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Still Seeking a Dog Good with Kids.

I have had a lot of help from you guys on trying to find the perfect dog for my 3 boys. I love the black Lab and the beagle. I'm not to sure about the size of the Lab, maybe a little too big for me. I have came across the Australian terrier. Does anyone know if these are good dogs with kids? By the way my 5 yr. old son is a little hyper sometimes, so just wondering if this type of dog is good with hyper children also.
Thanks alot,

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have you thought about a rescue dog? My best dogs have been mutts. Beagles are sweet but they like to wander and can be noisy. Labs need to work and get into trouble if they aren't exercised enough (digging, chewing). You can find a lot of info on the web about breeds. The American Kennel Club has a lot of info and good advice.

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Hi S.,
I agree with one of the earlier posts that often times a larger breed dog is more mellow and better with kids than some of the small breeds.

If you are in the St. George area I would go and visit with Diamond (see link below) Golden Retrievers are wonderful pets and Gwen, his foster mom, says he is very intelligent.

Angels for Animals
288 N. Main Street
Veyo, UT 84782


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A good dog with kids is really about the training the dog receives. Ihave 4 dogs, (2) dingo's, (1) pitbull, & (1) queensland heeler. All have been through advanced obedience training. I had one dog through professional training and did the rest myself. All are great with my 6 month old. Clicker training is the most efficient.

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A good choice would be to contact your local rescue group. Most of their dogs have been fostered in homes with or without kids and will know how the dog will do. Here in Gilbert, Friends for Life is wonderful. If you do choose to go the other route, be sure to go through a certified breeder. Someone that will know the temperament of the dogs - whatever you do, don't buy from a pet store!

BTW - I have two Border Collies - great dogs, very smart, but very demanding and high energy, and not great with small children!

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S., I am impressed that you have put so much thought into the process of choosing a dog. Many by a dog on a whim and are not prepared for the responsibility of dog ownership. I previous post mentioned lab puppies. She is absolutely right. My one year old lab is high maintenance right now and needs lots of exercise, attention, and supervision but they are fabulous with kids. Our older lab is 50 pounds but the younger one is 90 pounds. If you want a similar temperament you might consider a golden retriever. They are not quite as large. I would highly suggest checking out rescued dogs. We got our first lab from http://www.dlrrphoenix.org. Check out their dogs currently up for adoption at http://www.dlrrphoenix.org/dogs.html. Most are not puppies and it tells you if there is a history of issues with a dog. Good Luck,

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I know of a special ed teacher that used to breed Silkies. They are actually half Australian terrier and half Yorkie. I've had two, and they were awesome with my kids! In fact, the second one we nicknamed our Nanny.

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With my expierience with pets and kids, the Best that I would ever get would be a lab, They are a little big, luckily the black lab we adopted didn't turn out to be too big she is great. We also recently adopted a beagle which is very good so far. plays a little rough but love the boys. we also have a blue heeler and a mixed hound dog. But to make it easier on you. the best pups to get that are not to big would be a brittany spanial. they are wonderful. just stay away from terriers, chiuahuahs. cockers are ok they are more protective than playful with kids that i noticed. little weenie dogs are fun for them. dautshuns, Im not sure how to spell them. good luck if you have anymore questions i would be glad to help. I work at the east side animal shelter and before that i worked awhile in a private practice so I kinda study how the behavior in animals are.

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Have you considered a boxer? Not as big as a labrador, very sweet spirited.

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We have a Jack Russel Terrier/Rat Terrier mix. We call her a JackRat. This dog is the most amazing dog with children. She is brilliant, happy & athletic - loves to swim, run, fetch. All the kids in the neighborhood love her.

She is the perfect combination - the Rat Terrier brings out her love of the family, & plays down some of the hyper qualities you'd find in a Jack Russel, on the flip side - the she has the fun & outgoing qualities of a Jack Russel. Both breeds are known for being smart - so she is highly trainable! I can't say enough good things about this mix. (It was a purposeful mix.)

Each family has to decide what they are looking for in a dog. There are websites with short surveys that you take and they can tell you the best kind of dog for your family. There are also books that have the same info.

We wanted a dog that would be a part of the family - not a lap dog. We like to run, swim & are very active. On the other hand - like you - we didn't want a big dog like the lab or retriever - which also fits into description.

Good luck.

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Dear S.,

I have had children and dogs my whole life. I strongly recommend a Golden Retriever. They are loving and very tolerant of changes, noise and well just about anything. I suggest you get a puppy and a kennel and speak with a good trainer to insure you have a long lasting happy relationship with your new addition. If you follow the advice of a good trainer and you kennel train your dog you and your children will have the best companion for many years. Hope this helps.

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Hi S.,
i have a large family 4 girls ranging in age from three to nine. We have a chocolate lab who is five and is the best dog you could possibly want. My girls can ride her pull her tail and just play with HER. They love her. We recently got another lab a black one. He is very active but the girls love her and he loves them. They can carry him around and he also sleeps on their laps(not for long however they get big fast). The only Drawback i have seen with our two are they are chewers as i'm sure most puppies are, even our 5 year old will still chew on stuff if she finds something. These are the absolute best dogs you could get for kids. Hope this helps. D.

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