Sticky Residue on Tile Floor

Updated on October 30, 2008
K.L. asks from Arlington, TX
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Greetings, Ladies!!

Does anyone know a safe way to clean tile floor? We were using Pine Sol. We now have sticky buildup and dirty grout... I've tried Lysol floor cleaner, vinegar and hot water and bleach and hot water... NOTHING is cutting the grime. I didn't realize how dirty the floor was until my baby wore a white shirt... I'm looking at getting a Shark floor cleaner. Has anyone used one? I don't want to use toxic cleaners that my boys could injest...

All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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Well you are already using Lysol and Pine Sol, read the label they are highly toxic. If you like the pine smell, use Pine Oil. Personally I use Mint Oil to clean my floors and counters. It cuts grease and leaves a fresh clean smell behind (that comes from the Mint Oil not added fragrance). Anytime a product tells you "fragrance" on the label it is a chemically created smell NOT natural.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my shark steamer. No sticky residue, easy to use, etc. and I feel like my tile floors get cleaner than with a traditional mop. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

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Tub&Tile! It is safe and will clean grout and the build up in no time! And on top of all that it is safe for your family and the environment! Respond back if you would like to learn more about it!
H. M.



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Try a Hoover wet dry vac.
Good Luck:)



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I got the bissell steam mop about 2 months ago for the same reasons as you stated....i love it, it's great and chemical free and uses washable microfiber cleaning comes with two, so after i clean my floors, i put the used one in the wash and put the clean one for next time....i love it, my tile is white and in the kitchen, entry and hall so i have my work cut out.....i would be an angry woman without this steam mop!! lol

good luck, but deffinelty get something with steam it will not leave sticky residue and is safe for the kids!!



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The problem is everything you have been using leaves a film. It is hard to get it up. If someone could scrub it with a good floor and tile scrubber to get it clean, then use amonia and water and a clean rag mop. I cleaned houses for 29 years and it has always worked for me and kept my clients really happy.
V. B.



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Keep using vinegar on the floor, and the residue will eventually go away. The grout probably needs sanded and sealed. The Shark sweeper is really nice; the one Costco carries has good features, is a good price, and Costco has an excellent return policy, if needed. You mentioned that you do not want toxic cleaners...are you just now trying to get away from toxins?...Pine Sol an Lysol are both very toxic.

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