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Can anyone recommend a good stain remover for clothing? I like the tide stick for small stains, for me, it doesn't work so well on larger stains. My daughter is still crawling a lot while learning to walk and those dirty knee stains just wont come out! We also have problems with food stains on her clothes since she is very independent and wants to feed herself everything. We love it, but she's a little messy at times. So any recommendations or home remedy suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Fels-Naptha laundry bar soap is the best stain remover I found. It works really well on food stains, oil and blood stains. Fels-Natha is gentle on fabric too.

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I use oxyclean. The secret is to use the hottest tap water you can get and soak the clothes at least over night. Sometimes I soak for a couple of days (changing the water and oxy every day). Most things come clean this way.


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Hi C.,
The preschool teacher told me to get Zout. It works great! They sell it at Longs.

Good luck!

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Some of our home remedies for stain removers baking soda and water that makes a paste and hydrogen peroxide alone.
This has removed many of stains for my family. stemming from grass stains to oil

Good luck

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Hi C.....When my daughter, who is now 10!, was little, I found the stain remover "Totally Toddler" (available at Babies R Us/Toys R Us) worked amazing. I actually still use it. It was great for getting out not only spit up but food, etc. Don't know if you've tried it, but if not, maybe it will help! Have a great day!
N. W.

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If you're willing to allow clothes to soak overnight in your washing machine and you want something natural without all of the harmful chemicals, Shaklee's Nature Bright is amazing.


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Fels-Naptha laundry bar soap is the best stain remover I found. It works really well on food stains, oil and blood stains. Fels-Natha is gentle on fabric too.

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Sensaria Natural Bodycare makes a wonderful stain remover that is also natural that can be used to even wash fruits and vegetables. I, and many others, use it to wash clothes, clean the kitchen, take any stain out. I just rub it in the stain then wash, adding some more as laundry detergent.

Go to my website and check it out. Citrus Organic Cleanser. One year guarantee as well as a 20% discount to Mamasource.


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try soil love. you can get it at most grocery stores and some 99 cent stores. It is in a green, thin, oval bottle. It has taken old dryer set stains out of some clothing. I have used it on everyone's clothes, baby through dad.

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Dreft has a great stain remover in a spray bottle. Believe it or not I found it at Toys R Us. Maybe they would have it at the Babies R Us as well. Good Luck!

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There is something called "Mother's Lil' Helper- the original stain & odor remover prewash." Sometimes it is also called "Mother's Little Miracle...."

This stuff is GREAT! I've used it since I had my first baby... and still use it. It smells like a baby... and is totally "baby safe" and non-toxic.

It removes anything. The label says it removes for example: vomit,spit up,urine,food,beverage spills,feces,blood,dirt. You can use it on anything from clothing to furniture where water is safe on surfaces.

The thing is, it's not easy to find, at least in my city. Only 1 store carries it where I live. Perhaps search online for it.

I really love this stain remover.. it really works, and is safe around baby and children. And removes odor too.

Here is a Google search link for it:

Good luck,

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I absolutely LOVE the products by Melaleuca ~ The Wellness Co., they are all non-toxic and non-caustic, safer for you and your family....and they work great. They also helped my son overcome his contact dermatitis from other laundry products. The natural enzymes work amazingly and the sol-u-mel and pre-spot are my fav's. Good prices too and very concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

You can check out their website http://www.saferforyourhome.com/

I get the preferred customer pricing as a friend referred me to the site. If you get referred by someone you get it too. I would be happy to refer you if you are interested.

:) LZ

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I use oxyclean. The secret is to use the hottest tap water you can get and soak the clothes at least over night. Sometimes I soak for a couple of days (changing the water and oxy every day). Most things come clean this way.


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Hi C.,
The preschool teacher told me to get Zout. It works great! They sell it at Longs.

Good luck!

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I don't know how old your child is, but to this day, if we are going somewhere and I don't want my kids' clothes dirty, they eat without shirts. Hope that helps.

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Totally Toddler, I get it at babiesrus/ toysrus. It has pretty much worked wonders for me. Nothing gets rid of puke stains tho. And straight H202 (hydrogen peroxide) gets blood out of ANYTHING!

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Try Dawn(the blue dish soap) as a stain treatment. I slather a good amount on and let it soak for a few min. Sometimes it takes 2 times in the wash but this is amazing for grease stains, and spit up stains. The only thing I have had to wash twice was the blow out poop stains when they go thru that phase. Good luck!

