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Stain on a White Dress Shirt

thanks for all the responses!!!
I have tried a couple of the suggestions but it didn't work out still. I think the small dot of yellow stain is the rust from an old hanger. I appreciate for any new ideas. Thanks again.

What can I do next?

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WHINK - brown bottle, white cap - is a rust stain remover and works GREAT. You can use it on laundry, upholstery, carpet, etc. In addition, soaking in hydrogen peroxide (VERY cheap) might do the trick. I use it for whitening - laundry AND my teeth.

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Wash the top and then lay it out in the bright sunshine to dry. Sun bleaching gets out some tough stains.

If you think it is rust, I swear by a rust remover product by Whink. I am not sure of the exact name but it is a liquid that comes in a small brown bottle. You put a few drops on the spot and it will disappear before your eyes. You do not need to scrub it. You then wash the item to remove the chemicals, etc. If the spot does not disappear, it is more than likely not rust.

My daughter's shirt got a mold stain on it from sitting on a wet towel in the hamper (didn't know towel was there). I was able to get it out by using Baby Oxy Clean. I put the Oxy Clean right on the stain, poured water on top and rubbed it in with my finger. Let it stand for 10 minutes or so and added more water. I rubbed it again. I repeated this process 3 times and it got the mold out. Maybe it would work on the rust. Also, try googling rust removal from clothes. That's where I got the Oxy Clean idea for the mold on my daughter's shirt.

If you think it is a rust spot you can try a rust remover for clothes. I do no know the name (I think it is called Rust Out) but you can buy a small box of it and you put it in your laundry. It can usually be found with the boxes of clothing dye (made by the same company).

Try the blue colored Dawn Dish soap. Wet the spot - put some soap on it and let it set for awhile. Then scrub it and rinse. Hope it works! I use the blue Dawn Dish soap for everything!

I use Shout or some other kind of stain remover gel and put it on the stain. Then, add the powder OxyClean over the gel and slightly dab it until it creates a very thick paste. Let it sit on the shirt for a few hours and then run it through the washer again. It's gotten every stain out I've ever tried it on; even if the item has been washed and dried before.

Good luck!

If it is rust, put some lemon juice on it and put it out in the sun. It will disapear like magic!

Four Words...Grandma Secret Spot remover...its is THE BEST. I have used it on stained panties from months and months and months of washing. Here is a website of what the bottle looks like. My mom and I just saw them at Hobby Lobby in the fabric area, Otherwise I saw it in Bed bath and Beyond..b.ut that was a couple years ago. Its oily and thick but a little goes a long way, you get the fabric lightly wet, put about a dimes size amt on fabric and rub it together so the thick solution goes in and just wash...works every time
I only use this on TOUGH stains...otherwise for normal stains, I just use shout

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