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Stain Removers in Baby Clothes and Using the Dryer! Is It Safe?

Hi...My little boy uses sooo much clothes...he burps a lot and when he has a BM...he has a REAL one..does ones that comes out everywhere...and on his clothes too...
I'm finding myself washing baby clothes almost everyday! Normally I put them to dry in a hanger and later on I iron all of them without any product. I only use Draft for kids to wash his clothes... All the poop stains are so hard to remove...Is it safe to use stain removers? If so...which one works best? And what about putting the baby clothes into the dryer? Does it make the clothes to shrink? Is it safe for baby ?
I'm a first time mom...trying to figure out this new experience!
Thanks in advance for your response!

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I want to thank all the replies and let you all know that now I can get poop out of my baby's clothes!!!

T H A N K Y O U !!!!!

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Hi L..

Oxy clean is safe and it really works on baby stains. You soak overnight. The dryer may shrink the clothes.

Hi L.,
This is what I do for really stained clothes.
I use a natural stain remover (Ecover brand, I think), then I put a few tablespoons of OxyClean unscented in with the wash. I wash the clothes in cold water using Country Save detergent (I don't recommend Dreft. It has softeners that coat the fibers, making it harder to remove stains in the future).
I then dry everything on the delicate cycle and if they're still damp I hang them up. I don't iron or use dryer sheets.
If stuff's still dirty, I wash it again!

Pre-treat the stains with Zout. Then add a capful to the washer load. I haven't found a stain yet it won't remove. I've used this product in every laundry load for over 20 years and feel it's the best on the market. Biodegradable and safe to use.

Dreft makes a stain remover - I had decent luck with it. You need to get as much of the bm off as possible then apply the stain remover and let it sit for a bit before washing.

I have had to remove many BM stains and you have to really try to get as much out before you throw it in the washer. First I hand rinse off as much as possible by rubbing the fabric together for friction. I then use spray-n-wash and really work that in by hand while still rinsing under hot water. I then will soak in Clorox 2 for colors (I put the clorox right on the stain and work it in) then wash in washing machine. Good luck!

Baby Oxyclean is nice because it doesn't have fragrances. The best thing for getting baby poop stains out that I have found though is sunlight. It's worth a try to see if putting the garments in the sun will fade the stain.

As for putting baby clothes in the dryer, I always did/do. They may shrink, but that just means they fit sooner (I guess that wouldn't work for clothes the baby is already wearing). Sizes vary so much between manufacturers and outfits that you can't really tell just from the label size when a clothing item will fit anyway. I can't imagine any way that putting clothes in the dryer wouldn't be safe for baby.

I use baby Oxyclean. I let it soak for a day then wash. Poop stains tend to come out, also great for toddler stains!

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