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I like zout when i run out of my home-made stain remover....
make your own stain remover with equal parts dishwasher soap (powdered) and laundry soap (powdered) add water and make into a paste. Rub on the stain and leave for a little while. Wash as recommended. It works really good! you can use borax as the powdered laundry soap.

I also make my own laundry detergent and it actually works better than anything i have ever tried. It gets really tough stains out and washes and rinses out of the clothes REALLY well. Here is the link....

Good luck!!

Soaking in OxiClean might work. It's great for apple juice, etc. Also, Grandma's Secret Stain Remover can sometimes remove stuff that other stain removers leave behind.

I use the Oxyclean powder. I keep a plastic tub in the laundry sink, so I can easily dump in powder with hot water and leave my daughter's clothes to soak until the next load of laundry. db

Hi C.,
One of my friends recommended a bar soap (literally looks like a paper wrapped bar of soap) stain remover that is super old. It could be one your grandmother used! It is called "FELS NAPTHA" in a white cover with little red pin stripes and a pine green logo box with the name. It is cheap and found in most stores. Mine has lasted almost 2 years and I still have about a third of it left...honestly. I found it easily at any Von's or Safeway near the stain removers. It is really easy to miss though.
You just rub it on the water dampened stain (I use an old tooth brush to rub in it really well) and put the clothing in with the rest of the load of laundry. Obviously it works best when the stain is treated sooner than later.
It works on everything I have tried, except Sharpie pins. Hope that helps.

Hi C.,
I use Oxyclean in everyload and for those on the spot stains I use Oxyclean spray. Works everytime. I buy the big box of oxyclean at Costco and the spray at Walmart. The best laundry stain remover I've ever used. It also works on spilled juice on the carpet. Good luck!!

I also love Oxy Clean. I use the spray on the stain before i throw it in the laundry basket. Then, I also have the liquid that you can pour in with your load so I'll add a little of that in too if it's a load with a lot of stained clothes. I've been doing this for months and it's worked great with all kinds of baby stains (baby food, poop, etc.). I've saved tons of clothes by using the Oxy Clean products. Love it!

Dear C.,

Heloise suggested adding bleach and dish washer detergent (which includes bleach) to your washer for food stains - I did this when my children were babies and food stains were more of an issue - however, some things will be bleached (I had a white bib that started out blue . . . ). I have also heard of using dish soap to pre-treat food stains, since it is made for washing food off dishes. I also pre-treat, wetting the item with Soilove(I find this at Ralph's), then rubbing vigorously with Fels Naptha soap (it is a bar- you can find it at Albertson's, with the laundry supplies)

good luck!

Try Zout! - It works great. My mother-in-law introduced me to it. It gets just about everything out!

The spray Baby OxiClean is a gift from heaven! It's gotten everything out from poop, to breastmilk, to all types of baby food. The powder is also great but be careful because if left on for too long it will bleach colored clothing. The only thing it hasn't worked on is grease stains (like oil and chapstick) but Goof Off worked great on those stains. (the oxy I got at Babies R Us and the Goof Off I've seen multiple places).

I use oxy clean in every load of laundry and if I have a tougher stain, you can let it soak for a day or 2 in oxy and water. This works great! And you can buy it in bulk at Costco to save money.

I have a 20 month old son who makes it his daily mission to get as dirty as he possibly can. A friend told me to make a paste out of Biz powder and liquid Tide. It works like a dream. More difficult stains might require that you leave it on for a few days, but I've been able to get almost everything out. It even worked on a white t-shirt covered with fish blood (Dad took him fishing). Good luck!

Oxyclean stain remover does GREAT! Just spray it on, rub it in, and let set. Spray it one more time before you wash. All kinds of stains come out.


Hi C.!

Check out this page (look upder cleaning) at San Deigo Bargain Mama.com. THe site is a great resource for San Diego moms.


Sol U Mel from Melaleuca works AMAZING on everything I have tried it on! And it has the added benefit of being all Natural and Green! If you wold like more info I would love to tell you about it and get a sample to you :)


I love Zout! I've tried numerous stain removals and I've had the best success with Zout. I also love OxyClean. I add it to every load of laundry and my clothes overall come out brighter and cleaner. I've had success with my tougher stains putting an OxyClean paste on the stain. Recently, I even got most of set-in acrylic paint out of a pair of jeans with OxyClean. Also, I have an old toothbrush next to my washer and anything I spray with Zout gets a good scrubbing with it. My girlfriend uses a fingernail brush for the same purpose. My methods are not 100%, but these products have given me the best success...and I've tried quite a few. Good luck!

