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Can anyone recommend a good stain remover for clothing? I like the tide stick for small stains, for me, it doesn't work so well on larger stains. My daughter is still crawling a lot while learning to walk and those dirty knee stains just wont come out! We also have problems with food stains on her clothes since she is very independent and wants to feed herself everything. We love it, but she's a little messy at times. So any recommendations or home remedy suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Fels-Naptha laundry bar soap is the best stain remover I found. It works really well on food stains, oil and blood stains. Fels-Natha is gentle on fabric too.

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I use oxyclean. The secret is to use the hottest tap water you can get and soak the clothes at least over night. Sometimes I soak for a couple of days (changing the water and oxy every day). Most things come clean this way.


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Hi C.,
The preschool teacher told me to get Zout. It works great! They sell it at Longs.

Good luck!

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Some of our home remedies for stain removers baking soda and water that makes a paste and hydrogen peroxide alone.
This has removed many of stains for my family. stemming from grass stains to oil

Good luck

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Hi C.....When my daughter, who is now 10!, was little, I found the stain remover "Totally Toddler" (available at Babies R Us/Toys R Us) worked amazing. I actually still use it. It was great for getting out not only spit up but food, etc. Don't know if you've tried it, but if not, maybe it will help! Have a great day!
N. W.

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If you're willing to allow clothes to soak overnight in your washing machine and you want something natural without all of the harmful chemicals, Shaklee's Nature Bright is amazing.


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Fels-Naptha laundry bar soap is the best stain remover I found. It works really well on food stains, oil and blood stains. Fels-Natha is gentle on fabric too.

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Sensaria Natural Bodycare makes a wonderful stain remover that is also natural that can be used to even wash fruits and vegetables. I, and many others, use it to wash clothes, clean the kitchen, take any stain out. I just rub it in the stain then wash, adding some more as laundry detergent.

Go to my website and check it out. Citrus Organic Cleanser. One year guarantee as well as a 20% discount to Mamasource.


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try soil love. you can get it at most grocery stores and some 99 cent stores. It is in a green, thin, oval bottle. It has taken old dryer set stains out of some clothing. I have used it on everyone's clothes, baby through dad.

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Dreft has a great stain remover in a spray bottle. Believe it or not I found it at Toys R Us. Maybe they would have it at the Babies R Us as well. Good Luck!

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There is something called "Mother's Lil' Helper- the original stain & odor remover prewash." Sometimes it is also called "Mother's Little Miracle...."

This stuff is GREAT! I've used it since I had my first baby... and still use it. It smells like a baby... and is totally "baby safe" and non-toxic.

It removes anything. The label says it removes for example: vomit,spit up,urine,food,beverage spills,feces,blood,dirt. You can use it on anything from clothing to furniture where water is safe on surfaces.

The thing is, it's not easy to find, at least in my city. Only 1 store carries it where I live. Perhaps search online for it.

I really love this stain remover.. it really works, and is safe around baby and children. And removes odor too.

Here is a Google search link for it:

Good luck,

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