not alone,but there is help! ~A.

Hi K.,

You shouldn't be sore when you breastfeed, it shouldn't hurt. You may have thrush, i have heard that can make you feel sore. Maybe you need a different size sheild.

I used a breastsheild with my son for 4-5months (he was a preemie) and he weaned himself off it one day. it took longer than i thought it would but eventually he didn't need it, it was almost like overnight. one day he just didn't want it! I know the sheild gets to be a pain but he will not need it one day i promise. i thought the day would never come. i often would start him without it when he was hungry and he would latch on and then realize he felt different and pull off. we did this for awhile and sometimes i would try to take it off half way through a feeding and that sometimes worked too. also if i held my breast up for him he would latch on easier. good luck!!

Hi K., How sore are you, on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being sore just after initial latch, 10 being unbearably sore for duration of feeding.

Have you sought the advice of a lactation consultant? I did with 2 out of 3 of my children and they were amazing!!! My problems disappeared after following their advice. I don't know where you live, but Maternal Expressions in Folsom, CA runs a consulting service as part of their business. Look them up and they should be able to refer you to a certified lactation consultant near you.

If you have already seen a lactation consultant, then you need to see one again asap. Jack has clearly become fond of his latching method. Somehow it sounds like he is being rewarded but his mommy is being tortured!!! My heart goes out to you because I remember how terribly painful the beginning stages of breastfeeding can be. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE! You and Jack can and will overcome this temporary problem. Best wishes to you. Regards, A.

I was still sore off and on with my youngest baby at 3 months. After a while I guess we both got used to it and it got easier and mostly painless. The Lansinoh breast feeding ointment helped with the soreness for me. I would put it on my breast pad because I was too sore to rub it on my skin.
I never did use nipple shields so I don't know how those work or how to get off of them.
Hang in there!

Hi K.,
I have two granddaughters who were just born 5-9 wks ago and each mother has had sore nipples. One was resolved by perfecting the latching and the other is still unresolved, however she is using a nipple shield and seems to think it is working. I am a breastfeeding enthusiasts having breastfed my son for 18mo 32years ago! The lanolin cream recommended by LLL is great, because you don't have to wash it off the nipple. Another thing to try would be to massage your breast to start milk-ejection reflex and to stimulate flow which also softens the nipple/breast before latch-on. Also placing a bag of frozen peas covered with a wash cloth to nipples prior to nursing can relieve discomfort. I am currently reading a textbook on Human lactation because I plan on taking a course this summer to become a Certified lactation Consultant...Good Luck and know that you are doing the best for your baby.

I was more sore with my second nursling at 3 months than with my first. My second baby had a strong sucking reflex and never opened her mouth wide. Rather she just slurped in the nipple. Not good. I didn't have any latching issues once the nipple was in her mouth and have no experience with nipple shields, but I can tell you that it takes a while for baby to learn how to latch on. If you have sensitive nipples, the learning can be painful but it does get better and should soon.
Have you contacted Le Leche League? It's a really great society of nursing moms who have a wealth of information and are available to talk pretty much all the time. The moms were really helpful when I had issues with my older child.

I went through the exact same thing with my son. I had to use the nipple shields too because he wouldn't latch on, and because my nipples were slightly inverted. The nurses at the hospital told me that he would be able to latch on soon and I wouldn't have to use the shields anymore. They were wrong! I had to use the shields for a little over three months. Then, all of a sudden, one day he started nursing and I could tell that it felt different. I decided to take the shields away, and he did just fine! I can't explain how it happened, but it was like he all of a sudden knew how to latch on, and it didn't hurt anymore. I was worried that I was using the shields for too long, but eveyrthing turned out to be fine. I ended up nursing him for 14.5 months.
If you are really concerned, you could always call a lactation consultant or ask your doctor.
Good luck, and enjoy your new little baby!

Hi! Have you contacted La Leche League? Someone will come out and support you. Also, try the local hospital or your mother's club for support from other breast feeding moms. Keep trying...:)

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