I have a great stain removal chart. It covers everything and is laminated. I keep it in my laundry room. you can go to their website to see it. The website is: quickstudy.com, and their phone number is 1-800-230-9522.
I picked it up at a CHEA. It is a homeschool convention.
The title of this chart is: Stain Removal, Tips for household cleanup.

Hi C.,

I used Oxy Clean regular strength powder. The way I used it was I would fill a "soak" bucket with water and their recommended powder. I also bought empty spray bottles from Home Depot and made the solution for those bottles. I would spot spray them and soak them. Would also use a brush to rub that area (like a nail brush to clean your nails with). Not one of my girls clothing was ever permanently stained! Works great for blow-outs in clothing, and everything!

Try Baby Oxy Clean. I got it at Babies R Us, and it gets everything out!!

Oxy clean or oxy baby are miracle workers. Just soak the clothes in this half the day and the stain comes out. I threw out so many clothes before I bought this product.
Good Luck

Oxyclean or Zout work great! Also baking soda for those stubborn smells that won't come out.

Try Oxyclean for Babies. You can get it at Babys R Us. It was a miracle worker for me to get out that mustard poop out of my babies clothes. But get the powder version, not the liquid, it works much better. I make it into a paste and rub on area and let it sit.

oxy clean spray stain remover works great! a product called "wine away" also works great for any organic (food or grass stains) on fabrics (like carpet) and clothes!

Try Shout Advanced - I love it!

I have three very energetic boys and "Oxy Clean" and "Shout" have always worked for me.

Oxyclean baby spray is the way to go. That stuff is like magic and the only place I've found it is at Babys R us or Toys R Us. We even use it to remove stains from our cream colored carpet too where straight bleach wouldn't work.

I find soaking in oxyclean works for tough stains. I also add a scoop in with the wash to brighten everything up. I also have always been a fan of spray-n-wash works on dirt but not so great on the food stains. Try the oxy clean.

Hi C., Zout works amazingly. The only place I have been able to find it is Target or Albertson's. I prefer the spray rather than the liquid. I carry a little spray bottle in the car with me for those "not at home stains." Hope this helps. H. A.

This is for the immediate stain. Carry with you at all times Wet Ones! I know it seems crazy- we use them in the entertainment industry for actors wardrobe and they are life savers. I carry the individual ones with me everywhere. Coffee, pen, food- so far I have had success getting all the stains out I have tried. I put them in my hubby's car too and they save him on his morning coffee stains. Baby wipes may work as well but I have only used Wet Ones.

Try Baby Oxy Clean. You can either put it in with the laundry detergent or soak in it before you run the laundry. Good luck with the knee stains, they can stick around for a while. :)

I have just discovered Spray'n'wash with resolve power (AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I had so many problems with stains until I tried that and no stains, it's fabulous!! Good luck!

Try Fuller Brush Stain Spray. It is more expensive...but is more cost effective in the long run because you use less. It gets everything and anything out! It's hard to find because you have to get it direct from the company or a sales rep. Google Fuller Brush online and it'll come up.

oxyclean. they also have a spray, a baby version (although I think the regular oxyclean is gentle enough for babies) and a portable spray-a-way (like the tide sticks) to take with you anywhere. and since it's a spray, you can cover larger stains, unlike the tide sticks.

I use the Oxyclean spray. So far it has gotten out almost everything I thought would never come out...chocolate, baby poop!, fruit stains, spit up, etc. Hope it works for you!

Hi C., I recommend OxiClean stain remover. Get the spray kind, not the powder. It works wonders! I use it for everything, including cleaning around the house.

I have to say that Oxyclean is the best! They have Oxyclean baby or Oxyclean free - with no dyes, if your child's skin is sensitive. I use it in every load. I do a separate load with all the heavily stained items, bibs, burp clothes, pants with dirty knees, etc. put 2-3 scoops of oxyclean and soak overnight. You can also do one scoop and soak for a few days and it will do the same thing, but I'm impatient and just decided to use more powder in one load with the hottest water allowable for the fabric.

I guess I'm weird, becuase after reading all the other responses, I like Oxyclean spray for certain stains like blood and grass, but overall I like Shout gel for everything else. It does a better job of getting oily stains from spaghetti sauce and red-orange stains (like juice or carrots) out of white clothes.

My daughter and I use Dreft spray stain remover for my 14 month old granddaughter's stains. It works great!

Oxi Clean is the best! I just love it!

Spray and Wash makes a product called "Dual Power" that is in a double chambered bottle (half is pink and half is bluish). It is flat out AMAZING. I just bought a little tee shirt at Kmart that had been on the floor and run over by the clothing racks and was black all over. I thought, even that Spray and Wash stuff won't be able to get out this ground-in grime. It all came out in the first washing! There has been nothing so far that it won't take out. I highly recommend it!

