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Staying Away from Colds While Nursing

Before I had my little one, I used to take Airborn along with a Chinese Herbal Medicine at the first sign of a cold and could rely on not getting sick. Now that I am nursing, I can't take these and I am wondering if anyone could suggest some alternatives I could take to stay healthy and sick free this season!
Thanks for your suggestions!!

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I got some of this product as samples, then bought more for the family. It doesnt taste all that good, I dont like fruity stuff (there are different flavors)- the kids like it, my family has not been sick at all last year, without flu shots.

I will be buying more for this season from the website. I try to restrict them taking it to when they say someone else is sick or if they start with sniffles or coughs, then all of us take this daily for a couple days.


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Quite honestly, the most important things are washing your hands very often, especially after touching things that other people touch - doorknobs, shopping cart handles, ATM keypads, and try to stay away from enclosed places that don't have much ventilation and have a lot of human traffic through them - malls and public transportation, planes, etc.
Stay really well hydrated and make sure that you get enough sleep so that your body is not run down and susceptible to illness.
Have a healthy winter

Hi V., cod liver oil is an excellent choice for keeping the flu away. Here are some articles for your review. I am happy to hear that you have practiced alternative medicine in the past :).


Hi V....Yes, have you taken Juice Plus+? JP+ are capsules which incorporate 17 raw, whole fruits and vegetables. They boost your immune system and while you are nursing your baby will be healthy as well. Check out my website (lswiftjuiceplus.com) and you can decide for yourself, but I haven't missed a day in a year and I feel wonderful. Dr. Barry Sears also recommends Juice Plus to all his patients. You can also email me at ____@____.com should you have any questions. L.

I am nursing also, so I know it is important to stay healthy during flu season. Along with my prenatal vitamins I also take an extra vitamin C. you can get them from your local Wal-Mart store they cost about four dollars. They are available in regular and orange juice flavor. I just take one of each every day.I am sure that you and your baby will be sick free this season.

Hi V.,
I have a 7 & 1/2 year old and a 3 month old. I recently checked with my doctor about taking the Boiron Homeopathic remedies while nursing and she said they are absolutely safe. She is a M.D and Naturopath. They have great remedies and have always worked for my family.
good luck, A.

Wash your hands and wash them often! I'm a pediatric nurse, not that it makes me an expert, but hand washing is the single most important thing that you can do to prevent getting sick. Wash before nursing, before eating, when you come home from anywhere, after using the bathroom or touching anything remotely yucky. Use soap (I would suggest NOT using antibacterial, it's unnecessary...that's how drug resistant bugs grow) every time you wash and get in between the fingers and under the nail. If you do that, I will bet you anything you won't get sick this season. And make everyone wash their hands before touching your baby. Who cares if they think you're anal and crazy!

Actually, getting sick while nursing is kind of a good thing. You build up antibodies for the cold, or what ever,and pass them along to your little one in the breast milk. So, this kind of helps to keep the baby from getting sick, or as sick, because their immune system is so immature. So, I would just wash your hands, and try and stay away from sick people.

Hi V. -

In addition to the hand washing, staying away from sick people, taking Vitamin C, as the others have mentioned, you may want to increase your vitamin D intake, get plenty of fresh air, and eat raw garlic at the first sign of a cold/sore throat, as long as your son can tolerate the taste of it in your breastmilk! I've read that you can chop up the garlic, combine it with local honey and swallow the whole glob without any chewing.


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