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Started Solids and Baby Not Pooping

My daughter turned 6 months last Wednesday, so we started her on solids. Each night she has ate about 1-2 tablespoons of avocado thinned with breastmilk. Other than the little bit of avocado, she is breastfed only. Normally, she poops a couple (2-3) times a day. However, she only pooped once on Friday and has not pooped since.

Is this normal? How do I get her to poop? Is this caused from the avocado?

What can I do next?

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My 19 month daughter is constipated right now so I have just done a little research. I read that avocado is actually a laxitive, but when a babies diet is changed they sometimes don't poop regularly. webmd. is a fabulous website that I have often used when I have questions about my daughter. K. B

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My 19 month daughter is constipated right now so I have just done a little research. I read that avocado is actually a laxitive, but when a babies diet is changed they sometimes don't poop regularly. webmd. is a fabulous website that I have often used when I have questions about my daughter. K. B

My boys poop less when I start with solids, too (I also start with avocado thinned with breast milk, but I don't think that's it) Maybe add some probiotics. Whole Foods and Sprouts sell several kinds for infants. It comes in a powder.

Also, I'm a massage therapist. Massage her belly in a clockwise directions. Up the right side, across the top, and down the left side. Don't do it too much as you might get the opposite problem.

One more thought. Has your diet changed? Added dairy?
Good luck,

Get baby food prunes! Does good things!

Hi J.,
This sounds normal for her little system as it is adjusting. I have an amazing resource for you! I referred to it 100's of times from 6-12 mo. Use it to see which foods & when, how to make your own foods & save a TON of $$, even organic etc. I am now using the toddler site. My sweet girl is almost 14 mo!


Yes, it is normal, since her body is now adjusting to having solid food (avocado is great too since it is a softer food). I had the same problem with my baby who is now 15 months old. Her pediatrician told me (I asked about warmed apple juice) that I could give her some room temperature apple juice (but only about 1 or 2 ounces) with the same in water (half and half mix). That worked for her, maybe you should give that a try, or ask your doctor and see what he/she says.

Just wait. She will poop. It takes time for her system to adjust. If she gets uncomfortable, a warm bath helps to "soften things up" and relax those muscles. And you can lay her on her back and work her legs like she is riding a bike or walking. It will come.

She is too little for avocado. go online and see what foods are safe for baby at that age. also start with a little bit of rice cereal thinned almost to the consistency of breast milk. your baby cannot digest avocado at this age. her main neutrician will come from breast milk or formula and all you are really doing is teaching her to get ready for food. make it something gentle on her belly and if you need to, follow up with a call to your pediatrician.

I had trouble with my DD when she started solids, too. I found the best thing was to use a little bit of ground flax seed in whatever I was giving her. The unfortunate thing about starting solids is that their little bodies don't always handle it really well.

I found that just that little fiber worked wonders. This was a tip from another mom that had trouble with her daughters also.

A warm bath can also help to soften the stool while still in the belly. This helped later with my little one. I've just learned to add some fiber or fresh veggies and fruit to every day.

Also, you might want to research if some veggies or fruits are more constipating. Like bananas are constipating, so I always try to have her eat some yogurt with ground flaxseed or something else that will help it. I stay away from giving her cheese and bananas in the same day. Those kinds of things. I don't know about avocado.

Although avocados and bananas are the perfect first foods to start babies on, they can also be quite constipating. You could try giving her a little bit of prunes (they're sweet, so babies love them) - a little goes a long way though so don't give her too much (a lesson we learned the hard way! :) If that doesn't work and she seems uncomfortable, try taking her temperature rectally. I know it sounds awful, but the anal stimulation will help her to go (my doc suggested it).

Good luck.

A lot of kids I know had that issue when starting solids, my son included. My friend's daughter did not poop for 3-4 days after starting solids and when she did it was a big one. I guess it just takes time for their little systems to adjust to something new. I don't think it's from the avocado specifically - any solid could have had this effect as the first solid food.

If she doesn't go today or tomorrow I'd ask your health care provider for advice on what to do. Most likely, she'll go on her own and be fine.

Pears and prunes are a good way to help baby get things moving. After at least three days of a new food, try her on something else. Rice cereal and oatmeal are good things to try as well! Good luck!

I fed my 5 month-old avocado a couple weeks ago - it was one of her first solid foods and she did not poop for 6 days. We've also been trying peas, prunes, and barley cereal in order to keep her from getting constipated from the avocado.

Be sure to "exercise" her legs and "squeeze" any gas out of her tummy (gently press on her stomach and abdomen) if she seems fussy or constipated. They go through so many changes at that age!

It is perfectly normal for the bowel movements of infants to change once they are introduced to solids. I would recommend not feeding her any solids for a day or two and giving her only breastmilk.

Certain foods do cause constipation and that is ONE of the reasons that it is good to introduce one food at a time. Whenever I fed my children a food that constipated them, I would just stop the solids and continue breastfeeding. I believe that with a breastfed baby, it is not abnormal for them to go quite a few days inbetween bowel movements.

Totally normal! If she goes several days without a BM and you can tell she's really uncomfortable (like she's pushing and pushing and nothing happens) or if she has a BM and it seems really dehydrated you can stop the solids and BF only, or you can try increasing her water (give her some from a sippy), or you can feed her something like prunes (just a tbs or so) and that should clean her out....there are other things that are a little more invasive (like milk of magnesia, it's gentle and non-addictive, but not necessary unless it's a chronic problem). Good luck!

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