I love Oxy! Make a paste and rub it into the stain. Then soak the garment in warm water with a little more Oxyclean in it.

soaking in oxyclean seems to work the very best for us. I also like "Soilove" in a green bottle from the $.99 store. Good luck.

I have recently fell in love with Zote soap. It is a bar soap that you can purchase for about $.88 from Wal-Mart or two bars for $.99 at the .99c store (both stores carry it on the laundry soap aisle). My son plays baseball and I could not bleach his pants out as they had colored ribbing down the sides and the pants were forever dirty (grass and red field dirt stains from sliding into base) and this soap saved my sense of pride as a mom and not wanting him to walk out the door with stained clothes, regardless of the fact that there were only going to get dirty within 5 minutes!

I would use Oxy Clean and Zote together for the tough stains, rubbing both into the stain if needed. This was in addition to the regular detergent, however, at times I did decrease the amount of detergent if I was using ALOT of the Zote soap. Zote has not harmed any of my clothing, colors or whites and I have used on several fabric types.

My suggestion is to cut the soap into smaller, more managable handheld sizes as the bars are large for the palm and store the remaining pieces in a ziplock baggie until you need them.

Good luck.


i really like shout advanced. it seems to really get stains out. it even worked on getting rid of older stains. with any stain, sometimes you need to apply the product multiple times. and of course try not to dry the product in the dryer, before getting rid of the stain, as the heat seems to really set the stain in. good luck.


I use Palmolive dish soap on all kinds of stains,
especially food. I stopped using Shout, etc.
Just let it soak in for a little bit before
washing with a load of laundry.


The BEST stain remover that I have found and still use to this day (I have an almost 5 year old), is Dreft, the baby laundry soap co., they also make a stain remover, and it works! My son would get all sorts of food stains on his clothes, and it worked wonders! You can get it for sure at BabiesRUs, and maybe Target or Walmart.

Baby Oxy Clean powder!!! Not convenient but does the job! I like to soak stuff over night, when stains are tough. (Available at Target)

I'll lay the article in a shallow tub of HOT water, then sprinkle it directly on the spot (just let it fall through the water onto the stain) and let it sit. Works every time!

Good luck :)

hi C., for the knees of her pants, they white chalk, pure white chalk and chalk the knees of her pants before washig them, that also works for husbands colars, what i did when my kids were little like yours, I kept a big bowl of soapy water on my washing machine and when they would get food on their clothes i just put them in this bowl before the stains could dry, and to soak until i did laundry and that worked, the white chalk is good for spit up stains also. J.

Hi C.,

I'd suggest Soil-love (a little green bottle) works wonders for me. Anywhere from grease,dirt,blood, pen marks.. it's very inexpensive too. I buy mine at my local 99 cents store.

I use a stain remover from Amway, mothers give testimonials about how well it works.

I get it off this site. we-us.mychoices.biz

You get a customer number and no emails unless you make an order. Free shipping on an order over $75 which is cool.

Can't remember the name right now but you can search for it, there is a liquid and a spray and they target different things. It is a natural product.

Oxyclean for soaking. and I like the spray and wash w/ resolve. The normal spray and wash is worthless.

I have 2 daughters under the age of 3 that get absolutely filthy, daily. I soak the tough stains in a mixture of the powdered clorox for colors and as hot as water as the clothing item can be in. I soak the item over night in a bowl and wash the next morning with a regular load. In 2 1/2 years I have only thrown about 4 things away I can't get clean. Sometimes you might have to do this 2 or 3 times. For the minor stains I use shout advanced gel, it's a little pricer than the other but it's the only things that works on the kids' clothes.

I wash my two year-old's clothes in hot water. Its the only way to really cut through dirt. It gets the clothes cleaner and I don't care if the clothes don't last as long, she will just outgrow them anyway.

Happy Laundry!

I use Oxiclean powder and I love it.
I also use Soilove.
Hope this helps!

I have found that baby wipes get out everything, but I also love the dreft stain remover. The Dreft spray has even been effective for blood.

Spray & Wash Dual Power works great!

A combination that almost always works for me is:
-Spray with spray and wash (or similar product). Rub in.
-Spray with plain white vinegar. Rub in.
-Spray with ammonia. Rub in.
-Sprinkle on Oxiclean. Spray with a bit of water to activate and let sit (not too long, it will dull the color if left on for days).

For convenience, above our washer and dryer I have a small cabinet with the spray bottles and small cleaning brush ready.

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