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Still Leaking Breastmilk 14 Months After Giving Birth and Never Breastfed....

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that still leaked breastmilk over a year after giving birth, but did not breast feed. I visited my gynecologist last week for the second time in a year and he told me that it is uncommon, but does happen and that I shouldn't worry about it. All of my hormone levels are within normal range and my blood work came back normal. I had a mammogram done last year and came back clean. He told me that the milk will dry up in time. I am not able to take the medications to dry the milk up due to a ruptured brain aneurysm 2 1/2 years ago & the medications can cause a stroke. I had endovascular coiling surgery to prevent the brain aneurysm from rupturing again. Any suggestions on how to stop the breast milk will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! I would like to thank everyone that replied to my request. I am stuffing my sports bra with cabbage leaves to see if the milk dries up. I tried this when I first gave birth but didn't stick to it. I heard that this works too so I am hoping it does for me. I thank you and so does my clothing. lol. I am going to do this for a week and see what happens. :0)

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Do not take any hot showers. Hot showers and heat encourage milk production. That happened to me, and it stopped after I stopped the hot showers. My doctor told me to make sure the water is only lukewarm and try not to let the water run over the breasts, which is almost cold to me.

Our lamaze coach swore by cabbage leaves in the bra. I couldn't nurse because of a medication I'm on, but she said that something in the cabbage leaf actually helps dry up the milk. I never tried it, but have heard it really works. May be worth a shot. Good luck!

I did it for 8 years after my son stopped breastfeeding and drove my doctor nuts; I only nursed for three months. Talk about embarrassing, my milk started spraying when he did a breast exam one day. He said some women do this and it is nothing to worry about. Stupid me started crying, thank God I have known him a long time. When I had my first (one and only daughter) they gave you pills to stop the milk, unfortunately they don't do that anymore so we still produce milk. If you are really concerned call your gyn, but my gut instinct is he/she will tell you it is nothing to worry about. Hope this helps and made you laugh too.


You may also try sleeping with your arms up (like you've been hold-up) or your hands on your forehead coz it affects the vein where your milk flows. I did this before with my first child coz I have too much milk. Bad news was I did it often that I was only able to breastfed her for 3 months coz my milk got less and less every week. This is what I avoid now with my 3rd child coz I'm still breastfeeding my 2.5 year old daughter.

Hope this helps =)

I breastfed for 7 months. My daughter is 20 months old. I am 3 months pregnant again, and the leaking is only just stopped about 1.5-2 months ago. I'm not sure why the mechanism to shut down production didn't register for me. But, it didn't. Before I got pregnant again, there was some talk of checking out my pituitary gland. It is what oversees that whole system. If my prolactin levels were not right, even though they measured "normal" (but maybe not normal for me) then something might be off with that whole system. Anyhow, sorry I can't be more help!

Don't know if it applies, but while I was nursing when I didn't want to drip I was told to apply pressure to the nipples. Maybe you need to wear a tighter bra for a little while?
Judging from all the cabbage comments. maybe you can make your bra tighter by stuffing it with cabbage?
What a visual that brings...
good luck--A.

They say the herb sage can deplete milk supply and to avoid it while breast feeding. I don't know if it's true but it certainly couldn't hurt. It's delicious with mushrooms, in risotto, in pasta, with chicken, you could probably make a tea out of it.

Good luck!


I don't know why it works or even if it works every time, but you might try getting cabbage leaves (try green cabbage) and putting them over the leaking area -- even under your bra during the day. Hopefully you will see results within a few days!

Let us know if this idea works!

Good luck!

Hi K.,

I was told if you take warm showers or hot showers that it will keep the milk flowing.Also I was told to dry out the milk use uncooked cabbage leaves and it will dry them out something in the leaves, use it in the afternoon for a few hours or when you go to bed it should work very quickly you should notice it I say about three days. This was from a mother who breastfed like myself. It worked for me. Good Luck! :)

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