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Starting Milk at 11 Months

My daughter will be 11 months soon and I have to go back to work in September. I would like to cut down breastfeeding so I don't have to pump during the day at work anymore. Can I start giving her regular D milk? I won't be going back to the doctors until after her 1st birthday so I wanted some opinions. I was thinking of breastfeeding her in the morning and before bed. If so how much should I give her and should it be like two times a day. I work from 9 to 5 so she usually ate at 11 and 3 in the past when i was wokring. I'd rather not use formula, I haven't at all so far. She has totally been breastfed.

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You can try it... but you may be better off just doing the formula. The problem is that a baby's tummy can not break down regular milk very well, not to mention allergies. We started my son too early and it caused great gas pain and diarhea. My advice - go with the formula for a couple of months.

My dd is 9 moos now...n even though the doc says 12 mos to give her reg milk...she is my 3rd child n i think she will b ready to try milk next month since i am planning to send her to day care in Sept..n i will wean her off from breastfeeding.. she takes it in a sippy cup..so just little sips her n there for now..

I would not recommend cows milk until after her 1st b-day. I would rec infant formula for the 6-8 weeks you'll wean over to cows milk, the really good formula with DHEA like Enfamil with Lipil. Also at this age, formula has iron at levels cows milk does not. This is such a big foundational body growth time that I would give them as much nutritional support you can-don't cheat them of the right support for their growth by using cows milk too early. Also, even though you won't go to the doctor until after 1st b-day, put a call in and let them know what you are planning and get their recs on what formula to use, how many ozs, etc. and the switch to cows when.
Also with regard to pumping, I went to twice a day at about 7 mos with my 2nd and did that for a good 5-6 weeks and it was a great way to ease my body off the breast feeding and still provide the breast milk immune benes (not to mention the emotional adj of sadness of not breast feeding).

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My daughter was exclusively breastfed until 11 months and throughout the last few weeks of her last year we started introducing whole milk. My doctor recommended waiting until after her first birthday, but we chose to start earlier. She was a very healthy eater and seemed like she wanted more milk than I was producing at the very end. I pumped breast milk and started introducing whole milk (one ounce for every three ounces of breast milk) and gradually increased the amount over a few weeks. She has milk three times a day (then and still now at 17 months), once in the morning before breakfast, once in the late afternoon (around 4), and once before bed, each time she drinks around four/five ounces. She did very well with the switch and didn't seem to have any problems with the milk. Good Luck! I hope this helps :)

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I can't imagine that cow's milk would be easier for her to digest than formula. They always advise milk after they are 1. I don't think their tummies can handle it before then. But you only have a month til she's one. Personally, I would slowly introduce formula so you have maximum flexibility once you return to work. I would think that 24-32 oz of fluids total/day is a good amount--depending on her particular appetite. If you decide to go to whole cow's milk, kind of do it gradually so her tummy has time to adjust. You may also want to warm it up a bit. Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

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Usually the doctor will tell you that you can start using vit D milk around 11-12 months. If your daughter tolerates yogurt and other milk products well, and eats solids well you should have no worries with starting her on milk. I suggest you start it in a sippy cup and not a bottle. Keep in mind that she may not like it at first. All the experts say that you should offer a child a new food/drink at least 12 times before decideing that they really don't like it. Stay away from putting flavor in the milk like strawberry or chocolate to "trick" her into drinking it. That's just another bad habit you'll have to worry about later not to mention full of sugars that kids don't need. Good luck and best wishes!

If i remember correctly, the pediatrician recommended formula until my son was eating enough table food to account for he nutrition... There are so many good proponents to formulaa and breast milk (dha/ara) that I don't know if skipping it is a good idea, even for a month or so. Some baby foods are fortified with those, so if you daughter can eat those it may be different. I would defiantely ask the doctor before removing those nutrients from her diet while she isn't with you.

Call your doc first, but I was told to start her at 10 months and we continued to breastfeed until she was 12 months (and now at 16 months, we're down to 2% due to a recent change by the AAPediatrics). We also started yogurt at 9 months to help the transition (no lactose in yogurt, so lactose intolerance not a concern). If she develops a milk allergy, she'll have it from any milk product you give her. Good luck!

We were going to be going camping with our daughter when she was just under a year old. We decided to switch her to whole milk around 11 months and had no problems. I'm not sure that a month would make a really big difference. Just introduce it to her slowly.

I switched my daughter from nursing to regular milk at 10 and 1/2 months. My goal was to bypass formula too. I figured since she was almost 1, it would be OK. She had no problems at all with the switch.
You have done an awesome job nursing so long. At this point, it really doesn't matter how much you nurse her. Do what's right for you. There is no too much or too little.
If you can fit organic milk in your budget, I believe avoiding the hormones in normal milk is really important. A lot of girls these days are having early puberty etc from non organic dairy stuff.
Congrats on nursing, and enjoy weening!

Hi T.,
I really think this is a decision only you can make. I started giving my youngest daughter milk at 11 months and she did fine. The reason doctor's tell us to wait until a year is because of the possibility of food allergies later on. I would consult your doctor and then go with your gut instinct. Maybe give her just a little to start and see if you notice any problems. If she has been eating a variety of food thus far, she will probably be fine. I know,it's hard when you are a first time Mom but you know your daughter the best and I am sure you will make the right decision.


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