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Still Getting Ear Infections After Tubes

My son had tubes put in his ears five weeks ago after having multiple ear infections and fluid that never went away since he was 4 months old which was affecting his hearing. In the five weeks since he got his tubes he's had two more ear infections. We have an appointment with the ENT tomorrow, but I'm interested to hear what worked for other moms who went through a similar experience. I've read some of the previous posts, as well as other websites this weekend, and have come across these suggestions:

1) See a chiropractor
2) It may be a dairy allergy
3) Take him out of day care
4) Remove adeniods
5) Prevnar vaccination

I haven't seen any posts on this forum for options #3 or #5, so I'm really interested to know if either of those worked for anyone.


What can I do next?

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tubes don't stop infections...they just make the infections clear up more quickly and don't affect the hearing as much or for as long as without tubes.

little ones also just grow out of infections as their ear anatomy changes so depending on your son's age this may happen soon too.

good luck!

I moved my daughter to homecare and eliminated dairy. I think most kids don't have a problem with dairy so I think what really helped is to reduce her exposure to colds.

It could defeinately be dairy. Most people especially kids are allergic to dairy. You may not break out into hives but it causes ear infections, GI issues, and has been linked to ADD. I See you chiropractor. They can adjust the ears to help them drain. Always be carefull with the docs who just want to operate or give meds. Look for the docs who want to figure why the child is having ear infections and not just put a band aid on them. Let me know if you want a doc. Almost all health issues are first diet.

Personally, I had chronic ear infections as a child (even after tubes) that completely went away when I was taken off dairy. The funny thing about this reaction to dairy (the congestion, etc. that leads to ear and sinus trouble) is that it won't likely show up on a regular allergy test. I've been allergy tested (the skin prick method) and the only things that turned up were an allergy to cats and sage -- both of which cause swelling of the eyes, hives, itching, etc.
I'm not sure what the difference is, but since the type of sensitivity that causes increased upper respiratory fluid doesn't turn up on an allergy test, docs don't tend to recognize it. ENT docs are familiar with it, but pediatricians seem reluctant to acknowledge the link.

Also, there's a book called "Disease proof your child" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman (sp??). He recommends some dietary changes that have helped reduce or eliminate ear infections. There are even recipies in the book.

My daughter had tubes put in her ears when she was 8 months due to frequent ear infections. Even after the tubes were put in, she continued to have ear infections, not as many but still too much. In January of this year at the age of 3 she went back in for a second set of tubes and this time the doctor removed her adenoids. He explained that the adenoids were covered in (lack of a better phrase) green gunk. Since then, she has not had an ear infection at all! I believe that the adenoids were holding the infection the entire time, that they just would flare up from time to time causing the ear infections. It's a really simple procedure. They go through the mouth to get to the adenoids, so there isn't any incisions or anything. It might be worthwhile asking or insisting that the adenoids be removed. I wish we would have the first go around with our little one. I hope that helps. I know how frustrating it is. We have been very pleased since the adenoids were removed. Good luck and keep us posted!

My son had severe ear infections for the 1st yr. Our dr wanted to put tubes in but I refused. The dr called social services on me. I took my son to the chriopractor and after 2 or 3 treatments he has never had another ear infection. That was 5 yrs ago. I was able to prove with the results by the same dr and other dr's that the treatment worked and so the social services case was closed. I strongly suggest you take this extra step to ensure your childs health now and in the future.

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