Steam Mops, Which One Should I Buy?

Updated on May 23, 2009
H.C. asks from Apollo Beach, FL
4 answers

Hi ladies,
I was watching an "infomercial" this morning and saw the Steam Shark mop, I'm wondering if any of you have that one and how you like it? When I look at reviews online, looks like The Shark, The Bissell, and another one have good and bad reviews so I'm torn which one to buy, they're all about the same price too. I'll be using it mostly on tile floors. Thanks you ladies are awesome!

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answers from Dallas on

I LOVE my $79 Bissell Steam Mop. Works great!



answers from Dallas on

I just bought The Shark at Costco and it is good. It is hard to push but it did work on my tile great. I dropped some food coloring on my tile floor and it got a lot of it up. You do have to use distilled water. I think other than it is harder to push it worked great on my flooor.



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I got the steam Shark @ Bed Bath & Beyond and love it!!! My kitchen floors are clean and it takes all the "sticky" stuff away. I don't have any problems problems using it and it dries really fast so u don't have to worry about little feet going thru.
I also work so whatever makes my "cleaning life" easier I try it and the Shark really does... it's worth it!


answers from Dallas on

I've really enjoyed my Shark! I agree with what the other two posters have said, and it is definitely different from a "regular" mop, but once you get used to it, it is great. I stay way more on top of cleaning my floors these days because it is just easier. And as for the distilled water, I just pour from our Brita pitcher and it works fine!

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